“Lai” went to Lhasa to change his car and took his daughter to drive in Tibet for 21 days, a ten-year appointment (Part 1)

Editor’s note: My daughter is on vacation, so take her on a casual trip to see the outside world. She sighed that she was so small and great in the world, and slowly began to think about life. Life is a journey, my daughter wishes you to experience the most beautiful scenery along the way!

Part1: write in front

My daughter is on vacation, so I took her on a walk-and-go trip to see the scenery outside.

Throughout the ups and downs, she felt the risks she couldn’t meet, and saw different people and scenery, all of which made her learn to be tolerant.

The sky is high, the ground is wide, and the wind is light and the clouds are calm. These will unconsciously enhance her temperament, mind, height and insight.

She sighed that she was so small and great in the world, and slowly began to think about life.

Along the way, every time she came to a scenery, she couldn’t help singing, walking in the rain alone, talking to herself alone, and silently staring in a daze alone. Everything was beautifying her heart, and she began to learn to get along with herself and learn to love herself. Hug affectionately with nature, learn to live in harmony with all things in the world, look at the scenery, listen to your heart, and explore the future of life!

Life is a journey, my daughter wishes you to experience the most beautiful scenery along the way!

Part2: Early preparation

My daughter will take the senior high school entrance examination on June 11 this year, and I have been preparing for a self-driving trip to Tibet since before my daughter’s examination.

Route selection: The original route was Laiwu-Xi’an-Chengdu, and we took 318 to enter Tibet; during the period, we communicated with several friends of the cross-country e family several times, and finally determined the route as: Laiwu-Huangguoshu, Guizhou-Lijiang, Yunnan-Tibet Lhasa, The south line enters the north line and exits, and the estimated journey is about 20 days.

Vehicle selection: When I first had the idea of ​​self-driving in Tibet, my friends suggested Prado, JEEP and other off-road vehicles. I also considered many vehicles and referred to many off-road e-family self-driving tour cases. There is a strong desire to refit the box trucks into Tibet. Finally, the vehicle to enter Tibet was selected: Times Yuling.

Vehicle modification: After deciding to enter the Tibetan car, I wanted to install a bed in the box, and then added lockers, writing desks, etc.

There are more preparations in the early stage, as shown in the picture above:

A road map drawn up before departure,

Laiwu, Shandong – Lhasa, Tibet,

Passing Huangguoshu Waterfall, Lijiang, Yunnan

Life should have a sense of ritual,

Self-designed car stickers of “Ten Years’ Agreement” and “Lai to Lhasa”.

In order to meet the needs during the period of entering Tibet, we are planning to retrofit the box truck, mainly adding beds and lockers.

Refer to many RV self-driving modification cases of off-road e family,

Carry out interior dimension measurement before refitting,

Draw a picture roughly according to the preliminary idea.

Modification renderings come out

During the modification process, adjustments were made according to the actual situation.

Finally, the modification plan was determined.

Including beds (upper and lower floors), lockers, writing desks

After modification, the rear view of the car,

It still doesn’t feel like enough, it’s already full

The upper and lower layers of beds in the carriage,

The underside of the bed can also be used for storage

Additional spare battery

Guess what this is? LPG stove

Part3: The trip begins

On June 19th, Laiwu~Fangcheng; mileage: 699 kilometers; route: Rilan Expressway-Lannan Expressway; overnight at Fangcheng Expressway service area.

Preparations started at 7:00 am, and it was not until after 11:00 pm that I was able to go out smoothly

Originally planned to arrive in Zhangjiajie around 10 am to 12 am, but the departure time yesterday was too late, and it rained heavily in Henan last night. My girl was worried about driving safety and suggested resting in advance, so our trip was postponed a few days later than the original plan Hours.

Last night, I stayed in the service area of ​​Henan Fangfang City. In the first half of the night, the weather was extremely hot. Well, the family of three was tossing and turning in the carriage of about 3 square meters, and it was difficult to fall asleep. Then I opened the right and rear doors. Open them all up, and the sticky mosquito nets purchased online will come in handy.

The indoor ventilation is better, and I gradually feel drowsy, but the entire service area is full of people and cars, and it hasn’t stopped all night. The quality of sleep is not very good, and it’s the first day I just went out. I haven’t resumed the habit of traveling, and I’m basically in a state of confusion, especially the child’s mother, who seems to be on the verge of collapse.

Until the middle of the night, around 1 o’clock, it finally started to rain heavily outside, and the temperature seemed to have dropped a lot, but it didn’t have much effect on the small indoor space, and it was still necessary to open the door to sleep.

In the middle of the night, I remembered the sausages hanging outside, so I hurriedly braved the rain to bring the sausages indoors. This is my appetizer, and there is Kuanhai in the car!

Traveling abroad, there is an important partner who arrived as scheduled last night, without any warning, quietly came to our side, kissed our body tenderly, and abused our nerves~ Fuck, there is Mosquito!

Fortunately, it has been prepared for a long time, and the coiled mosquito coil is added with an iron box. Don’t underestimate this iron box. It is a guarantee of safety in a small space, preventing the incense ash from falling and causing the items to burn!

