[Industry] “Return” becomes the missing paper version of the RV manual

The development of things will go through a process from scratch, and in the long process of development, some old and backward things or thinking are gradually replaced. In the process, those old but still useful paper instructions seem to be on the way to decline.

Instructions everywhere

People are inseparable from various daily necessities, electrical appliances and electronic products in their daily life. When purchasing a new product, understanding the function and usage of the product becomes the first step in contacting the product. The role of the printed manual is to help and guide users to understand and use new products, so its importance in the process of product use is self-evident. Translating the same principle to the field of RV, the paper version of the RV manual will also play a huge role in guiding users to use the RV.


At present, the domestic RV industry is developing rapidly, and the era of intelligence and informationization is also coming. Although users can enjoy the convenience brought by the digital age everywhere, many problems still need to be solved one-on-one, just like each model of each brand needs a paper manual for that model, Provide customers with vehicle use, maintenance, repair and other solutions. In 2018, the number of RVs in China exceeded 40,000, but Chinese people still know little about the specific use of RVs. Users may even be unclear about the brake fluid and differential oil replacement cycle of the RV after driving a RV for a long time, the function of the monitoring platform for the whole vehicle system, and why the RV air conditioner is overcooled or overheated during use The situation and so on… These questions need to consult the RV manual to find the answer.


Learn from barbarians

The RV culture in Europe and the United States is already very developed, and the RV manufacturing industry is also very mature. The RV manuals from mature industrialized enterprises do have a lot of content worth learning and studying. The electrical equipment, multimedia equipment, external configuration, camping interface, brake traction system, lighting, etc. in the RV, the use methods of these equipment and facilities must be indicated in the manual, so that users can obtain more accurate RV information. It is the responsibility and obligation of each RV manufacturer to present all the information related to the use of the RV to the RV users in a printed version of the paper manual.

difficulty and attitude

The domestic RV manufacturing industry is developing at a high speed, and the quantity and quality of RVs produced are also constantly improving. However, many RV manufacturers are trying their best to publish the paper version of the RV instruction manual, trying to pass the tedious and fragmented RV use knowledge in a very simple way, and some companies even cannot provide the paper version. version of the instruction manual. According to the interviews with some domestic RV manufacturers, 80% of the domestic RV companies are not equipped with manuals for the vehicles. Enterprises want to do it but lack unified standards and norms, so they have no way to start. Some RV companies will provide an electronic version of the user guide, while some companies will provide RV training when customers buy a car, provide basic guidance to RV users, and place RV usage videos on their official websites to provide customers with a more intuitive video format. Demonstrate how to use the caravan. Although these electronic or video versions of the instruction manual can also give users some guidance in use, when there are problems in the details of the use of the RV, who should I turn to for answers? We don’t know the answer to the question.



In fact, the importance of the manual is far from guiding users to use the product. The printed manual is not just an introduction to the product, but also a commitment and a protection made by the production company for the user. If we start from such a macro perspective, this problem becomes more prominent. The development of the times certainly needs to innovate, but many things and concepts that seem dull but really practical will never and should not decline.