2019 Spring Festival speech: the forum is there, often go home and have a look

At the beginning of this article, I would like to say auspicious Chinese New Year to all old friends and tourists. 

As a rural person, I can see the changes in the countryside every Spring Festival, especially in recent years. 

China has been an agricultural country since ancient times, and it has been transforming into industrialization and commercialization in recent decades. As the most primitive and grassroots existence in this country, the countryside can also reflect the real-time trend of the country and guide the future direction from one side. 

When I was young, as long as it was material, my impression was that everything was missing. At that time, it seemed that only the Chinese New Year could have a new set of clothes.

I still remember that in the early 1990s, it should be around 1990, when I went to my uncle’s house to pay New Year’s greetings, my uncle gave me 32 yuan as a New Year’s Eve money. Less than a cup of Starbucks coffee.

At that time, I was going to treasure the 32 yuan, but in the end I gave it to my parents for safekeeping. My parents think that I am too young to hold such a “huge sum of money”. Children should tell their parents what they need, and then let the parents decide whether they are satisfied, instead of holding “huge sums of money” without authorization. Chinese New Year is a time for people in this country to reunite with their families, and it is no different now! It’s just that now it’s faster-paced, more hasty, and more procedural. 

The current situation in our village is that as soon as the Spring Festival comes, most of the younger generation can’t stay at home and choose to go to the city for fun, or travel by car for a single day or several days. Many middle-aged people spend their time in gambling; there are also some middle-aged or elderly people. In fact, Chinese New Year is the most lonely. They choose to open the door in the morning and go out for a walk, and then go back to hide under the covers to watch TV or go straight to sleep. state. 

In recent years, those with a little strength in the village have bought houses outside. There are also some young people, many of whom are starting to buy houses in order to solve their marriage problems. Combining history and current trends, rural people are gradually moving out. It is foreseeable that only the elderly and the so-called poor will be left in the traditional rural areas in the future. When the old people die, only the poor may be left. I feel that one day China will have slums like some developed or underdeveloped countries.

 My dad said that the national family planning policy that has been insisted on for 30 years has been suddenly relaxed in recent years, in order to use the money in people’s pockets. For rich people, having a few more children is not stressful, nor is it a bad thing. But for most ordinary people, it is very different. However, depending on the national conditions, there are bound to be many followers, especially in rural areas. Therefore, the purpose of opening up childbirth and concentrating the population is how to use the money in everyone’s pockets. When it is used, it will lead to consumption, and if there is consumption, it will invigorate the economy, the so-called domestic demand and GDP. Just like we celebrate the Spring Festival, every household is spending money, and suddenly the CPI has increased significantly. 

A few years ago, I felt that there was a lot of competition in our village during the Chinese New Year. This year, it has been very calm. The essence is that the gap between people has widened, and the circle of life has begun to change. Many people are not in the same circle, so what else can they compare? How to compare? It is foreseeable that the Chinese New Year in rural areas will fade away year after year.

A year passed by, and so did the Athlete Forum! A lot of emotion, let’s pay it off! Good luck, the year is there, as it has been. The forum is right there, check it out often when you go home. Many people go to the WeChat group. I always think that the forum is the most realistic and practical way to express emotions and publish travel notes. In black and white, the name will last forever, only the forum can be so pretentious! Although pretending to be coercive is derogatory, in reality, it is not all a bad thing. The focus is on the method, the so-called “righteous way”. A gentleman loves to force, pretends to be proper, quick, quick!

Thinking back in the past, many Isuzu car owners gathered here; looking at the present, it has been 30 years in Hedong and 30 years in Hexi; These are not important, because between people, the emphasis is on spiritual communication. Only the spirit can transcend the limitations of time, space, and the vicissitudes of the world.

Now I am not an Isuzu owner, so what? We may meet here only because of a brand of car, but we will never be mentally blocked because of a car.

I’m tired, I’ll continue when I’m free.