“All greatness comes from the beginning” The 2019 Taklimakan Tournament is about to start

On the evening of May 19th, the 2019 China Tower (International) Rally and China Autocross Championship Xinjiang Branch will hold a grand departure ceremony in Daying, located in the film town of Aksu City, officially kicking off the curtain of this year’s Ring Tower race.

Huanta Camp, Aksu Movie Town, Xinjiang

The picture is from Liang Zhenwen, the official photography team

This event will last for 14 days. After the super short track qualifying race on the 20th, there will be a total of 9 special stages of fierce competition, during which there will be 2 race rest days. The event passed through Aksu, Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, and Kashgar successively. On June 2, the closing ceremony will be held in Hotan City, Hotan Prefecture. The total mileage of the event will reach 5,000 kilometers, including 2,500 kilometers of special stages.

The picture is from Liang Zhenwen, the official photography team

“All greatness begins with the beginning”. This time around the Taklimakan Rally returns to the Taklamakan Desert, and the whole race is held around the Taklimakan Desert, which can be said to be “100% Taklimakan”. Among them, the proportion of desert in the special stage exceeds 50%, and a high-altitude stage as high as 3100 is set at the same time. This is the first time in the history of the ring tower, and it may become the most difficult ring tower in history. It will also be a whole new challenge. It is worth mentioning that starting from this year, the China Automobile Sports Federation will officially implement the regulations on the engine air intake limiter (throat restriction) for cross-country rally cars. Throat restriction.

After the pre-competition administrative vehicle inspection, a total of 101 cars and 26 motorcycles from 58 teams participated in this ring tower, with a total of 228 competitors. The number of entries in the car group is basically the same as in previous years, and the quality of the cars has been mostly upgraded on the basis of last year. The number of motorcycle groups is the largest in the past two years, showing a gratifying upward trend.

The picture is from Liang Zhenwen, the official photography team

As for the car group, as the defending champions, the partners of Han Wei and Liao Min will be the biggest favorites for the T1 national two-wheel drive group of the Huanta Automobile. The Geely Shell Lubricant Team has three SMG Baji racing cars, which are driven by Han Wei with Liao Min, Han Jianqiang with Chen Qingkai, and Xu Eli with Liu Zhigang. The addition of Xu Eli, who performed well in the last ring tower, also added weight to the team’s competition for the championship.

In addition, as a member of the Korean and Wei racing team, the Shaanxi Yunxiang Racing Team has a total of 5 cars this time, led by the “Desert King” Liu Kun, and brothers Zi Rong and Zi Yungang. The Wurat Agate Lake team has 1 racing car, and the “Bumblebee” Legion has a total of 10 SMG Baji racing cars participating this time.

Han Wei said: “This year, the car has been further upgraded. Although the rules of the Federation of Automobile Manufacturers have restricted the throat, our car will run smoother and faster on the whole.” At the same time, he also confidently believes that “the whole’ There should be no suspense for the Bumblebee’s Legion to win the championship, and the championship will definitely be produced in the Legion. As myself, I cooperate with Brother Liao to make as few mistakes as possible and finish the race smoothly. This is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s your own.”

Han Wei and Liao Min

In this group, the Hard Tiger Corps represented by Shen Weijian and Wei Hongjie will launch an impact on the Hanwei Racing Corps. The Hard Tiger Legion has 3 teams and 8 cars participating in this year’s Ring of Towers, of which 4 cars are the brand new third-generation Optimus EVO Budgies. In this round of the tower race, Hard Tiger Racing and Guangdong Dynavolt Energy Storage New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. “joined forces” to form the Dynavolt Energy Storage Team, consisting of Shen Weijian and Liu Hongwu, Mou Laikui and Tong Zhenrong, Jin Jing and Wang Shaowei. Play on behalf of the team. “Guizhou Car King” Wei Hongjie partnered with Guo Jun to represent the Jiyuan Driving School team. The remaining 4 cars were led by Jin Jianyun and Marley to represent the Hard Tiger Racing Team.

