Roewe and MG changed their “police uniforms” to help Zhengzhou public security technology revitalize the police

Blue and white, with a shining police badge, the strongest high-quality Internet police car will soon “join” Zhengzhou Public Security!

Roewe and MG changed their

Recently, a total of 144 high-quality Internet vehicles of SAIC Motor Passenger Cars, including Roewe RX5, Roewe RX8 and MG eMG6, have completed police vehicle painting and will be delivered to various departments of Zhengzhou public security organs in batches to replace the original joint venture brand police vehicles. Among them, Roewe RX8 and MG eMG6 will be used as law enforcement special police vehicles and law enforcement and case handling vehicles respectively, while the Roewe RX5, which has delivered the most this time, will be used for law enforcement and patrolling.

Roewe and MG changed their

Police cars are active in the front line of police work, they are used frequently and intensively, and they are often faced with urgent or dangerous tasks, which require the vehicles to have excellent quality and excellent performance. At the same time, the new historical period has put forward new requirements for police work. At the National Public Security Work Conference held in May, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the public security organs must “adhere to building the police politically, strengthening the police through reform, and revitalizing the police through technology. Strictly manage the police”, “use big data as a big engine to promote the innovation and development of public security work, cultivate combat effectiveness and generate new growth points”. Zhengzhou Public Security has selected Roewe and MG Internet vehicles as police vehicles, and will use its high-tech, high-performance, and high-quality armed guards to contribute to promoting public security reform and safeguarding urban security.

The Zhengzhou police vehicle review process is rigorous and strict. SAIC Passenger Vehicles has fully prepared and provided three high-quality products of Roewe and MG. With SAIC’s world-class “blue core” high-efficiency power and “green core” new energy technology , impenetrable safety, spacious and comfortable driving experience and other advantages, successfully passed through many performance demonstration links, and won the bid for the police vehicle project of Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau in 2019.

Roewe and MG changed their

The three winning models all adopt high-quality designs. The Roewe RX5 is majestic and calm, the Roewe RX8 is aggressive and mighty, and the MG eMG6 is youthful and sporty. They will become a new landscape in Zhengzhou. Among them, the Roewe RX8 is equipped with the all-terrain ALL-DRIVE intelligent all-field driving system, which can meet six different driving scenarios such as snow, sports, and off-road, allowing police officers to calmly face various road conditions encountered at work. The power performance of the Roewe RX5 surpasses that of mainstream joint venture brands. The acceleration from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers is only 9.12 seconds, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 6.8 liters. At the beginning of May this year, SAIC Passenger Vehicle became the only car company to win the 2018 Shanghai Mayor Quality Award, and its “superior quality” is trustworthy.

In the near future, SAIC Motor’s high-quality police cars will fight together with Zhengzhou public security officers on the front line of law enforcement, assisting in maintaining social order and protecting citizens’ personal safety, demonstrating the glory of the strong rise of Chinese auto brands.