Finally, I fell asleep in a daze, and woke up in a daze!

It was still raining, and I suddenly felt that it would be better to have no plan, enjoy the life that slows down, and maybe there will be unexpected gains!

The starting point of this trip is Laiwu, Shandong (now known as Laiwu District, Jinan City), from Laiwu to the West Expressway. With a wave of my daughter’s little hand, the trip began.

The wine sent by my good brother before I got on the highway

(Kuanhai craft brewing, Laiwu people’s own wine,

The taste is far superior to Tsingtao Beer Yanjing Harbin Beer)

In the afternoon, the weather turned cloudy and it seemed that it was going to rain

(I don’t know if it’s raining in Shandong, it’s a severe drought this year)

At the junction of Luxi and Henan,

endless wheat field

I originally planned to stop in Zhangjiajie tonight,

Due to the late departure and the heavy rain in Henan,

Tonight I will sleep in the Fangcheng service area

On the first day, driving 700 kilometers, give a praise

In the evening, set the little table, open the beer,

Sausages, duck eggs, the breeze is blowing, cool!

On June 20th, at 5:30 in the morning, continue to set off and take a picture of a small flower.

On June 20th, Fangcheng Service Area ~ Fenghuang Ancient Town.

Mileage: 853 kilometers

Via Lannan Expressway-Erguang Expressway-Hangrui Expressway

Overnight in Fenghuang Ancient City

After spending more than 12 hours and traveling more than 800 kilometers, we finally arrived at Fenghuang Ancient Town! The hard work during this period almost broke me!

Of course, the ending is happy!

At this moment, I am sitting on the stilted building, drinking Kuanhai, looking at the scenery outside the window, waiting for the last light to go out~

For Hunan, I have some different feelings!

Because in the winter of 26 years ago, I joined the army from Shandong and came to Hunan, my second hometown. Here, I spent the best years of my life and left the best memories!

After a day’s long journey,

In the afternoon, arrive at the ancient city of Fenghuang in western Hunan, a 4A-level scenic spot

It was once called one of the most beautiful small towns in China by the New Zealand writer Rewi Alley. The bluestone streets in the city and the wooden stilted buildings by the river are really beautiful.

After days of heavy rain, the river in the ancient city turned into the Yellow River

Stay at homestay tonight! Internet dating?

The kind we don’t meet,

Wake you up every day, say goodnight to you

The environment is terrible.

For you, I have been waiting for thousands of years, thousands of years!

The ancient city in the evening is still beautiful

Take random photos, the photos are not as beautiful as in reality

The rain stopped for less than an hour,

it’s raining again

9:00 p.m., ready to go back to the hotel to rest

The journey continues.

The journey continues, there are not many cars on the highway, and the scenery is getting better and better

Cool Guizhou, here we come

Tongren Daxing Toll Station, Guizhou

At 12:00 in the morning, it started to rain again, pouring rain!

Heavy rain and fog, visibility 100 meters, speed 50 per hour

Taking a picture in the heavy rain, it feels very artistic

The scenery is very good, the air is very good, where is this?

We dare not say, we dare not ask

2000 kilometers, here is a close-up, awesome!

I feel like there is rain wherever I go,

rest here today

Overnight in Dragon Palace service area,

Tomorrow you can see the Huangguoshu Waterfall

The air is fresh, rest for one night, continue to set off tomorrow

It set off on June 19 and arrived in Anshun, Guizhou on June 23. It has traveled 2,000 kilometers and is still 2,775 kilometers away from Lhasa.

Regarding fuel consumption, the average fuel consumption is about 0.5 yuan per kilometer. Adding about 170 yuan of fuel can run 340 kilometers. If the car is empty, the fuel consumption will be more, because we have added a lot of beds, charcoal and our luggage. It is estimated that it should be running under load now, so the fuel consumption is a little higher than normal. Son.

Someone called me last night: Look at you, you are so old, you are driving such a broken car, and you are still pulling your girl, running so far, what are you planning? I want to tell you: Although I can’t accompany my daughter to read thousands of books, I can travel thousands of miles with her!

Travel Diary—Huangguoshu Waterfall

On June 23, after resting in the Dragon Palace service area, the journey continued.

The rain has been falling, but the pace of travel cannot be stopped. Go to the next stop, Huangguoshu Waterfall!

Driving, driving, I drive non-stop~ The navigation shows that it takes seven hours to drive, and my car may take nearly eight hours, plus eating and so on, it will take longer~ plus this terrible weather!

Rain God, what is Rain God?

It’s raining wherever you go!

Huangguoshu Waterfall, I won’t introduce it here, it’s a spectacle!

However, you need to make an appointment in advance to buy tickets, because you don’t know, and you will buy high-priced tickets in the end!

great news

Offer discounts for out-of-provinces!

Big Qingdao people are free! free! free!

A beautiful photo of Lao Liu opens the chapter

Huangguoshu Waterfall, one of the world famous waterfalls

Get closer, and you can already hear the sound of thunder

A masterpiece of nature, the bead curtain hook is not curled, and the flying practice hangs on the remote peak

Beautiful, ready to use it as a screen saver

take another angle

guess where this was filmed


Just take a picture of a green leaf, the air is so good

I really envy my friends who live in the mountains

The enthusiasm baptized by Huangguoshu Waterfall led us to decide to leave early!

