Yue Hui Wuyue Rui unstoppable 3-fold huge benefits are waiting for you!

Recently, as the temperature continues to rise, the whole country has entered the early summer mode one after another. In order to travel comfortably, many car owners will equip a lot of heat insulation products to cope with the high temperature. In addition to these external supplements, the internal maintenance of the vehicle is also particularly important.

From May 1st to May 31st, Chery Automobile launched the “Unstoppable Benefits in May” care campaign across the country, offering 3 huge benefits, allowing you to enjoy maintenance discounts in early summer and meet other people Such a surprise.

Yue Hui Wuyue Rui unstoppable 3-fold huge benefits are waiting for you!

Summer is the peak of the operation of the air conditioning system. In order to ensure that your car will continue to send you fresh and high-quality cool breeze in the hot summer, during the event, Chery Automobile will send a huge gift of spare parts, and customers will come to the store to replace the transmission oil. You can enjoy a 10% discount on working hours, and you can also get a bottle of refrigerant worth 39 yuan to inject coolness and vitality into the car environment. In addition, Linglong tires are 30% off, with a minimum of 220 yuan per tire. Escort for your summer travel.

In addition, during the event, multiple surprises such as Tiggo 5 exclusive gifts and commercial vehicle package gifts are prepared for you to experience, helping you to use the car worry-free and enjoy a cool summer.

More caring, more caring, with Chery’s “About Hui May Rui Unstoppable” caring activity, Chery service will give you coolness and care with a higher service level, and help you meet more beautiful, Enjoy every day of summer in a cool way!