Banma Network has increased its smart operating system for vehicles, and the window for a new round of financing will open soon

Recently, the first 2020 Board of Directors meeting of Zebra Networks was held in Shanghai Hongqiao Ali Center, marking the official completion of the strategic reorganization between Banma Networks and AliOS. The board of directors officially appointed Zhang Chunhui as the co-CEO, clearly stating that Banma Networks will continue to increase investment in research and development in the field of vehicle intelligent operating systems and AI.

At the meeting, Zhang Jianfeng, chairman of Banma Network, said: “Zebra must fully integrate and utilize the resources and capabilities of shareholders. Ali Damo Academy, Pingtouge and Tmall Genie will fully support Banma in improving product technology and capabilities, and help Banma build a future-oriented Smart car operating system. According to public information, Zhang Jianfeng is one of the partners of Alibaba Group. He is currently the chairman of the Alibaba Group Technical Committee, the president of the Bodhidharma Institute, and the president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Business Group.

Banma Network has increased its smart operating system for vehicles, and the window for a new round of financing will open soon

Alibaba and SAIC continue to increase their investment in Zebra Network, and the new Zebra core management team made a collective appearance  

After the strategic reorganization of AliOS and Banma Network, the complete technical system and core technical talents of AliOS have been injected into Banma Network. AliOS founding members such as Cheng Li, Huang Youyong, Xia Lian, Xu Qiang, and Xiao Ruizhe have joined Banma Networks, taking up core management roles such as CMO, COO, and CFO.

The establishment of the joint CEO of Banma Network is mainly to quickly integrate and coordinate the superior resources of Alibaba Group in consumer Internet and SAIC Motor in industrial Internet, and promote better and faster development of Banma Network.

In addition to organizational and talent guarantees, the recently launched Banma Zhixing VENUS system is the first time based on the AliOS in-vehicle applet, which has opened up vehicle status, in-vehicle systems, and scene engines. “Template.

New infrastructure drives new strategic upgrades, and Banma accelerates the deployment of smart operating systems for vehicles

Since February this year, “new infrastructure” has become the focus of attention from all parties, and the Internet of Vehicles, which integrates technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and 5G, has received high attention from the market, providing a new transformation for the automotive industry under the new crown epidemic direction.

It is understood that Banma Networks has formulated a strategic plan for the development of a vehicle-mounted intelligent operating system “trilogy”, that is, to fully develop intelligent networked vehicles and create an AliOS automotive operating system that supports “smart car machine-smart cockpit-smart car”. Rapidly improve Zebra’s product and operation capabilities, and use Internet technology to innovate travel life.

Facing the future, Zhang Chunhui emphasized that the mission of Banma Network is to empower car companies through technology and ecology, to redefine cars together with car companies, to provide users with intelligent driving experience and rich car life, and to create a smart travel space for users .

Recently, the new brand logo of Banma Network was exposed, and “Powered by AliOS” was added. Industry analysts pointed out that “Powered by AliOS” means that Banma Network will accelerate the pace of open source and opening up, empower partners, and build vehicle companies, parts companies, system software developers, network operation service providers, digital content distributors, and application platforms. Software developers, content service providers, etc. widely participate in an ecosystem of win-win cooperation, and guide system developers, software developers, and users to build a benign industrial ecosystem.

In another development, in order to support Banma Network in building a future-oriented smart car operating system, Banma Network is about to open the next round of financing. Under the macro background of “new infrastructure” such as 5G and artificial intelligence, Banma Network’s new round of financing is worth looking forward to.