Before leaving, I found a place to have a good meal. I found a hotel on the outskirts of the scenic spot and prepared to order food. Our eardrums began to be “baptized” helplessly. A former tour guide who had received leaders and now the boss started chattering Introduce, introduce myself, introduce the food, and in the end, I gave up the huge one under his fierce gaze, and chose a small and exquisite fish as our lunch!

Complacent, I still couldn’t stand the boss’s enthusiastic recommendation. I ordered two green vegetables that the boss described as a huge portion, but the fact is that I slapped my face and got a huge hole!

After paying, Lao Liu got angry and left him a small gift—an abandoned liquefied gas tank! (see below for details)

After lunch, I consulted the kind boss, drove to the vegetable market, and prepared to refill the liquefied petroleum gas. I found that they did not refill, but only replaced it! I confidently took out my 20-year-old, rusty liquefied gas tank, and said loudly: Boss, change it!

The boss carefully looked at my liquefied gas tank, raised his head, and looked at the advertisement on my car body. At that moment, Lao Liu especially straightened his waist. As a result, the boss asked me with a look of foolishness: “You Sure? Using the broken tank produced in 1999, driving this broken car to Tibet?

Lao Liu’s confidence was instantly lacking, and he asked weakly: “Isn’t it suitable?”

“Whether there is a problem with the car, I don’t know, there must be something wrong with this broken tank!”

How to do? Change!

Lao Liu is soft and hard, and he is short of giving him a hug. The price is 200 yuan! Nothing less!

Angry old Liu, just took the old gas tank away, don’t give Lao Liu cheap, and the broken guy won’t give it to you! I will send it directly to the kind boss~

Leaving Huangguoshu and going straight to Dali, God started to take care of me again, it was raining~~~

Lao Liu is absolutely the god of rain. When writing this text, it is raining again in Lijiang~

Because of the rain, we can’t afford to be hurt~~ We got off track, because of the rain, we decided to continue camping at the service station~

Hey~Hi~Black Soil Factory Service Area

The biggest advantage of the high-speed service area is: as long as you have a thick skin and enough hot and cold water pipes, no one cares about you when you take a shower!

Save money and be safe!

On the 23rd, the whole day was like this. I spent a happy time. Although I brought a lot of items, I have never had a chance to cook by myself.

It’s raining! The best thing is to be cool! Cool! Cool!

Travel Diary—Lijiang

What exactly is travel?

Why travel?

I was reflecting on myself today and really have no answer!

As my comrade-in-arms said: My actions are always different!

Or it is popularized on the Internet: there is always one body and soul on the way!

Or: either study or travel!

This is not the answer I want!

Today, I heard a person from a child born in the 90s, my peers, heard about an Internet celebrity check-in place ~ Dabing’s Hut, full of curiosity, and decided to go and find out! Only then did I start to get in touch with Dabing’s hut and Dabing’s book, and it turns out that there is such a person! (details)

The title of God of Rain will be with me all the way. Lijiang has been raining for two whole days without stopping for a moment, and the ambient lights of the scenic spot have been turned off a lot because of this!

At noon, I walked slowly in the rain alone. At this moment, the ancient city has not yet entered the most noisy moment. From the big stone bridge to the top of the mountain, the sparse flow of people passed me from time to time, and the more I went up, the quieter it was. , quiet people want to stop!

On the sightseeing platform on the top of the mountain, a boy’s deep voice and familiar melody attracted me to go through the hall~

On the way to Lijiang, come to have an afternoon tea

A close-up of my old buddy “BMW”

Suddenly found that the scenery inside the car is not bad~~

After 5 days of traveling, I finally saw the sun once, so I quickly dried my shoes

The scenery is infinitely good, no need for superb photography skills

beauty beyond words

I’m out of words!


favorite baby girl

Going to Lijiang Old Town, I took it casually

Magnificent, it was built at the end of Song Dynasty and the beginning of Yuan Dynasty

Lao Liu likes to take pictures of architecture

“Big Bing’s Hut”, the place where Internet celebrities check in,

I’m waiting for you in Lijiang

The seasons are like spring,

Please accept the envy of a northerner

Xiaoqiao Liushui people

It doesn’t feel like it’s summer at all,

Listen to the friends in Laiwu say,

The temperature at home is 36 degrees now

beauty with beauty

One more piece

Unique folk performances in Lijiang Old Town


I sent you a postcard in Lijiang

Lijiang night, a different kind of beauty

Another one for my baby girl

This inn has a good name

I’ve been shopping all day, I’m going to sleep well tonight

This is the first time to post a self-driving travel post on off-road e-family, thank you very much for your attention and support!

Due to the stress of the journey, I cannot reply to everyone’s messages one by one. I would like to express my apologies to friends who follow Lao Liu.

After two days of rest in Lijiang, I am ready to go to Tibet~~~

Insert a piece here~Why live in the service area? One word ~ ​​save money!

Lai to Lhasa, to be continued (will be updated from time to time)