“World High City” is about to be born

February 21 this year

Kangba Media released a big news:

Litang County will start to withdraw the county and build a city in due course!

As soon as this news comes out

The partners in Ganzi Prefecture are all frozen

after all now

Ganzi only has the city of Kangding

But…don’t get too excited just yet

From “county” to “city”

change for one word

Still need to go through a long and tedious application process…

At this moment, nothing is settled

before that

Let’s talk about:

Why should Litang be established as a city?

“The white crane,

lend me a pair of wings,

won’t fly too far,

Go to Litang and come back…”

—— Tsangyang Gyatso

First of all, where is Litang?

Litang is located in the southwest of Ganzi Prefecture

285 kilometers from Kangding, the state capital

654 kilometers from the provincial capital Chengdu

It is located in the middle of the Hengduan Mountains

Between Jinsha River and Yalong River

Surrounded by mountains on three sides

The south of the city is a vast grassland

——Maoya Prairie

If you can only use one sentence to summarize Litang

That is:

One person, one mountain, one river, one temple, one grass, one festival

(Referring to Kangba Hanzi and Genie Shenshan

Litang River, Changchun Keer Temple

Maoya Prairie, August 1st Horse Racing Festival)

Litang River, a tributary of the Yalong River

Maoya Prairie. Photography/Member faith

Litang got its name from this grassland

It is called “Letong” in Tibetan

“Le” – Bronze

“Tong” – a flat grass dam

The full meaning is “the grass dam as flat as a bronze mirror”

A Tibetan folk song called “Ola Sorila”

Zeng sang:

“There is no city in Litang that has already been built, but Jinshan Yinditang City.”

Litang is known as the “Hometown of Equestrianism”, and an international horse racing festival – “August 1st International Horse Racing Festival” is held on August 1st every year . Photographer / Yuanwang West

Why is Litang known as the Highest City in the World?

According to “Xikang Notes”:

Lihua (Litang) guards the main road of Sichuan and Tibet, and repairs the official road in successive dynasties

Set up a station to facilitate the transmission of official documents and business travel.

Litang was built in 1278 A.D.

It has a history of more than 700 years

since ancient times

Litang is Sichuan

An important transportation throat linking Tibet and Yunnan

It is the main road of transportation between Kangnan and Sichuan-Tibet

Litang on Line 318

Now, just take 318

Litang is a must pass

But for most friends who travel by car

Litang is just passing by

without him

Its reputation as the “highest city in the world” is too far-reaching!

The east gate of Litang is magnificent. Photography/Member faith

They would rather go another 187 kilometers to Batang

I will not stay in Litang

Many people also responded

“My heart beat fast all night in Litang, and I couldn’t sleep well at all!”

I deeply agree with the statement that the world’s tallest city

In fact, the altitude of Litang County is

Only 4014.18 meters

In front of Tingri, Nagqu, Amdo, and Shuanghu

It’s simply not enough to watch!

It is Bangda Town (4300 meters) on the same Sichuan-Tibet South Line

also higher than it

Litang County. photographer/zousifangyi

that’s weird

Why Litang wears it

Where is the top hat of “world’s tallest city”?

Let’s see first

Sichuan-Tibet South Line departs from Chengdu

All the way through Ya’an, Luding, Kangding, Yajiang and other places

Enter Litang

Litang is the first one on the 318 line

High-altitude county seat over 4,000 meters

For friends who live in plain areas all year round

Stay in Litang

Physiological responses to hypoxia are normal

Most likely

The predecessor who first gave Litang this “love name”

Due to inconvenient transportation and limited knowledge

He hastily made a conclusion for Litang:

“World’s Highest City”

Don’t you see even the geographer Xu Xiake

Yang Lin Hai Zi Jia Lize

Was it misjudged as the source of the Beipan River?

(It is now confirmed that the Beipan River originates from the north foot of Maxiong Mountain in Xuanwei)

In fact, it is located in the hinterland of Qiangtang, with an average altitude of 5,000 meters.

Shuanghu County

It is the rightful owner of the name of “the highest altitude in the world”

But it was only established in 2012

At that time, Litang was awarded the title of “World High City”.

It has already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!

Typical “it’s better to hurry up!”

