How do you evaluate the Komic SUV on the second anniversary of its launch?

In June this year, the German urban SUV Komiq ushered in the second anniversary of its launch. For Comic, from 2018 to 2020, from a model to a family; in the past two years, Comic has not stopped moving forward for a moment.

How do you evaluate the Komic SUV on the second anniversary of its launch?

In 2018, Komic ushered in the world premiere in Beijing. As soon as it was unveiled, Komik attracted numerous fans with his young and artistic design and high-value modeling, which aroused widespread attention. On June 27, the Komic was launched, further enriching the Skoda SUV matrix. In 2019, the Komiq National VI model was launched; at the Guangzhou Auto Show in the same year, the latest cool SUV Komiq GT was launched, becoming another label of Skoda’s youthfulness. This year, the 2020 Komiq will be launched. The new car will be equipped with an 8-inch mirror touch screen as standard, and cooperate with Skoda’s digital interconnection system to upgrade the experience of smart technology.

The 100,000-class joint venture SUV has the strength to commute and pick up the baby by self-driving, choose TA

In April of this year, with the new price of all Skoda models, the price of Comic was adjusted to 89,900 yuan; combined with the standard Skoda digital interconnection system, 8-inch large display screen, rear view imaging system, A number of practical configurations such as three sports multifunctional steering wheels further highlight the competitiveness of Comic in the 100,000-class joint venture SUV.

How do you evaluate the Komic SUV on the second anniversary of its launch?

Lu Yao knows the horsepower, and the quality is learned over time. Skoda is a brand with a history of 125 years and is endorsed by Volkswagen Group’s technology and manufacturing system. As a joint-venture SUV, Skoda Kamiq has excellent performance in space, driving experience and fuel consumption in the eyes of car owners.

Many Comic owners choose it as their first commuter car or as a second car for their family. In addition to the indispensable prerequisites such as eye-catching shape, reasonable price, and worry-free experience; in the later use of cars, Comic’s economical fuel consumption and spacious space performance have brought real surprises to many car owners. In the 2019 China Car Fuel Consumption Ranking of Xiaoxiong Fuel Consumption, Comic became the only model among the 21 SUVs in the subdivided list, according to the actual feedback data of car owners, with a fuel consumption of less than 7L per 100 kilometers.

GT models show cool personality Fashionable brothers and sisters, buy TA  

If practicality and balance are the most evaluations given by car owners to Comic, then the GT model has added a “cool” personality to the Comic family, and has won the favor of many fashionable and cool young people.

How do you evaluate the Komic SUV on the second anniversary of its launch?

It is said that appearance determines the first impression. Comic GT has a youthful and cool appearance, which is particularly eye-catching on the road and becomes a moving landscape of its own. It is worth mentioning that this year, Comic GT won the world-renowned design award – “Red Dot Product Design Award”.

The continuation and innovation of the brand’s classic design elements, as well as the integration of the latest domestic aesthetics, have created the “hybrid” characteristics of the design of the Comic GT. The multiple chrome-plated trim strips on the front grille, the large silver trim, and the extended spoiler at the rear make the Comic GT stand out in terms of details.

How do you evaluate the Komic SUV on the second anniversary of its launch?

Not only is the shape cool and eye-catching, full LED front and rear headlights, digital interconnection system and other equipment that appear only on high-end joint venture SUV models in the same price range, but also realize the standard configuration of all series on the Comic GT, which meets the needs of young car owners today. equipment needs.

In the past two years, Comic has not only become the first car for many practical young consumers, but also the favorite choice for many families to purchase a second car; and the arrival of Comic GT has attracted more young people. The eyes of a cool young man. With the joining of more young car owners, it is the market performance of the Comic family that continues to break through; the market harvest step by step is also a microcosm of the younger and personalized development of the Skoda brand, witnessing the advancement and growth of the brand.