You can also have the same smart glasses as “Spider-Man”

Recently, Marvel’s new giant movie “Spider-Man: Far From Home” has set off a new round of upsurge in the world. In the movie, the mirrored fighting scenes intersecting layers of illusion and reality, and the cool high-tech equipment impress the viewers. Among them, the most eye-catching is the intelligent control glasses – “Edith”, which is like an “artificial intelligence butler”, with voice interconnection, intelligent analysis, real-time monitoring, weapon control and other functions to become Spider-Man’s right-hand man , making people yearn for.

You can also have the same smart glasses as

In fact, with the development of science and technology and the popularization of the concept of “artificial intelligence butler” in film and television works, many companies have always been committed to the research and development of artificial intelligence to achieve breakthroughs in the quality of human life. In the automotive field, Ford, as an enterprise that introduced the concept of intelligent interconnection into its products in the early stage, has always used forward-looking technology to bring users an intelligent car experience. Backed by the brand’s research and development strength, the Ford SUV family is equipped with advanced smart technology to provide consumers with a more intelligent car life.

Intelligent systems create new possibilities for human-vehicle interaction

In the movie, the scene where Spider-Man flexibly manipulates “Edith” to assist him in carrying out tasks has attracted countless people. In real life, with the help of the on-board intelligent system, users can better meet their driving needs. The SYNC+ Zhixing infotainment system equipped on the Ford Edge ST and ST-Line in the Ford SUV family has intelligent and clear voice interconnection technology. In addition to basic functions such as adjusting the air conditioner and inputting driving destinations, it also allows the owner to keep the steering wheel in hand. Under the circumstances, you can book hotels, buy movie tickets, order food, and check information carts through voice, and support multi-party payment platforms such as Alipay and WeChat. On the basis of the original in-vehicle system, the functionality has been greatly expanded, allowing users to experience a more humanized car ownership experience.

You can also have the same smart glasses as

Not only that, when the SYNC+ Zhixing infotainment system is connected to the Ford Pai APP, it can also support various functions such as customized recommendations, on-board online video streaming, smart navigation, and car-to-smart home connection, allowing car owners to enjoy the “car-phone experience” in multiple scenarios. The seamless interconnection experience of “home” allows the vehicle to truly evolve from a travel tool to an online life platform, carrying more butler missions, and providing users with comprehensive and considerate services and care.

Intelligent configuration, comprehensive and considerate to meet driving needs

An excellent SUV will bring consumers the feeling of man-vehicle integration, which has always been the focus of consumers’ attention. Nowadays, with the development of automotive smart technology, how to achieve a better driving experience through smart technology has become the focus of consumers’ attention. Many models of the Ford SUV family are equipped with intelligent four-wheel drive system and intelligent cornering torque distribution system, which can analyze the driving conditions in real time during the driving process, perfectly guaranteeing the smoothness and comfort of driving. Don’t be afraid and enjoy driving to the fullest.

You can also have the same smart glasses as

In addition, the continuous advancement of the development of intelligent technology has also promoted the popularization of active safety configurations, making it an indispensable position in ensuring driving safety. The active safety configuration of the Ford SUV family models has further improved the safety factor of the vehicle. For example, the intelligent adaptive cruise system can automatically adjust the speed according to the distance between vehicles in front to avoid the possibility of accidents caused by the negligence of fatigue driving. The lane keeping assist system will actively intervene before the vehicle leaves the lane without turning on the turn signal, reducing the possibility of traffic accidents when lanes merge, and intimately protecting the safety of users.

Of course, a qualified artificial intelligence butler naturally cannot do without all-round caring care for the owner. The Ford SUV family has always been committed to providing consumers with the best driving experience, showing the care and care for users in the intimate vehicle intelligent configuration. Many models such as Ford Maverick and Ford Edge are equipped with inductive electric trunk doors, which can be opened and closed by sensing foot/leg movements, taking into account the needs of users when their hands are inconvenient. The one-button start device realizes the quick start and stop of the car, greatly reduces the complexity of the driver’s operation, and creates the most comfortable driving experience.

You can also have the same smart glasses as

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With the increasing pursuit of people’s quality of life, how to better realize the convenience of life has become one of the ultimate goals of the development of intelligent technology. The excellent intelligent configuration of the Ford SUV family provides consumers with a more intimate and convenient car ownership experience, enabling consumers to enjoy more shocking driving pleasure, which perfectly satisfies people’s imagination of “artificial intelligence butler” in the new era.