Shen Weijian

Wei Hongjie

In the T1 national four-wheel drive group, the BAIC Off-Road Family Team, which won two team championships in 2017 and 2018, will launch an impact on the “three consecutive championships”. The team has 5 newly upgraded BJ40 racing cars participating this time. The combination of LAVIEILLE CHRISTRIAN and GARCIN JEAN PIERRE, Lu Binglong and Meng Bin, Liu Yangui and Sha He, Wang Hai and Li Pengcheng, and Zhang Guoyu and Liu Yuan formed a powerful lineup of BAIC Corps. Call it luxury.

Lu Binglong said: “This year’s Ring Tower was held in the hinterland of the Taklamakan Desert. It can be described as a real “Ring Tower”. Compared with previous years, it has been greatly improved. I hope that our entire team can achieve the expected goal and win the team championship.”

Lu Binglong

In this group, the Longxing Tianxia Army represented by Chen Feng will launch an impact on the Beijing Automobile Team. It is worth mentioning that the Longxing Tianxia team has a “new member” joining the Tournament of the Tower this year, which is the Dakar version of the MINI Cooper JCW racing car from the famous Dakar team X-Raid team. It is understood that the car used to be a 2015 In 2010, Zhou Yong created the car when the Chinese driver participated in the Dakar with the best result of 13th.

Dragon World Team

In addition, the Qian’an Jiujiang Legion has a total of 7 racing cars participating this time, including 3 Jiujiang Hongqi racing cars, 3 Jiujiang racing cars and 1 Jiujiang Baji racing car. Among them, the Jiujiang Hongqi racing car has just completed the registration and certification of the FIA. This is also the first appearance of the racing car in a large-scale cross-country rally after completing the certification.

Qian’an Jiujiang Team

In the T2 manufacturer group, Zhengzhou Nissan Navara Racing Team and Jiangxi Isuzu Racing Team will be the two favorite teams to win the championship. The newly joined GAC Mitsubishi and Chery Tiggo Racing Team will hardly pose too much threat to them. In the open group, Limo Xiongfeng Team led by Aozhigrad will be the undisputed favorite to win the championship. Compared with previous years, the number of UTV racing cars in the T3 group has dropped sharply. There are only 6 racing cars participating in this round of the tower. Tianfuyuan Longxingtianxia will be the favorite to win the championship.

Zhengzhou Nissan Navara Racing Team

Jiangxi Isuzu Racing Team

The phrase “all greatness begins with the beginning” is nowhere more true than when it comes to motorcycle racing. Thinking back to when the Tower Tournament started in the Taklimakan Desert, motorcycles were the “main force” in the first few years of the Tournament Tournament. The return of the ring tower to the Taklimakan Desert this year has inspired the feelings of the “old ring towers”. They have returned to the embrace of the ring tower family either as drivers, as team logistics, or as event staff.

A total of 26 motorcycles participated in this year’s Tournament of the Tower, an increase of 10 racing cars compared to last year. There are 8 teams and 20 cars in the two-wheel group, and 2 teams and 6 cars in ATV.

In terms of the two-round group, the defending champion Armand Monleon Hernandez (ARMAND MONLEON HERNANDEZ) from KTMR2R star team is still the biggest favorite to win the championship. At the same time, Zhao Hongyi, who returned from the 2019 Dakar Rally at the beginning of the year The Zhang Min brothers also added another “insurance” for the team to defend the championship.

Zhao Hongyi

What is exciting is that Fang Mingji, who has won four championships in the motorcycle category, and Zhou Tian, ​​the champion in 2012, returned to the motorcycle category from the status of the leader of the car category. The Shell Amway XS represented by Fang Mingji pulled all the way to the south The team, the Xinjiang Daredevil team represented by Zhou Tian, ​​will attack the KTMR2R star team. As a veteran host team, Bayi Iron and Steel Great Wall Lubricant Team also has three cars participating this time, namely Deng Jiang, Shi Yin and Wang Yun.

Bayi Iron and Steel Great Wall lubricant fleet

The two competing teams in the ATV group are led by veterans who have been away from Huanta for many years. They are Li Tiejun, Zhu Zhenhua, the Huaen Brothers Mingyida team, Lin Xiaodong, Chen Shuai, Ma Binwen, and the beautiful driver “Erwa” Su Yanli The Beijing Altron Vision Medical Team represented.

Warn Brothers Mingyida Racing Team

In 2019, the curtain opens, come to the ring tower and be your own hero!