Digital intelligence empowers new species SAIC Roewe smart cockpit wins future travel

On July 19, the 2019 Global Data Intelligence Summit with the theme of “embracing the digital intelligence economy and empowering the industrial ecology” was held in Shanghai, setting off the biggest digital intelligence storm this year. As one of the most influential artificial intelligence summits in the country, the Global Data Intelligence Summit is the vane of the development and application of artificial intelligence technology. SAIC Passenger Vehicle, as the leader of smart travel, became the only automaker participating in this year’s conference. During the meeting, Zhang Liang, chief digital officer of SAIC Motor, delivered a speech themed on “Gathering new species with numbers, driving smart new travel”, explaining the digital evolution theory of cars as smart cockpits under the digital economy, which aroused enthusiasm from the guests repercussions.

Digital intelligence empowers new species SAIC Roewe smart cockpit wins future travel

The data-gathering engine promotes the transformation of automobiles, and there is “evidence to rely on” for car manufacturing in the new era

With the iterative upgrade of information and Internet technology, data has become a new energy source for industrial manufacturing. As a master of industry, the automobile industry is standing on the cusp of change. At this summit, Zhang Liang used “digital aggregation logic” and “smart cockpit” to solve the problem, and gave the “superior answer” in the era of data intelligence.

As the pioneer of Internet cars and smart cars, the accumulation since 2016 has made SAIC Roewe the largest owner of travel data, entering a new stage of deep integration of data intelligence and the automotive industry, and bringing three major technologies to the automotive industry. New value: Automobiles will become the best entrance for users to obtain scenario-based services, powerful smart terminals, and a comprehensive ecological platform, with huge bearing value, extensive application value and super high commercial value.

Digital intelligence empowers new species SAIC Roewe smart cockpit wins future travel

The wave of intelligent networking brought by the world’s first mass-produced Internet car Roewe RX5 has made “user data” a new engine to promote the development of the automotive industry. If data is the gene of future automobile revolution, then the data aggregation logic that organically aggregates data is the DNA that triggers the change. Different data and data aggregation logic will bring unlimited innovation possibilities to automobiles. Zhang Liang pointed out that this will not only change the new car species, but also subvert the birth method of the new car species. The traditional “building a car based on experience” will become a “data car building” with “numbers to be found and evidence to rely on”. China’s auto industry will also usher in the best time to change from following to paralleling with giants, and finally to catch up and even become a new rule maker.

Grasping the data context of the birth of new species, SAIC has linked production R&D with automobile life cycle services, and built a vehicle butler center that integrates four platforms: intelligent R&D, empowering products, quality supervision, and information/fault analysis. In this way, SAIC has opened up a three-party communication channel between R&D personnel, dealers and customers, which can accurately identify user needs and quickly bring products and services that best meet market trends.

Roewe takes the lead in smart travel, and the world’s first mass-produced smart cockpit is about to land

Thanks to the powerful advantages of intelligent interconnection and huge data genes, SAIC Roewe has successfully created a complete digital intelligence DNA innovation system, catalyzed a complete intelligent cockpit system, and will realize the Internet of Everything. As the first mass-produced model of the Roewe smart cockpit, the Roewe RX5 MAX will become a new car species that best meets consumer demand in the next 3-5 years.

Digital intelligence empowers new species SAIC Roewe smart cockpit wins future travel

The smart cockpit of the Roewe RX5 MAX grasps consumers’ needs for in-depth human-computer interaction, “endowing space with emotion, endowing intelligence with EQ”, which will set off a trend of human-vehicle emotional interaction in the era of data intelligence. The most representative is the BYOD multi-user control. Every passenger can use his own mobile phone to connect to the car, and independently control the air conditioner, sunroof, navigation, entertainment and other functions, so that the cockpit is no longer a VIP seat for the driver alone. , but first class for the whole family. The Roewe RX5 MAX has also specially set up “driver mode” and “full car mode” for its Bose immersive stereo system, creating a “mobile concert hall” for each occupant.

The smart cockpit is also committed to implementing the concept of “immersive travel”, so that people can interact with cars more “tactilely”. The Roewe RX5 MAX is equipped with the Sky Eye system, and the owner can “swipe his face” to log in, without taking out keys, pressing buttons, speaking voice, and stepping on the brakes to enter the driving state. Based on personal car data, Roewe RX5 MAX will also push exclusive content for users, including blessings on special dates such as birthdays, performances and other event schedules, and even customize content according to weather and emotions, making every trip a surprise. In addition, the Roewe RX5 MAX will be equipped with the AR-Driving real-scene driving assistance system version 2.0, adding AR-POI real-scene tags for high-speed and urban scenes. Urban Construction.

The rise of the digital economy has brought unprecedented opportunities to the automotive industry. Based on China’s extensive Internet resources and its own technological advantages, SAIC Roewe took the lead in realizing the data intelligence project with the Roewe RX5 MAX smart cockpit, becoming a pioneer in the construction of smart travel, and will help Chinese auto brands to take the lead in the world in the new round of competition in the future .