Kashgar Border Management Detachment: “Border Pass” processing window relocation notice

“Border Pass” processing window relocation notice

Dear tourists and friends:

According to the arrangement and work requirements of the superior, the “Border Pass” processing window of the Kashgar Border Management Detachment (formerly the Kashgar Border Defense Detachment) will be moved to the first floor of the Kashgar Self-driving Tour Service Center on March 15, 2019 (Address: 100 North Tianshan West Road, Kashgar City m), at that time, the border management detachment of the Kashgar Municipal Administrative Service Center will stop accepting the “Border Pass” at the window. Please inform the general public and make arrangements for the itinerary in advance.

Notice hereby!

Kashgar Border Management Detachment 

March 8, 2019

Kashgar Border Management Detachment:

Kind tips:

Dear tourists and friends:

You are welcome to go sightseeing, work and enjoy the unique plateau scenery and cultural beauty in the Kashgar Border Management Area. Due to the special geographical environment, the border management area implements special management according to relevant national policies. To go to the border management area, it is necessary to apply for the “Permit for Border Management Area of ​​the People’s Republic of China” (hereinafter referred to as “Border Pass”). In order to provide you with more convenient and fast service for visa application during your trip, the relevant matters are hereby reminded as follows:

1. According to the needs of the work and to provide a comfortable environment for the general public, the window for applying for the certificate will be relocated from the first floor of the Kashi Administrative Service Center to the first floor of the Kashi Self-driving Tour Service Center on March 15 (Address: 100 North Tianshan West Road, Kashi City Meter).

2. The certificate handling point is responsible for issuing the “Border Pass” for people with household registration outside Xinjiang to go to the Kashgar border management area and take a plane to the Ngari area of ​​Tibet.

3. From November 1st to March 1st of the following year is the off-season for tourism and employment, from March 2nd to May 1st is the peak season for employment, and from May 2nd to October 31st is the peak season for tourism. The specific time for visa application is as follows:

——From November 1st to March 14th, Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 13:30 am, from 16:00 pm to 19:30 pm; on holidays (including Saturdays and Sundays) at 10:30 am until 13:30, and from 16:00 to 19:00 in the afternoon.

——From March 15th to October 31st, 10:00 am to 13:30 am, 16:30 pm to 20:00 pm; holidays (including Saturdays and Sundays) 10:30 am to 13:30 am, 16:30 to 19:30 in the afternoon.

If the visa application time changes due to special circumstances, we will issue a notice three days in advance, please pay attention and plan your itinerary in advance.

4. Persons with household registration outside Xinjiang need to apply for a “Border Pass” with a valid ID card; personnel with household registration in Xinjiang must apply for a “Border Pass” at the public security agency where their household registration is located.

5. In order to facilitate the disabled, the elderly over 60 years old, pregnant women, children under 10 years old, and military families, we have specially set up windows. If you belong to the above-mentioned people, please pay attention to the window prompts, and you can give priority to the ” Border Pass”.

6. If you want to go to non-open areas and special management areas to engage in mountaineering, travel and border operations, you need to go to the Kashgar Border Management Detachment to go through the review and filing procedures first, and then apply for the “Border Pass”.

7. If you have participated in a tour group, you can entrust a travel company that has registered in our detachment to apply for a group “Border Pass”. To apply for a group “Border Pass”, the staff of the travel company must submit the group “Border Pass” application form, travel itinerary, list of personnel (in triplicate) and tourists’ valid identity certificates to the card handling point one day in advance, and priority will be given to the “Border Pass” .

8. The border management area implements special management measures. You need to learn and understand border policies and regulations, abide by laws and policies, obey the lawful management of local public security organs, and consciously maintain a harmonious and stable social order in the border management area.

9. The terrain and climatic conditions in the border area are complex. You need to be familiar with the traffic conditions in the area to reduce the randomness of activities, so as to avoid straying into the frontier of the border or accidents.

10. The Kashgar border management area is a plateau, which has obvious characteristics of alpine climate. Before departure, please familiarize yourself with the matters needing attention in the plateau and the common sense of self-rescue call for help, prepare plateau medicines, oxygen bags, warm clothes and other items needed in plateau in advance, pay attention to weather changes, and try to avoid strenuous exercise to ensure your travel safety.

To quickly apply for the “Border Pass” for you and others, please consciously queue up to maintain the order of the permit.

Finally, I wish you a pleasant journey!

Kashgar Border Management Detachment: