Young people’s first car, give you 3 reasons to choose Aopao

For young people who have just entered the workplace, there are a large number of various consumption expenditures, and the pressure of life is overwhelming all the time; coupled with the recent new crown epidemic, many young people also consider buying cars to reduce The risk of commuting to work every day; if you can’t have a fuel-efficient car, the commuting fee will also be a big expense. Fortunately, now that there is a new generation of proud running, commuting will no longer be a burden.

Young people's first car, give you 3 reasons to choose Aopao

As a small SUV, the new generation of proud sports car not only has a trendy appearance design that caters to young people, but most importantly, the new generation of proud sports car is equipped with a 1.5L engine, which is matched with an IVT 8-speed intelligent continuously variable transmission. The horsepower is 115Ps, the maximum torque can reach 143.8N m, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 5.4L. The reason why Ao Pao is so fuel-efficient is that it is equipped with a newly designed IVT 8-speed intelligent infinitely variable transmission. Through new technical tuning and product optimization, it is the first time in the world to apply chains to CVT transmissions. Compared with traditional CVT transmissions, the transmission efficiency is improved. 5%, compared with the gear pump, the driving torque is reduced by 5-8%, and the noise is improved by 7~8dBA; the improvement of transmission efficiency directly reduces the fuel consumption of the daily driving of Aobao, and the improvement of noise also makes Aopao run more quietly. At the same time, this IVT gearbox provides a variety of driving mode options, such as: economy mode, sports mode, snow mode, mud mode, sand mode, the driving experience is more abundant, and it brings more driving experience for daily travel. fun of.

It is worth mentioning that the new generation of proud running is equipped with Drive Wise, Kia Motors’ cutting-edge intelligent safety assistance system. When driving on urban roads, it uses the adaptive cruise function to realize the simultaneous start and stop of front and rear vehicles. On busy urban roads, the front collision avoidance assist function uses the front camera and radar to identify objects and pedestrians ahead. When danger is detected, it will issue a warning and brake automatically, effectively avoiding potential safety hazards. In addition, the proud running is also equipped with intelligent configurations such as lane keeping, lane following, driver fatigue reminder, and intelligent far and near beam switching.

Young people's first car, give you 3 reasons to choose Aopao

The 360-degree panoramic image display effect of the new generation of Aopao is very delicate, providing multiple front/rear view modes and overhead view images, truly achieving 360° without blind spots. The Baidu Intelligent Network Connection 2.0 system used by Aopao has been further upgraded. It can not only realize the interconnection application from the mobile app to the car, but also further simplify the cumbersome application of the car-machine interconnection to meet the needs of modern young people for the car-machine interconnection. .

Young people's first car, give you 3 reasons to choose Aopao

Although the new generation of Ao Pao is positioned as a small SUV, its size is still not small. The interior driving space of Ao Pao is at the leading level among models of the same level. The wheelbase of the car is the longest in its class, and the long wheelbase makes the driving space in the car enough to meet the needs of young people for daily driving and weekend trips!

The new generation of proud running is not only the appearance of the small SUV, but also a powerful niche. It has the most comprehensive technology, safety and intelligent configuration in its class. The interconnection system is rich in content and easy to use. The new generation of proud running not only has low fuel consumption, but also Smart technology equipment has never been stingy to young people, what are you still hesitating young people, it is absolutely right to choose Aopao!