Civilian cars dare to ask where the road is

How far is the RV from me? That’s the question anyone who has just heard the word “RV” asks. The RV is far away from us because we have never touched it. The RV is very close to us because it belongs to ordinary people.

When it comes to civilian cars, the first impression seems to be “low price”. Low price and low configuration seem to be synonymous with civilian products. From electronic products to automobiles, every product has a flood of advertisements for “civilians such and such products” after they sell well. And this initial “civilian product” is often accompanied by low quality. But its relatively low price will be popular for a certain period of time, and then be cast aside by the market, and then the whole market is paying for this “civilian product”. Where is the civilianization of RV going?

Civilian cars dare to ask where the road is

Low price is the basis of civilian RVs. For this basis, some unnecessary configurations can be sacrificed, and even the space can be reduced. However, we found that many RVs on the market are decorated like Efang Palace, and there are many configurations, but the price is low. As an economic society where you get what you pay for, this is easily reminiscent of the idiom “beyond the gold and jade, but the ruins inside”. Facts have proved that this is indeed the case. Many small car manufacturers in the market have launched many low-priced models, which are sold at a high price. Large RV manufacturers have no choice but to follow the trend and launch low-priced products to seize the market. However, according to the effect of bad money driving out good money, the sales volume of models from small manufacturers with more configurations and lower prices is far better than that of large manufacturers.

“Small” models from big manufacturers

Let’s first take a look at a civilian model of Lanzhong RV (formerly Great Wall RV)——Lanzhong Fengjun C5-B RV.

Lanzhong RV was separated from Great Wall Motors in 2016 and became a wholly-owned automobile production enterprise. Great Wall Motors started R&D and production of RVs in 2002. After independence, Lanzhong RV not only inherited the experience of Great Wall RVs for more than ten years, but also has Great Wall Motors as a close partner. The brand culture and entrepreneurial spirit of Lanzhong RV have been formed after more than ten years of precipitation, and the products of Lanzhong Fengjun C5-B RV should also be trustworthy from this perspective.

Civilian cars dare to ask where the road is

The body length of the Wingle C5-B type RV is 5890mm (5990mm after the bicycle rack and escalator are selected), which is less than 6 meters. The overall external outline is slightly square, giving people a solid feeling. The widened rearview mirror also solves the problem of blind spots after changing from a pickup truck to an RV. There are many storage spaces designed on the body, especially the through storage compartment at the rear of the RV, which can accommodate large luggage such as skis and folding bicycles. The design of the front and rear consoles on the left allows you to freely choose the location for outdoor cooking.

Wingle C5-B RV is modified based on Wingle 5 chassis. In order to meet the needs of the RV, the car also specially increased the rear wheelbase by 120mm to 1645mm to maintain the stability of the vehicle. The 2.4-liter gasoline naturally aspirated engine has a power of 100 kilowatts, and the power can meet the needs of the journey. The most important thing is the National V emission standard, which can apply for licenses in Beijing and other places. The handling of the five-speed manual gearbox is not bad, but it will be uncomfortable if you encounter traffic jams.

Civilian cars dare to ask where the road is

The cockpit part maintains the style of the original car. The single-row cab makes the living area of ​​the rear RV larger, and the two-color spliced ​​leather seats are very wrapping, but the author thinks that as a vehicle that may be driven for a long time, whether the fabric seats are more comfortable. On the center console of the car, there are modes such as time-sharing four-wheel drive, high-speed four-wheel drive and low-speed four-wheel drive. This is a very important configuration for a RV. The ability to cope is required.

There is a 1900 * 900 mm double bed on the top of the internal cockpit, and the card seat sofa can also be assembled into a 1900 * 1400 mm bed. The double bed design is enough for general family use. However, there is also a common problem of C-type RVs. The height of the bed on the top of the cockpit is only about 700 mm, and it becomes inconvenient to get on and off the bed when the deck sofa becomes a bed. The design of the bathroom space at the rear of the car is considered a large space in a C-type RV, but the portable toilet is not very comfortable to use. It is recommended to choose a fixed toilet when purchasing. The kitchen is designed at the entrance of the Wingle C5-B RV. Only a hood and a multi-functional sink are installed. The stove needs to be installed with an induction cooker.

Civilian cars dare to ask where the road is

With a price of RMB 245,800, the Fengjun C5-B RV can be called a civilian RV, but it is worth noting that after purchasing the RV, there are 2.5kw gasoline generators, parking heating and hot water systems, solar power supply systems, and bicycle racks , Openable viewing sunroof, escalator, reversing control system, 2000W inverter (sine wave), 120AH battery (1 piece), cab side steps so many optional accessories to be added. Among them, generator, parking heater and hot water system, solar power supply system, reversing camera system, 2000W inverter (sine wave), and 120AH battery (1 piece) are indispensable RV equipment in travel life, all of which require money of.

Although Lanzhong’s Fengjun C5-B RV needs to be equipped with some optional accessories, its price of 245,800 yuan and workmanship can be regarded as a conscientious businessman. Given the reputation of the Lanzhong RV brand and the numerous after-sales networks across the country, there are even 4S stores of Great Wall Motors in Europe. The price of 245,800 yuan can indeed be regarded as a “small” RV.

“Big” motorhomes from small manufacturers

What about the “big” models from smaller manufacturers? In order to attract consumers and improve product competitiveness, some manufacturers produce some “big” RVs with cheap prices and many functions to cater to the market. Often, all conceivable functions are added to the RV without reasoning, so that the interior lights of the RV shine and the various configurations are full of fashion. In the production process, the quality of the parts selected in order to reduce the cost is often not up to standard, coupled with the backward assembly process, so that there will be various problems in the quality of the whole vehicle. In addition, the manufacturer’s own weak technical strength and imperfect after-sales system often result in a vicious circle of more sales and more problems. In the end, the short-term economy that pushes itself into a dead end still needs consumers and manufacturers to jointly pay the bill. I’m sorry to disappoint you. There are no specific small manufacturers and no specific “big” models.

Civilian cars dare to ask where the road is

      The way out for the civilian car

With today’s rapid economic development, the time it takes for new things to appear in the lives of ordinary people is getting shorter and shorter. From early cars and telephones to current electric vehicles and tablet computers, they are constantly being updated and eliminated. RVs will not be far away in the lives of ordinary people, but if they simply sacrifice quality in exchange for price advantages, they will eventually be expelled in the tide of the market. The only way to solve the problem is to really look at the problem from the perspective of consumers.

Lanzhong’s Fengjun C5-B RV competes with many small manufacturers’ low-priced models by ensuring the quality of the model and reducing the configuration of the model, and has gained a place in the civilian RV market. This model not only lowers the threshold of RVs, but also gives people more choices. Whether this method is right or wrong needs to be tested by the market after all, but it provides a sustainable development path for small and medium RV manufacturers. In addition, when some small manufacturers launch private customized products, they should not only work hard on the increase of RV configuration and price reduction, but also consider launching “private customization” services in terms of after-sales service. This kind of “private customization” service can increase customer stickiness to form more referral customers, thereby breaking the consumption circle formed by relying on price, and allowing enterprises to develop better.