[One-week overview] Know the world affairs of the cultural travel industry

New developments in camping and cultural tourism

SAIC MAXUS RV once again joins hands with LINE FRIENDS RV Adventures to start the parade of the magic city

What will happen when the Internet celebrity cartoon image meets the Internet celebrity RV? SAIC Maxus RV is continuing to tell us the answer with a series of activities. LINE FRIENDS is a cartoon emoticon in the chat software “LINE”. It is popular among young people for its cute and unique image design (such as Brown Bear, Connie Rabbit, Sally, James, Mantouren, etc.), and it is an IP consumer product. typical representative. SAIC MAXUS RV has always been known as the No. 1 brand of RV in China. It not only has excellent original quality products and warm travel services, but also achieves the ultimate in cross-border marketing. On the basis of unanimous praise from the previous June 1 cross-border activities, this time SAIC MAXUS RV teamed up with LINE FRIENDS again to present a feast of love and joy to all friends in Shanghai.

[One-week overview] Know the world affairs of the cultural travel industry

It is a new attempt of SAIC MAXUS RV to shape the RV into a socialized and scene-oriented IP, and through the expression of a variety of new lifestyles, to make the vision of “bring home and set off for a better life” within reach. With an inclusive and open mind, and with innovative means and methods, multiple marketing activities have been built into a comprehensive cultural concept integrating tourism, parent-child, entertainment, food and other elements, and the operation of “IP” continues to It has become an important direction for the development of SAIC MAXUS to make more people contact, understand and love RVs.

Shanghai Disneyland and others will implement the “height and age considerations” children’s free ticket rule

On the afternoon of June 24, the Yangtze River Delta Consumer Protection Committee Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the “Alliance”) held a press conference on the joint consumption survey results of children’s ticket-free rules for major attractions, advocating that children’s ticket-free rules be implemented in scenic spots in the region, taking into account both height and age. This initiative has received positive responses from more than 200 scenic spot companies including Shanghai Tower, Shanghai Disneyland, Jiangsu Zhouzhuang Ancient Town, Wuxi Lingshan Scenic Area, Zhejiang Xixi Wetland, Hangzhou Oriental Cultural Park, Anhui Xidi Scenic Area, and Anhui Huangshan Scenic Area.

[One-week overview] Know the world affairs of the cultural travel industry

In order to listen to consumers’ opinions and suggestions on children’s free tickets for scenic spots, members of the alliance simultaneously carried out online consumer surveys. The results showed that 22.5% of consumers said that the rules for children’s free tickets at scenic spots were not clearly stated and were not clear enough; 19.3% of consumers said that the rules for free tickets were quite different; 50.1% of consumers said that the height limit for free tickets did not meet the actual situation. At the same time, 27.6% of consumers believe that the rules for free tickets for children should be based on age, and 63.9% of consumers believe that if one of the two meets one, they can be exempted. The practice of taking height into account and taking age as the standard has been recognized by the vast majority of consumers.

Beijing Universal Theme Park Resort

The landscape water system will be completed next year

As the opening date of Beijing Universal Theme Park Resort approaches, various projects related to the park are also advancing rapidly. On June 27, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily learned from the official WeChat account of Beijing City Sub-center that the landscape water system project of Beijing Universal Theme Park Resort (hereinafter referred to as “landscape water system”) has been approved and is expected to be completed by 2020. 

It is understood that the landscape water system project of the resort is located in the sub-center cultural tourism area of ​​the city. It starts from Jiukeshu Middle Road in the west and ends at the West Side Road of the East Sixth Ring Road in the east. square meters (about 326 mu), the water level is about 20 meters, the water surface width is 26-100 meters, and the water storage capacity is 310,000 cubic meters.

[One-week overview] Know the world affairs of the cultural travel industry

After the project is completed, the Universal Theme Park Resort will be divided into four areas, forming eight major attractions. Four of them are Qianshuitang Scenic Area, Chunhua Valley Scenic Area, Happy Bank Scenic Area and Golden Harbor Scenic Area. According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the water source of the landscape water system is jointly guaranteed by the Tongzhou Zhangjiawan Recycled Water Plant and the Clearwater Recycled Water Plant. At the same time, the newly built reclaimed water advanced treatment station will also play a role in the water supply of the scenic water system. In terms of water quality, secondary regenerated water purification and circulating water purification will be used to meet the water quality standard requirements; most indicators will meet the requirements of nearly four types of surface water, and some indicators will reach three types, meeting the requirements for direct contact with the human body.

The peak of summer tourism is expected to appear in mid-July, and theme parks gather to open for customers

The summer vacation is approaching, and the peak travel season with the longest duration and the largest passenger flow in a year is coming. Major travel agencies, tourist destinations, and scenic spots have launched a summer marketing “campaign”. 

Similar to previous years, subdivided needs such as parent-child travel, study tours, and summer vacation travel are still the main force supporting the peak summer travel season. According to data from several OTAs, there are two rounds of peak travel bookings throughout the summer vacation. The first wave of travel peaks comes immediately after the college entrance examination. The “leave after the exam” group and the “university graduation travel” group jointly promote consumer demand; The peak of wave travel is expected to appear from mid-to-late July to early August, and the number of tourists received by popular tourist attractions and tourist destinations across the country will reach a peak level. The theme park has undoubtedly been a hot spot since 2018.

At present, the whole country is increasing the construction of theme parks and cultural tourism cities. From 2019 to 2020, there will be a wave of concentrated openings.

[One-week overview] Know the world affairs of the cultural travel industry

For theme parks, gaming and competition are inevitable in a limited source market, and the competition pattern in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta has been relatively fixed. In the Pearl River Delta region where theme parks are crowded, there are large theme parks such as Guangzhou Chimelong, Zhuhai Chimelong, and Hong Kong Disneyland. In the Yangtze River Delta region, there are also Changzhou Dinosaur Park, Shanghai Happy Valley, Ningbo Huaqiang Fantawild and others gathered together to compete for tourists. 

Judging from the trend of the parks planned to open in 2019, there is a trend of differentiation in terms of geographical area selection and form. Although there are still many parks in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions, there are also some projects in central cities such as Nanchang, Wuhan, Jingzhou, Changsha, etc., and the proportion of second- and third-tier cities is relatively large, and there are many small indoor theme parks.

2019-2020 Asia Outdoor tour plan released

Mr. Li Yangjun, the general manager and CEO of Nanjing Yuanya International Exhibition Co., Ltd., released the 2019-2020 Asian Outdoor Exhibition National Tour Plan at the Asian Outdoor Summit Forum, and introduced in detail how the Asian Outdoor Exhibition continued to break through itself throughout the year. The exhibition is a platform for continuous innovation on the basis of inheritance.

Mr. Li Yangjun first analyzed why the Asia Outdoor Exhibition should go out of Nanjing from 2019 to 2020, and go on a national tour. The outdoor industry has been deeply involved in the outdoor industry for many years, and the outdoor industry has been undergoing tremendous changes. With the development of the Internet economy, sales channels, marketing promotion methods, and some consumption habits of consumers including enthusiasts have undergone tremendous changes.

[One-week overview] Know the world affairs of the cultural travel industry

As a B2B exhibition for 14 years, Asia Outdoor is facing some of the same challenges. But it’s also an opportunity.

Not only on the brand, but also on the service agencies of many activities. Asia Outdoor is willing to provide a platform for everyone to display and communicate with trade. Participation methods are also more diverse. In addition to booths, there are carnival brand islands, pop-up stores, and advertising sponsorships. Asia Expo welcomes everyone to create more small IPs under the big IP.

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