Benefits for the Year of the Pig-Talk about the “pit” in off-road modification (5)

Benefits for the Year of the Pig-Talk about the

The winch is easy to say, there are two situations:

1. Budget 10000+



WARN ZEON PLATINUM (Platinum Edition) 

Be sure to choose the original soft cable! ! ! Be sure to choose the original soft cable! ! ! Be sure to choose the original soft cable! ! !

Benefits for the Year of the Pig-Talk about the

2. Budget 2000-8000

You can use Spider or other domestic brands of the same kind. There is no difference in essence. The price of two thousand yuan is exactly the same as that of 6000 yuan.

Let’s just talk about the most popular WARN Tabor series. This is WARN’s low-end series. It is made in China instead of the United States. The overall performance is similar to the domestic mainstream level.

How to say this series, my personal opinion is that it is specially used to fool players who are just getting started.

A pure layman has never heard of WARN, the brand value cannot be reflected, and it is useless to pretend that 13 people cannot see it.

Real experts know Tabor’s position in the WARN product line. People look down on Tabor, and it is easy to fail to install 13.

From the perspective of actual use, there is no problem with moderate to light use, but high-intensity use exposes the essence of its low-end positioning, and it cannot be compared with the high-end series at all.

The result is that the merchant sells it to players who are just getting started, and then the players who are just getting started show it to other players who are just getting started. There are still few people who buy ZEON. High-end models are used to create a brand image in the domestic market. It is still very tempting to buy a Tabor that looks like ZEON for five or six thousand dollars).

Benefits for the Year of the Pig-Talk about the

Regarding the problem of the weight of the winch, taking the Prado as an example, with the addition of oil, water and load, it is about 2.5 tons. In theory, a winch weighing more than 9,000 pounds is enough, but! ! ! Here comes the important point, WARN 9.5XP-S (9500 lbs) is more powerful than the 12,000 lbs domestic winch in actual use, so if you choose the WARN high-end series, there is no need to pursue high pounds, just enough, if It is a domestic winch (including WARN Tabor series), buy big or small, try to buy 12,000 pounds or more, anyway, the price is basically the same.

Benefits for the Year of the Pig-Talk about the

How to use the winch and how to use the pulleys are everywhere, so I won’t go into details. Just a word, watch out for overheating! ! ! The lower the end of the winch, the easier it is to overheat. Do not use it continuously for a long time, you must pull it and take a break.

In addition, when using the winch, you must start the car. If possible, it is best for someone to put the car in neutral and step on the brakes and blast the accelerator to about 3000 rpm to ensure that the generator can run at full load. This will not only protect the battery, but also meet the requirements High power consumption of the winch.

There is not much difference in the installation position. There are advantages and disadvantages in the use of front and rear installation. Of course, the rear installation is more friendly to the counterweight, but the wire is very long, which virtually increases the difficulty and cost of installation. Installing it on the front of the car is just the opposite. , It’s up to everyone to make their own choice, no matter before or after installation, you must pay attention to the impact of the front and rear counterweight changes on the suspension, whether the spring should be replaced or not.