Gannan! Gannan!


South of Gansu Province

Northeastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

An important part of the Silk Road and the Tang-Tibet Ancient Road

It is a paradise on earth that everyone who loves to travel cannot avoid.

Gannan! Gannan!

No one on earth has seen heaven

Fortunately, there is Gannan

This place is simple, this place is stunning, and this place is far away from the mundane world

This is the holy place of Tibetan Buddhism

This is Shambhala on the plateau

This is a place where faith is integrated into life

Gannan! Gannan!

If Gansu is very beautiful

half of Gannan

This is the farthest place from the world

There are sacred mountains, holy lakes, grasslands, and beliefs comparable to Tibet

It can satisfy everyone’s imagination of Tibet

Gannan! Gannan!

In the heavenly Gannan

The refreshing fragrance of ghee diffuses in the grassland

Gannan! Gannan!

The monk in red is silently reciting the six-character mantra outside the corridor

Gannan! Gannan!

Faithful people crawl on the road

Gannan! Gannan!

The old man who got up early and chanted sutras brought a shock to the soul

Gannan! Gannan!

Gannan is the pure land of the soul

A must-see destination in a lifetime

Once you’ve been elsewhere

Gannan! Gannan!

Nine-color Gannan is the Shambhala in the dream

Come to Gannan, pilgrimage to Buddha

The main hall of Labrang Monastery against the blue sky

looks particularly sacred

On the way to Labrang Monastery

I often see a dignified look

Three steps and one kowtow

Devout Tibetans or believers who kowtow in five steps

also see laughing

little monk in red having fun

The majestic temple in the eyes of everyone

It also becomes full of life at this moment

This is probably the charm of Gannan.

Gannan! Gannan!

Gannan! Gannan!

Gannan! Gannan!

Langmusi sounds like the name of the temple

In fact, it is under the jurisdiction of Luqu County in Gannan

A quiet and unique town

The town is famous for its temple, and the town is also named for its temple.

The temples here are all built on the hillside

The golden dome is shining, tall and bold

early morning

sunlight through the fog

Faintly shining on the path

Illuminates the magnificent golden dome of the temple

warm and magical

Gannan! Gannan!

Gannan! Gannan!

Gannan! Gannan!

Come to Gannan and feel the charm of nature


The legendary “Last Peach Blossom Spring” in Gannan

There are row upon row of Tibetan wooden wooden houses here.

Stacked up, prayer flags fluttering in the wind

There are boundless mountains

clear blue sky

big white clouds

and the freshest air

There are also simple and kind Tibetans here

honest smile, dark skin

Plus the plateau red on the cheeks

make people feel close

Gannan! Gannan!

Gannan! Gannan!

Gannan! Gannan!

Gannan Maqu

The First Bend of the Yellow River

Floating from the end of the sky

Endless tenderness under the sunset

The whole grassland is green in summer

Flowers are blooming, cattle and sheep are everywhere

Blue sky, white clouds and green grass

The most beautiful moment is coming

Gannan! Gannan!

Gannan! Gannan!

Gannan! Gannan!

On the Gahai Grassland at an altitude of 3,400 meters in Luqu County

under the empty sky

Lying quietly a lake with rippling blue waves – Gahai Lake

compared to other lakes

Gahai Lake looks more lofty and pure

every sunny day

The blue sky and white clouds reflect the lake water, very beautiful

Especially between June and August

wildflowers around the lake

There are also many kinds of water birds inhabiting here.

uncommonly beautiful

Gannan! Gannan!

Gannan! Gannan!

Gannan! Gannan!

After visiting Labrang Monastery

You must come to Sangke Grassland to take a look

every summer

The grassland is full of green grass and wild flowers, very beautiful

You can be on the green grass, by the creek, by the bushes

Leisurely drinking butter tea and chatting

Everything seems so comfortable and peaceful

If you like lively, you can also participate in the Xianglang Festival

Sing and dance with the herdsmen

Experience the jubilant grassland style

Gannan! Gannan!

Gannan! Gannan!

Gannan! Gannan!


has everything in Tibet

But it’s not just a copy of Tibet

rolling hills

meandering river

vast expanse of grassland

misty lake

Magical and magnificent religious culture

Ancient and rustic ethnic customs

Destined to make Gannan unique

Gannan! Gannan!

Seeing that June is approaching

Gannan is also ushering in the most beautiful season

better plan now

Let’s have a summer appointment with Gannan!