In the hot summer, why not take a “getaway”?

It’s summer time again, have you planned where to go this summer? Searching for travel strategies on the Internet, the dazzling array of plans makes people dazzled, but I don’t know where to start? Want to enjoy yourself and ignite your passion on the road? Lufeng Xiaoyao satisfies you! Let you enjoy the freedom in the hot summer, and come to a “getaway” that you can just go!

In the hot summer, why not take a

Looks great, shows personality

Received a lot of attention just after embarking on a journey? Don’t forget, the scorching summer is a good time to show off your figure, and a perfect silhouette is definitely a reliable guarantee for turning heads. Lufeng Xiaoyao combines the sports elements of high-end coupe and the Chinese style elements of oriental aesthetics, the swooping double waistline design, the diamond-cut star-shaped wheels, the eagle-eye LED headlights show a luxurious temperament, and the trendy horse racing style The turn signals, combined with the blackened three-dimensional taillights, are highly recognizable, making it an “eye killer” on the road, turning it into the most beautiful scenery during the journey.

In the hot summer, why not take a

When Lufeng Xiaoyao makes you the scenery in the eyes of others, you don’t want to miss the beautiful scenery passing by outside the window? Open the two slidable and open panoramic sunroofs of Lufeng Xiaoyao, change the viewing angle, see different scenery, and experience a different way of viewing. Better ventilation and lighting effects not only allow you to see the scenery on both sides of the road, but also feel the various styles of the whole summer.

Starting from the “core”, feel at ease

How to make the journey more enjoyable after feasting your eyes? Do you want to turn on your horsepower and experience a “speed and passion” to burn this summer? Not only the appearance of a sports car, but also the heart of a sports car, Landwind Happy can satisfy your wish. The 1.5GTDI engine developed with the strong support of the Ford Group, in addition to turbocharging and direct injection, also integrates many advanced technologies. It only takes 8.9 seconds to accelerate from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers. “Push back feeling”, enjoy the track-like driving experience. The chassis suspension completed by the famous British tuning team Mira team in London, UK, adopts MacPherson independent suspension at the front and multi-link suspension at the rear. response.

In the hot summer, why not take a

Not afraid of the scorching heat, smart cooling

On a sunny summer day, when you return from a car trip, the car is always steaming like sweat? Lufeng Xiaoyao helps you solve problems. Equipped with the latest Lufeng Smart Connected System, you can remotely cool down your phone with one key in advance, and you can enjoy a cool “summer” when you get in the car, leaving behind the troubles of “sweating”. You can also set a preset temperature, and Lufeng Xiaoyao will help you automatically adjust the air-conditioning status. When the temperature in the car drops to the preset temperature, the fan will automatically turn off, so that you will not be blown by “cold wind”; when the heat hits again, you can enjoy the cool breeze It will come to your face and give you comfort and enjoyment.

In the hot summer, why not take a

Safe and reliable, fearless adventure

Safe and worry-free travel can be described as a part that many travelers must consider, after all, safety is the basis of travel. Landwind Xiaoyao’s seven-in-one active safety system is the most complete active safety function in its class. In addition to ABS+EBD anti-lock braking system, PBA brake assist system, CBC cornering brake balance system, TCS body traction control, and HAC uphill assist , HDC steep slope descent, ESC electronic stability control system, etc., can relieve you from the troubles of travel, so that you can rest assured to explore the unknown journey and enjoy the freedom.

In the hot summer, why not take a

The sweltering summer is in full swing, everything is ready, get on the Lufeng Happy, and have a passionate “getaway”!