I want Land Rover and love

If you have to describe the type of man that women love most, the man who drives a Jaguar is one. Of course, if it is reversed, a woman who drives a Jaguar is enough to make a man’s heart beat.

I want Land Rover and love

In Haruki Murakami’s latest work “Assassination of the Knight Commander”, there is such a description of the love between men and women:

Shoko Akikawa got into the driver’s seat of the Jaguar with shining eyes, let her body get used to the cream-colored leather seat, stared at the dashboard carefully, put her hands on the steering wheel, and then touched the shift lever with her left hand. Menshiki took out the car keys from his pants pocket and handed them to her.

“Please start the engine!”

Akikawa Shengzi silently took the key, inserted it next to the steering wheel, and turned it clockwise, and the giant cat woke up immediately. She listened fascinated for a moment to the deep hum of the engine.

“I remember hearing this engine sound,” she said.

“A 4.2-liter V8 engine. The XJ 6 that my father drove is a six-cylinder. The number of valves and the compression ratio are different, but the sound may be similar. The point of burning fossil fuels without reflection has not changed throughout the ages. A sinful machine.”

Akikawa Shengzi raised the shift lever and turned on the right turn signal. A distinctive loud bang followed.

“This sound is really nostalgic!”

Menshiki smiled slightly, “This is a sound that only a Jaguar can make, and it’s different from the turn signal sound of any other car.”

“When I was young, I practiced XJ 6 hard and got a driver’s license.” She said, “The braking system is somewhat different from ordinary cars, so when I drove other cars for the first time, I was quite confused and didn’t know what to do. .”

“It’s understandable.” Menshiki smiled slightly, “The British have a certain obsession with subtleties.”

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I want Land Rover and love

If it weren’t for Jaguar, I’m afraid that any brand would not be able to express the hormones in this text so strongly. It also corresponds to the ending of Haruki Murakami’s sentence: “The British have a certain obsession with subtleties.”

I want Land Rover and love

What is subtle? It is probably the heartstring that is most sensitive to sensibility in the heart. Once it is touched, the face will remain silent, but emotions will pour out, and the strongest emotion is love. Like Haruki Murakami, he puts his deep affection into words, and the British melt their sensibility into the shaping of Jaguar and Land Rover, so that before they have time to savor it carefully, they are sure that this is the love they want.

I want Land Rover and love

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