Feima: the spirit and world of an off-road veteran

Feima: the spirit and world of an off-road veteran

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The heart and spirit of the cross-country veteran

Off road, hit the road

During the period of the Republic of China, the rules of the people in the rivers and lakes were that if they wanted to be the boss, they had to shave their heads, but there was always a mark on him: a comb. This is a symbol: you have to comb your hair for others, and you have to live for others.

Fei Ma has the atmosphere of the old world. Before leading the team into no man’s land, he had a habit of shaving his head. He doesn’t hang the comb upside down, but this comb is in his heart. “From the moment I became the team leader and reloaded, I didn’t allow myself to collapse. This is your choice and your responsibility.” He was a retreat for others, but he had no retreat, “I enjoy this state quite a bit , but also particularly restrained, asking myself to do my best in all aspects.”

Many people want to follow him through no man’s land, to understand, trust, and feel at ease. Feima is not a veteran in the off-road circle. A mature man’s courage and experience, sense of depth and determination, experience in team management, ability to deal with emergencies, ability to communicate and coordinate, and driving skills allow him to enter the field of team leadership. Before the role, he was already a veteran.

What is the inner world and way of life of an off-road veteran? Do what you think is right, do something and not do something, have your own way of advancing and retreating and chivalry, be self-willed and straightforward, and live a happy life.