The Purogangri Glacier is the third largest glacier in the world except the Antarctic and the Arctic. It is located 90 kilometers northeast of Shuanghu Special Area. Photographer/Mi Xiu Tuya

Another argument was also made:

The “high” here does not refer to altitude

but “superior”

After all, this county

There have been too many celebrities in the religious circles!

Such as the seventh and tenth Dalai Lamas

The Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Pabala Hutuktu

The Fifth Jamyang Hutuktu, the Mongolian National Teacher III Jebtsundamba

The first, second and third Xianggen Living Buddhas and other eminent monks

(Is it messy? The editor is also messy…

In short, it is “monkey benefit”! )

Changqingchun Keer Temple (Litang Temple) , consecrated and built by the third Dalai Lama in 1580, is the oldest and largest Tibetan Buddhist Yellow Sect temple in Kham. Photographer/xywxh1950

Evergreen Kor Temple. Photographer/Zi Die Pian Pian

so to speak

Seems to make sense?

one way or another

The title of “World’s Highest City” cannot be removed from Litang!

Litang, why set up a city?


The government must have its own considerations

I can’t understand, I can’t guess

I would like to talk to you from the perspective of self-driving

March 4

Ge Nie Shenshan Tourism Released

“Genie Shenshan Scenic Spot Tourism Resources Propaganda Film”

It can be seen from this

in the near future

The Development of Ge Nie Shenshan Scenic Area

will be litang

Even the top priority of tourism in Ganzi Prefecture

Genie peaks. Photography/Xiao Zhong

Ge Nie Mountain

Located in Litang and Batang

It is the main peak of Shaluli Peak in the Hengduan Mountains

6204 meters above sea level

Known as the first peak in Kangnan and the third peak in Sichuan

As early as when Gongga and Mount Siguniang became popular

Ge Nie Mountain

But there are still only a few hikers trekking across mountains and rivers

to see its majesty

Even “China National Geographic”

It is also said to be “the last secret place of the snow mountain in western Sichuan”.

But gold always shines

A self-driving route that can enjoy a 270-degree view of Mount Genie

——Gene South Line

Turned out

Around Genie

By mountain peaks, primeval forests, grasslands, lakes

Hot springs, temples, Tibetan customs

The formed otherworldly scenery is widely advertised

The entire Genie Mountains (snow mountains) are like a blooming lotus

On the way to Genie, there is a hidden mini Haizi that is not easy to find, shaped like a gem. The best viewing time is only in summer when there is plenty of water. People call it “Gene’s Eye”.

Let self-driving friends who love to seek unique scenery

flock to

At the beginning of May 2017, “Self-Driving Geography” convened more than 30 units from “8 provinces” across the country to complete the Gnie South Line together! It can be said that it is the first team in the world to drive through Genie by itself.

these two years

Genie Shenshan can be described as a dark horse for tourism in western Sichuan

to create a scenic spot

also planned

(There has been a scenic spot management office two years earlier, but there is no charge)

After Litang was established as a city

Not only economic and social development will enter a new stage

It can also better integrate resources

Create a tourism brand with Genie Shenshan as its core!

(Did you know? Shangri-La was successfully withdrawn from the county and established as a city)

But for the majority of self-driving friends

Whether Litang should be established as a city does not seem to be their concern

It turns out that Genie Shenshan is free

Tickets will be collected in the future

different opinions

One comment is quite pertinent:

No infrastructure without development

inaccessible to the general public

Develop while sticking to the bottom line

Both environmental protection and sustainable development are the kingly way

development and protection

is the eternal contradiction

Especially those short-sighted behaviors

Let everyone have a bad impression on the development of scenic spots

In fact, development is not a scourge

Develop rationally and scientifically

For those who love to travel

It is safer to get close to nature

Better economic development for the local area

Entrusted by the Ganzi Prefecture Tourism Development Committee and the Genie Shenshan Scenic Area Management Committee, the Denglong Yunhe planning team has conducted in-depth investigations in Genie for three years, only to achieve a balance between protection and development. Image source: Yunhe Planning

Believe Genie this time

Exploitation of the Opportunity of Establishing Litang as a City

won’t let you down

As the saying goes:

Green water and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver!

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