He is undoubtedly the 20-year-old cross-country “veteran” who plays the guard…

He is undoubtedly the 20-year-old cross-country

The first time I met Zihang was at the 2017 Land Rover Defender Club Annual Meeting. At that time, he was young and handsome, and he was very conspicuous in the crowd. At one time, he was thought to be a kid who came to the activities with his father or other elders. It was not until we met again at the Land Rover Defender Club Ice and Snow Carnival in 2018 that he was also a member of the club. , and is the youngest member, and that event made me re-acquainted with this young man who was born in 1998, steady, warm-hearted, and extremely obsessed with Land Rover Defender. He is undoubtedly the 20-year-old cross-country ” veteran” who plays the guard …

He is undoubtedly the 20-year-old cross-country


14 years old, first meeting with Xiaoju


Every boy has an off-road dream in his heart. Like most boys, Zihang has been fond of cars since he was a child, especially classic off-road vehicles. “I think they are really cool and can take me anywhere I want.” By chance, Zihang watched it online When I arrived at the Land Rover Defender, I fell in love with it at first sight. “The Defender’s off-road configuration, performance, and appearance of the vehicle, I immediately decided that this would be my best choice for cross-country self-driving in the future .

So, in 2012, 14-year-old Zihang met his first off-road vehicle, which he called “Xiaoju”. Xiaoju is the Land Rover Defender Ice Fire Limited Edition (limited to 850 units worldwide) Fire Edition 90 launched in 2010. The overall body is unique Vesuvius orange metallic color, while the roof, air intake grille and wheels are black, full of The appearance of personality is undoubtedly very attractive to the adolescent Zihang.

“Its edges and corners touched me, and I vaguely knew the word “feeling” at that time. My first feeling when I saw it was: this is really cool!” Recalling the first meeting with Xiaoju, he Still heartbroken.

But because of his young age, Zihang could only enjoy his eyes at that time, and could only temporarily cherish “Xiaoju” like a beloved toy.


Attending the annual meeting of the Land Rover Defender Club with Xiaoju, and finally found an organization!


In August 2017, Land Rover Defender Club annual meeting . Zihang and his cross-country first teacher and elder brother set off from Qinhuangdao and joined the main force in Duolun.

Before this, he had gone out to play with Xiaoju a few times, but they were all alone, so when he saw so many guards gathering in the square, he was inexplicably excited and moved: “It turns out that I am not alone, It turns out that there are so many like-minded seniors and partners who love Guardian as much as I do, and it feels so good to find an organization!”

After the annual meeting, Zihang officially became a member of the Land Rover Defender Club. The seniors discussed cross-country skills and little knowledge about Defenders in the group every day, which benefited him a lot and gave him a deeper understanding of Defenders. “The atmosphere in the Defenders Club is really great! I have met a lot Seniors, even formed year-end friendships with some seniors, which further strengthened my idea of ​​traveling with large troops in the future .

He’s also come to realize that the Defender may not be as comfortable or particularly popular as other off-road vehicles, but that’s what makes it so unique. “Land Rover Defender is very interesting, just like a big toy, you must know it very well to play its best ability. It is not just a car, it is also my most loyal partner.”

He is undoubtedly the 20-year-old cross-country


North Ice and Snow Rescue Nannujiang Public Welfare, the maturity and stability of a 20-year-old young man


Since joining the Land Rover Defenders Club, Zihang’s love for off-roading has been out of control. He has participated in the 2018 Land Rover Defenders Club Ice and Snow Carnival, the pre-visitation of the China Land Rover Alliance’s “Road Warming the Nujiang, Tigers Cultivating the Future” public welfare poverty alleviation activity, Sichuan West Advancement Tibetan activities and official poverty alleviation activities of “Warming the roads along the Nujiang River, and breeding the future with tigers”.

Every event means a lot to him. “The Ice and Snow Carnival taught me a lot of knowledge. Teacher Han Yue taught me a lot of ice and snow skills, which greatly improved my driving skills. I also gained a lot from participating in the Yunnan Nujiang public welfare activities. Because when I was young, I only listened to my parents. In distant places, how poor the people are and what kind of life they live, I didn’t think so at the time, but after entering the Nujiang River, I discovered that there are really such a group of people living in poverty, and they always complain about their unsatisfactory lives Yes, but after seeing them, I feel very ashamed. Compared with them, what else can I complain about? I also decided to do my best to do more public welfare in the future to help those who really need help.”

He is undoubtedly the 20-year-old cross-country

Zihang also won everyone’s recognition and praise with his maturity, stability and kindness. During ice and snow activities, he can always be seen cheerful, handsome, and busy at the rescue scene. Even Teacher Han praised him several times for his promising future in the off-road circle.


During the pre-visitation of the Nujiang Public Welfare and Poverty Alleviation Activities in Yunnan, he rushed to Yunnan from Qinhuangdao thousands of kilometers away by himself.

During the official public welfare and poverty alleviation activities, he actively signed up again, and brought his mother to donate money and materials, and helped the staff pack materials and load cars with his mother, and he would show up wherever there was need.

He is undoubtedly the 20-year-old cross-country

All this is seen by everyone. Brother Bird often praised him, and some old drivers also formed year-end friendships with him, “Everyone is very sincere when we are together, and I do n’t think of me at all because of my age. I like being with seniors very much. It is my happiest thing to get the encouragement and recognition from Brother Bird and all seniors, and it gives me great confidence!”


Reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles, the support of his family is his biggest motivation


During the public welfare and poverty alleviation activities in Nujiang, Zihang brought his mother in front of us. When I asked him why he brought his mother out this time, he said: “I brought my mother out this time. I want her to see that there are a group of positive people around me.” People with energy, let her feel at ease, let her feel that every activity I do is very meaningful, and I will grow a lot every time I come out. This is a group of people who have feelings and love life, and I am very happy to be with them , I can learn a lot from these successful predecessors, so I have new insights every time I travel.”

The best education comes from the words and deeds of my parents. It was Zihang’s mother who gave me a real understanding of this sentence. The way she treats people, her understanding, kindness, enthusiasm and kindness are the best benchmarks in Zihang’s life, and they also infected me.

Maybe many people will have such doubts. If they go to play and go wild at the age when they should study, and their parents are still so supportive, isn’t it irresponsible for him? Before I met Zihang’s mother, I once had such doubts, but since I got to know her and chatted all the way, my doubts were all dispelled.

She said: “We not only want him to read thousands of books, but also want him to travel thousands of miles. Now he has his own thoughts about life and society, let him understand it by himself, and if he wants to learn, he is also old enough now. .He realizes it himself, so he will work hard, and now he will help us take care of the business. Of course, we also want him to have a happy youth.”

“There are also some people who love life in the cross-country circle. They are people with positive energy. We are at ease when we are with people with positive energy. I specially participated in a club activity and felt the enthusiasm, enthusiasm, progress, unity, and enthusiasm of these people. The spirit of helping others and helping others. In the process of cross-country, he can also hone his will and perseverance, and exercise his team awareness and spirit of helping others. For him, it is a good social experience. Whether it is in the future Whether at school or at work, he will be a young man with outstanding positive energy, and he can quickly integrate into any group!”

Compared with blind support, such sober and conscious moderate participation and positive recognition may be the biggest motivation for Zihang along the way.

When I wrote this article, student Zihang was in Zhangjiakou for various car traps and rescues, so he must be very excited. But I still want to remind him silently: Student Zihang, although you are young and handsome, you are still a cross-country “veteran”, but you have to take it easy.


(Text/Wei Xingxing, part of the pictures in the article are from the Guyue team)