Light and shadow interactive products are popular Another immersive entertainment company plans to expand nationwide

The headquarters of Hangzhou Tianmai is located in Hangzhou Creative Design Center, a park quite similar to Beijing 798 Art Center. The rich artistic atmosphere is the most intuitive feeling for visitors. The companies working here are more or less related to art.

As a technology-based enterprise that has been deeply involved in the smart culture and tourism industry for many years, Hangzhou Tianmai has entered the field of light, shadow and holography since 2017, hoping to connect tourism, culture and art with technology, and create an immersive interactive experience space through light and shadow interactive technology , to give tourists a different viewing experience from the past.

The story of getting involved in the field of light and shadow starts from the Hangzhou Station of TeamLab Future Amusement Park in 2017 .

Get in touch with TeamLab Future Amusement Park

TeamLab Future Amusement Park comes from the Japanese new media art group TeamLab, a team composed of hundreds of people from different fields such as programmers, mathematicians, CG animators, and musicians.

In 2017, TeamLab debuted in Beijing for the first time. The theme exhibition called “Flower Dance Forest and Future Amusement Park” caught the eyes of many people. Many young people came to experience it, and the number of visitors reached 300,000.

The most popular work in the exhibition is “Flower Forest, Lost and Immersed”, which presents a virtual sea of ​​flowers in a black mirror space. Sunflowers, cherry blossoms, peonies and other flowers will bloom, gather and wither with the movement of people.

Light and shadow interactive products are popular Another immersive entertainment company plans to expand nationwide

Flower Forest, Lost and Immersed

Light and shadow interactive products are popular Another immersive entertainment company plans to expand nationwide

Teamlab Future Amusement Park Hangzhou Station

Hangzhou Tianmai has sensed business opportunities. At the end of 2017, Hangzhou Tianmai established a holding subsidiary, Ogilvy, and spent tens of millions of dollars to bring the Teamlab future amusement park to Hangzhou and Nanjing. The market feedback was very good. Hangzhou Tianmai founder and chairman Lv Jianbiao felt that this new art form There is a market in China, but if it wants to land in a scenic spot, it needs to be combined with the local culture , so it started to develop its own product—Wonderland Paradise.

Emerging prototypes of self-owned products

After half a year of preparation, the first wonderland project independently built by Hangzhou Tianmai opened in Anji Hellokitty Theme Park on July 1, 2018. The temporary exhibition of the wonderland will last for more than three months, using projection technology and somatosensory technology , AR technology, etc. have created many fantasy scenes, such as the “wonderland sand pool” where small fish, crabs and turtles swim, and the “magic slide” where flowers can bloom.

Light and shadow interactive products are popular Another immersive entertainment company plans to expand nationwide


Although it was inspired by Teamlab Future Amusement Park, Lu Jianbiao said that Wonderland Park is different from Teamlab Future Amusement Park in many ways. It has enhanced playability and interactivity, and is more suitable for the parent-child market.

According to the actual operating data, the basic cost can be recovered within five months of operation , and we are currently preparing for continuous implementation across the country.” Lu Jianbiao said.

In addition to Wonderland Paradise, Hangzhou Tianmai’s “Wonderland Family” is also constantly expanding. At present, Hangzhou Tianmai owns parent-child light and shadow interactive brands Wonderland, Wonderland Ocean, and a holographic theater suitable for stage performances. Among them, Wonderland Ocean is a series of scene technology products with the theme of the ocean, which also relies on technologies such as interactive projection and human body sensing. Holographic theater performances use holographic technology to perform performances or “shows”, and reproduce the difficult-to-distinguish performance scenes on the holographic imaging medium by means of projection or LED.

Light and shadow interactive products are popular Another immersive entertainment company plans to expand nationwide

Wonderland Ocean

In addition, Hangzhou Tianmai is also customizing the upgrade of experience projects for scenic spots. For example, the Cherry Blossom Avenue in the “Landmark of Love” Five Girls Theme Park in Xitang uses “human body sensing + ground light and shadow interaction + projection splicing and fusion” and so on. “Black technology”, stepping into it, thousands of cherry blossoms are competing to bloom, gurgling water meanders under the feet, and the petals follow along with the footsteps. 

Light and shadow interactive products are popular Another immersive entertainment company plans to expand nationwide

Xitang Cherry Blossom Avenue

According to Lu Jianbiao, the capital investment of Wonderland Paradise is about 3 million yuan, and the cost can be recovered in 5-7 months. The holographic theater has a relatively large investment, starting at 10 million yuan, and it takes about 2 years to recover the cost, but the follow-up operation cost is relatively low, about no more than 2 million yuan per year, which is not the same as the cost of maintaining a performing arts team. not tall.

Before 2018, Hangzhou Tianmai had only two businesses, one was the smart cultural tourism business that provided intelligent systems and platforms for tourist destinations, and the other was the cultural tourism marketing business that provided operation and promotion services for tourist destinations. Today, the proportion of light and shadow interactive product projects in the company’s total revenue is increasing, which is close to 40%, second only to the smart cultural tourism business sector that has been developed for nearly 10 years, and will become the most promising growth of Hangzhou Tianmai in the future. point.

Take the asset-light model of content output

Through the two projects of TeamLab Future Amusement Park and Wonderland Park, Lu Jianbiao has a relatively clear understanding of the market environment and operation mode of immersive interactive experience products.

Although this is an emerging market, there is never a shortage of competitors, whether they are visible or invisible. Lu Jianbiao believes that the core competitiveness of immersive experience products lies in content creativity. To gain a leading edge, you need to combine local Culture digs deep into the content, so as to perfectly combine culture + technology . In the past two years, Hangzhou Tianmai has invested millions of yuan in creative content research and development every year.

When talking about the cooperation model of other light and shadow interactive projects such as Wonderland Paradise, Lu Jianbiao said that projects such as Wonderland Paradise are composed of multiple sub-projects, and partners can split and combine according to the needs of the scenic spot itself, and customize it in combination with the culture of the scenic spot design. In terms of investment, the partner can purchase separately or jointly invest after the evaluation. Hangzhou Tianmaifang focuses on product R&D, design and upgrading, and the partner is responsible for the site, equipment and post-operation. Both parties share benefits and risks .

Lv Jianbiao said that this year will focus on the customization of scenic spots and the creation of its own IP wonderland park. These projects can not only enrich the product form of scenic spots, but also stimulate the night tour economy of scenic spots, because the interactive products of light and shadow are better at night. Similar to the outdoor project of Cherry Blossom Avenue in Xitang Ancient Town, it is especially suitable for viewing experience at night.

The “Night Tourism Market Data Report 2019” shows that the average stay time of domestic tourists is 3 days, and the per capita night tour stay time is 2.03 nights. The market demand for night tours is broad and the market potential is huge. In this context, immersive interactive experience products will usher in great opportunities for development.