“Xia” guest trip – Mu Youxia bravely ventures into the frozen old palm ditch

Played off-road for many years. Speaking of the cars I have played with, there are really many. Xiaoqie, Landwind, Cheetah, and Pajero are all gasoline cars. This time, a 1.9T diesel ranger owned by a friend will be kept here for a few days. Take this opportunity to go out for a field trip to get a comprehensive understanding of the off-road performance of this car.

Because of the time, there are only two days on weekends, so I chose the famous cross-country holy land ‘Laozhanggou’ which is closer to Beijing. Why is it called Laozhanggou? It is named because of a huge rock that resembles the sole of a foot standing in the valley. However, the continuous wading across the river and the cross-axis of the shell crater severely tested the off-road performance and reliability of the vehicle. And this time I chose to challenge Laozhanggou with a single bicycle, which made it even more difficult. I don’t know whether it will succeed or not, so let’s wait and see.

On Saturday morning, I started loading luggage into the car. How important it is that a car can be loaded. A large suitcase, a DJI Phantom 4 box, a backpack, and a pair of boots. You can also put some lighter things on the curtain, such as clothes that you add or subtract at any time, or small snacks. This little bear was given to me by my daughter when I was packing up, maybe it was to increase my luck.  

After loading the luggage, let’s get acquainted with the functions of this car. So as not to be in a hurry to open it for a while.  

Generous rear seats. It is no exaggeration to say that it can be used as a single bed. Going out camping alone saves you the trouble of setting up a tent. Wait until summer to experience it.  

Does this steering wheel look familiar? Does it look like Iron Man? Above the steering wheel to the left are volume and phone controls. On the right is cruise control. The buttons are moderately sized and easy to use.  

On the lower left side are headlight height adjustment, interior brightness adjustment, mirror angle adjustment, automatic folding mirror and ESP anti-skid manual switch. The steering wheel adjustment is located on the side of the steering column.  

One-button start, two-position two-speed seat heating, steep slope mitigation, one-button lock, automatic air conditioning.   

The most important four-wheel drive system, 2H, 4H, and 4L represent two-wheel drive, high-speed four-wheel drive and low-speed four-wheel drive respectively.  

After everything is familiar. Drive to Laozhanggou by car.  

The effect of LED daytime running lights on the wall. It seems to have added a pair of wings to the ranger.  

Travel notes must be accompanied by Brother Lei’s singing. Otherwise it is incomplete.  

Take the Sixth Ring Road to Jingcheng Expressway. Then go all the way along the G111 National Highway, passing through Baicao Town to reach the starting point of our crossing, Heilongshan National Forest Park. Friends who can’t find it can also navigate directly to Baicao Town.  

The male number one of our travel notes.  

Starting from this dirt road, the crossing really started. When walking on this kind of dirt road, you must pay attention to protecting the tires. There are some slightly larger stones that are particularly sharp on the ground.  

Continue along the river through a large shoal. At this time, the intervention of ESP is particularly important. Just when there was a little out of control phenomenon, ESP intervened and it was corrected immediately, so don’t worry. My old Pajero at home doesn’t have this feature. Once a piece of dark ice appeared on the Qinghai-Tibet line and I made a 180-degree U-turn. Fortunately, the speed was not fast and there were no cars on the road. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.  

Because it is advancing along the river, and the water system inside extends in all directions, it is necessary to go up to the river bank to correct the direction from time to time. In this case, the gap between the river bank and the river surface is large, which will form a cross axis, that is, the diagonal wheels of the car are suspended in the air. cause power loss. At this time, an important configuration of ours is on the stage, which is the differential lock.  

The role of the differential lock is to lock the wheel on the slipping side, and transmit the power to the wheel with adhesion to get out of trouble.  

With four-wheel drive and differential lock, this kind of small ditch and small ridge is of course not a problem. Ease up to the river bank and continue on.  

As we continue to deepen, although the soft sand, ice, and flowing river water. They are all testing the passability of the vehicle. But the cooperation of the Ranger’s four-wheel drive, ESP and differential lock made me walk on the ground.  

While I was humming and listening to the song, a small river ran across the front of the car. After getting off the car, I observed that the bottom of the river was full of stones and heavy sand, and it was the only way to cross it. 

What should I do? Just rush over?  

After I got off the car to observe, I should be getting closer and closer to the source of the water system now. Because the water is flowing, many creeks are not frozen. The bottom of the river is made of pebbles that have been washed by the stream for many years, so the adhesion is extremely poor. If the car gets stuck in the river, it will be troublesome. So I directly chose low-speed 4WD to cross the river. Sure enough, after the rear wheels also entered the river, the resistance became extremely large. It seemed that the wheels had fallen into the gravel at the bottom of the river. At this time, if the car stopped, there would be only one result, and it would definitely be stuck in the middle of the river. I continued to hold the accelerator, and with the sound of the differential lock, the vehicle continued to creep forward and finally drove to the river bank. The hanging heart finally let go. Although the river is not wide, the danger often lies in this kind of place, so everyone must pay attention to safety when going out to play, especially in the case of a single bicycle.  

Continue to cross the river. Fortunately, the river here is relatively wide and relatively solid. Although the car collapsed a little under pressure, it did not affect the passage.  

On the washboard road for a long time, because the Mu Ranger I am driving has a non-load-bearing body, the bump filtering is better. It is relatively more comfortable when walking this way. There are more and more traces of human habitation on this road. I know the exit is not far away.  

You can finally set foot on a solid asphalt road, but don’t think that this travel note is over. Driving less than ten meters on this asphalt road, less than ten meters! Just turn off the highway and continue our crossing journey.  

At four o’clock in the afternoon, I finally saw a boulder that resembled the sole of a foot. Must come for a group photo. Seeing that it was getting late. After taking photos, continue to set off. At this point in time, it is impossible to travel through completely. So go as far as you can go. Almost back. The first principle of coming out to play is never to take risks.  

Continue to go deep into the valley, without sunshine for many years, so the snow is still relatively thick, but this kind of road is trivial to the ranger, it can’t be said to be similar to taking the road, anyway, it is easy to control.  

Along with the ups and downs along the way, I am more and more confident about the ability of the Ranger. For example, when going uphill with a cross axis, I just sit in the car and just control the steering wheel and accelerator, and leave the rest to the Ranger.  

As the sun went down, the valley became darker and darker. I decided to take advantage of the only glimmer of the sun and return to the road, because the night in the mountains is really invisible. It is still the same sentence that you will never take risks when you come out to play.  

After returning to the highway, I saw a pickup truck of another brand stuck on the side of the road. After a brief communication with the owner, I learned that it was also because it was getting dark and was about to return, but I didn’t pay attention when I turned around and fell off the roadbed. After observation, I decided Pull up the car first, the temperature at night in this season is at least minus 20 degrees, it would be terrible to be trapped here overnight.  

After rescuing the pickup truck, I decided to live in Guyuan County, and return to Beijing tomorrow.  


Power: The power of 1.9T is completely excessive whether it is high-speed or off-road. Even when climbing off-road, it has been checked that brakes are required.  

Quiet: I personally can’t tell whether it’s gasoline or diesel through the sound, and the car is also very quiet when driving at high speed.