World Premiere of BMW Vision M NEXT Concept Car

(Munich/Beijing) In the future travel era, drivers will have two choices of automatic and active driving. So for drivers who love performance and handling, what form will BMW’s brand characteristic of pure driving pleasure be presented? Always adhering to the “customer-centric” approach, BMW continues to explore this topic and has given its own answer today. The BMW Group launched the BMW Vision M NEXT concept model at the “#NEXTGen Future Summit”, which interprets the pure driving pleasure of the future in an innovative way. future.

World Premiere of BMW Vision M NEXT Concept Car

Mr. Hoydunk, Senior Vice President of BMW Group Design, said: “BMW Vision M NEXT paints a picture of the future of sports driving. If BMW Vision iNEXT shows how autonomous driving will change people’s driving life, then BMW Vision M NEXT shows Incorporating cutting-edge technology can also make driving itself more pure and appealing. Whether it is active driving or automatic driving mode, we adhere to the people-oriented design concept, and make the “Yuexiang” and “Yuejia” through forward-looking design and innovative technology. The driving experience is more natural and intense.”

Design Concepts of “Enjoyment” and “Drive”

The BMW Vision iNEXT and BMW Vision M NEXT Vision concept models showcase the BMW Group’s design concepts for two future driving experiences, “Enjoyment” and “Enjoyment Driving”. The “Enjoyment” mode covers all the experience of the vehicle’s automatic driving. In this mode, the vehicle creates a comfortable and safe mobile living space for the driver and passengers. They can fully relax and release themselves through interactive communication and entertainment facilities in the car. , to meet the diverse needs of drivers and passengers. The “Joyful Driving” concept provides the ultimate active driving experience. All the key technologies of the BMW Group in the D+ACES strategic innovation field (design, automation, interconnection, electrification, sharing/service) will help realize the future travel concept of “joyful enjoyment” and “joyful driving”.

World Premiere of BMW Vision M NEXT Concept Car

Appearance that inherits the design DNA of BMW sports cars

Speaking of the design concept of BMW Vision M NEXT, Duke, Senior Design Director of BMW Group, said: “BMW Vision M NEXT will be an aggressive hybrid sports car with a modern, sharp and confident appearance.” BMW Vision M NEXT’s The exterior design combines the classic and modern design elements of BMW sports cars, which is full of emotional charm and highlights the performance potential. The BMW Vision M NEXT concept car draws inspiration from the classic BMW Turbo and the revolutionary BMW i8 plug-in hybrid model. It adopts design elements such as a low wedge-shaped side profile, gull-wing doors and unique color combinations to show the future design style.

The headlights of the BMW Vision M NEXT concept model are located on the outer edge of the front end, higher than the kidney grille. They are arranged one high and one low, making a unique interpretation of BMW’s classic “angel eyes” shape. For the first time in the headlights, the innovative laser line technology is used to produce new, ultra-thin headlight elements with precise shape from phosphor-coated glass fibers.

World Premiere of BMW Vision M NEXT Concept Car

The taillights also feature laser line technology, and the two-tone horizontal split rear accentuates the width of the car. The twin circular light design based on the BMW Turbo and BMW M1 is reinterpreted in two dimensions, as if floating in the rear lights.

Power PHEV technology provides a unique future driving experience

BMW Vision M NEXT interprets the perfect actual driving experience. Each of the front and rear axles is equipped with an electric motor, which realizes pure electric rear-wheel drive and pure electric all-wheel drive at the same time, and a powerful four-cylinder gasoline engine directly transmits power to the rear wheels. The maximum output power of the transmission system is 600 horsepower, and it only takes 3 seconds to accelerate from rest to 100 km/h. In addition, BOOST+ mode can be activated at the touch of a button, providing extra power. In pure electric mode, the electric cruising range can reach 100 kilometers, so BMW Vision M NEXT can realize driving in future urban areas that require zero emissions.

Driver-centric, a new realm of focused driving

When the driver walks towards BMW Vision M NEXT, the vehicle can “recognize” the owner through facial recognition and automatically unlock the door. Press the touch sensor panel on the door, the gull-wing door opens, and the streamlined interior design allows the driver and the vehicle to be fully integrated. The ergonomically designed seat uses memory foam to provide the best support for the driver and immerse the driver in the driving experience.

World Premiere of BMW Vision M NEXT Concept Car

Duke said: “The interior design of the vehicle is completely focused on the BOOST cockpit. The interior structure adopts a low-key design style, allowing the driver to focus on the driving experience.” The BOOST cockpit forms an interactive interface between the driver and the vehicle. All control options and information required by the driver are displayed directly in front of the driver’s field of vision through a three-level display scheme. The first level is displayed on the steering wheel with two displays; the second level is a transparent curved screen behind the steering wheel. The third level is the full-coverage AR head-up display on the windshield. Drivers can adjust driving parameters on the steering wheel, and information such as speed, vehicle speed, energy management, driver’s heart rate, and whether BOOST+ mode can be activated are displayed on the curved screen. The vehicle can notify the driver of the best time to activate the BOOST+ mode to release more power.

World Premiere of BMW Vision M NEXT Concept Car

The “focused logic” used by the vehicle represents a new evolution of BMW’s iconic “driver-centric” concept. The relevant information displayed by the vehicle automatically changes according to the vehicle speed – when the vehicle speed gradually increases, the position of the information display will become more concentrated and move towards the center of the driver’s field of vision.

The past and future of dynamic driving

BMW Vision M NEXT combines stunning design and extreme driving pleasure, brings BMW’s sports genes into a future world full of infinite possibilities, and depicts how the future D+ACES technology will further enhance the dynamic driving experience.

World Premiere of BMW Vision M NEXT Concept Car

With the launch of this passionate concept car, BMW Vision M NEXT and BMW iNEXT together demonstrate the two travel experiences created by the BMW Group with innovative technologies, providing two aspects of BMW’s vision of future travel – also focusing on customers meet completely different needs. Against the background of the accelerated transformation of the automotive industry, the BMW Group is already thinking forward and ready to go, guiding the development of mobility with intelligence.