It’s not just Godzilla that can make you scream

Recently, the long-awaited monster movie “Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters” is about to land in China. This news undoubtedly gave many long-awaited movie fans a booster. In fact, monster movies have never been absent on the big screen, but the audience’s enthusiasm for monster movies has never diminished. The reason is that many fans are attracted by the various virtual legendary animal characters in the film. From the tall and mighty monster shape, to the astonishing running speed, to the powerful force that erupts during the battle, the combination of various extraordinary skills makes the audience flock to become movie fans.

It's not just Godzilla that can make you scream

In fact, models with strong performance that are slightly “brutal” have always been the favorites of many consumers who focus on driving experience. There are also some such products in the current auto market, which are deeply loved by consumers due to their repressive performance advantages. 2019 The new Ford Maverick is a typical representative. With efficient acceleration performance, excellent handling performance and attractive market price, it has been regarded as the performance benchmark in the mid-level SUV market since its launch, and it is also difficult for other models of the same level to match.

Fierce momentum, the king’s posture is proud of the crowd

The 2019 Ford Maverick adopts the brand-new Ford family language design in terms of styling. The front face is full of tension. The unique honeycomb-shaped air intake grille with chrome-plated frame trim makes the front face have a brand-new stylish and technological design. Coupled with the unique shape of the two bright headlights, the whole vehicle is more aggressive, creating a square and majestic visual impression. Beautiful side body lines, simple and decent tail shape, the overall shape is stylish and smart, like a beast running on the road, with a domineering and exposed atmosphere, people can not help but be conquered by its temperament.

It's not just Godzilla that can make you scream

Strong power, always with the beast

The 2019 Maverick adopts the Ford EcoBoost star engine, which is also a representative of Ford’s new power technology. It has won various awards and is a frequent visitor to Ward’s top ten engines. Not only guarantees the surging power output, but also has excellent fuel economy performance.

It's not just Godzilla that can make you scream

The 2019 Ford Maverick is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine power system with a maximum power of 245 horsepower and a peak torque of 350 Nm/1750-4000 rpm. By using twin-scroll turbo technology, the intake efficiency is improved. Intervening in force earlier, the engine power response is faster, and it can output strong torque even at low speeds. It is matched with the SelectShiftTM 6-speed automatic manual transmission, and it can easily break through 100 in 7 seconds. When the accelerator is stepped on, the engine roars like a beast, which instantly brings the thrill of passionate driving, and fully feels the powerful explosive power that rivals can’t match.

Excellent control, win or lose the battle under control

The 2019 Ford Maverick not only has super power as the cornerstone of its competition, but its excellent handling performance is also an important reason why it has become the performance benchmark for mid-level SUVs. Ford has always been known for its sports genes and has a good reputation for driving fun. As an important member of the Ford SUV family, Maverick also inherits the pure Ford performance pedigree. It has a purely sporty chassis tuning, with a front MacPherson and rear multi-link four-wheel independent suspension structure, ensuring that the driver and passengers You can get a better sense of sports handling. At the same time, it is equipped with the AWD intelligent four-wheel drive system. During daily driving, the vehicle can automatically adjust and distribute power. With the rapid intervention of the electronic assistance system, it has excellent ability to escape from difficulties. It can perform well in different urban road conditions and confidently face all difficulties ahead.

It's not just Godzilla that can make you scream

From the inventory, the Ford Maverick, with its unique appearance, powerful powertrain, solid chassis suspension design and excellent vehicle tuning, has undoubtedly become the first choice for consumers who pursue driving performance. At the same time, the official price of 169,800 to 249,800 yuan gives the Ford Maverick a price advantage among products of the same level, and brings considerable competitive pressure to other models in the SUV segment. Don’t you support the strongest “performance monster” on the surface of the earth, which can bring consumers such a fast-paced driving pleasure and joyful handling fun?