Yin Tongyue: Developing China’s solution for intelligent networked car operating system to ensure industrial safety

At present, the global automobile industry is experiencing the “new four modernizations” technological revolution and industry transformation with the development trend of “electrification, intelligence, networking, and sharing”. In this context, the new generation of energy technology, information and communication technology, AI artificial intelligence technology, big data technology, etc. are being integrated with automobiles at an accelerated rate, and intelligent networked vehicles are becoming the commanding heights of a new round of global technological change and technological innovation.

On May 22, the Third Session of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress was held in Beijing. Yin Tongyue, a representative of the National People’s Congress, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., and Chairman of the Board of Directors, submitted a proposal on “Vigorously Promoting the Development of the Intelligent Connected Vehicle Operating System in China” at the Two Sessions. Controlled operating system to ensure industrial safety and improve the competitiveness of China’s auto market.

Yin Tongyue: Developing China's solution for intelligent networked car operating system to ensure industrial safety

Deputy to the National People’s Congress Yin Tongyue, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Chery Automobile

Yin Tongyue’s specific proposals are as follows:

The first is to build consensus and advance together. Guided by the top-level design of the intelligent network connection operating system, the National Innovation Center organizes all parties to jointly form a market-oriented operation innovation body, takes industry demand as the lead, gathers cross-industry talents, strives to integrate innovation fields and accelerate the output of market-competitive products. Converge government departments, key enterprises, research institutions, industry organizations and other forces to actively support and promote market-oriented operation and innovation entities, promote the rapid industrialization of their products and achievements, and reach the international advanced level.

The second is funding, special funds to support research and development. Set up a national special fund to support the industrialization of China’s intelligent networked vehicle operating system. Measures such as direct funding subsidies, tax relief, and low-interest loans encourage enterprises to carry out research and development of independent and controllable intelligent network connection operating systems.

The third is policy support to promote industrial application ecology. Relying on the policy and standard guidance of national and industry authorities, a consensus on operating system development strategy and standard system will be formed in China’s ICV industry to promote the large-scale industrial application of ICV’s operating system, accelerate update iterations, and enrich the application ecology.

As one of the leaders in the innovation of China’s independent auto brands, Chery has begun to deploy intelligent networked vehicle systems in recent years. In April 2018, in order to seize the strategic opportunities brought by the “new four modernizations” era, Chery officially released the “CHERY LION” intelligent technology platform. “Chery Lion” consists of five business modules in total, among which: Lion Intelligent Driving dominates the autonomous driving business, Lion Intelligent Cloud dominates the intelligent network business, Lion Intelligent Manufacturing dominates the intelligent manufacturing business, and Lion Intelligent Win dominates the digital marketing business , Lion Smart will lead the future shared travel business. Among them, Lion Zhiyun intelligent network connection system is one of Chery’s key businesses.

Yin Tongyue: Developing China's solution for intelligent networked car operating system to ensure industrial safety

Chery’s “Lion Zhiyun” intelligent network connection system

At present, Chery’s self-developed “Lion Zhiyun” intelligent network connection system has been fully applied to the two series of products of Tiggo and Arrizo. Taking the new generation of Tiggo 7 as an example, it has been applied including AI biometrics, AI Zhiyun butler , AI-enhanced natural voice interaction, AI intelligent cloud interconnection remote vehicle control, and AI artificial intelligence interaction, which is the mainstream in the market, provide customers with a more intelligent experience.

Yin Tongyue: Developing China's solution for intelligent networked car operating system to ensure industrial safety

In 2017, Chery’s second-generation intelligent networked vehicles appeared at the World Internet of Things Conference

As early as September 2017, at the site of the 2017 World Internet of Things Conference in Wuxi, Chery’s second-generation intelligent networked vehicles were demonstrated on-site. An Arrizo 5 self-driving car independently developed by Chery and a car equipped with the latest The second generation of Chery’s intelligent networked vehicles with V2X technology has demonstrated intelligent application scenarios such as overtaking warning, traffic light intersection warning, rear-end collision warning, automatic car following, construction warning, speed limit warning, and emergency braking.

In 2020, Lion Zhiyun will launch the “LION Theme Mall”, which will provide users with comprehensive customization in the future, such as customizing the system skin, customizing the style of intelligent voice, and customizing the image of artificial intelligence assistants, etc. User social interaction” makes cars more unique, smarter and warmer.

Yin Tongyue: Developing China's solution for intelligent networked car operating system to ensure industrial safety

“LION theme mall” custom theme effect

Chery has also accumulated a large number of core technology patents through its advance deployment in the field of automotive intelligent network technology. In the “2019 Automobile Patent Innovation Index” ranking released by the China Automotive Technology and Research Center, with its strong innovation strength and patent achievements, Chery Automobile ranked among the top 20 in the world in terms of comprehensive patent innovation index in the field of intelligent network connection, and No. one.

As a collection of basic common key software for intelligent networked vehicles, the intelligent networked system is a major strategic demand for the automotive industry, and it is also the core key to solving the country’s “stuck neck” major strategic issues. At the same time, the intelligent networked vehicle operating system provides a unified basic platform for the industry on the one hand, and various car manufacturers conduct customized development on the basic platform to maintain a differentiated competitive advantage in the market; on the other hand, master independent intellectual property rights and get rid of the control of international monopoly enterprises , to avoid technical blockage or backdoor risk accidents. Mastering an independent and controllable operating system is not only conducive to protecting industrial safety, but also can improve the market competitiveness of my country’s complete vehicle products.