SS4 Ulaanbaatar ring stage Manzi swept the top three in the truck group

The fourth stage of the Silk Road Rally is a circular stage around Ulaanbaatar. The start and end of the stage are located 3.5 kilometers away from the camp. In this stage, the drivers ushered in a special stage of 470.19 kilometers, which is also the longest special stage in this competition. River beds, gravel, plateaus, salt lakes and endless grasslands are all kinds of roads that drivers need to challenge. The picturesque grassland scenery along the way is a benefit for drivers to strive forward. As the longest special stage, the results of this stage are crucial to the overall ranking. The navigation of the leader and the speed of the driver are the two keys that are indispensable for the decisive victory.

SS4 Ulaanbaatar ring stage Manzi swept the top three in the truck group

In the car group, due to the mixed start of cars and trucks today, car drivers need to pay attention to the speeding trucks in the stage while driving at high speed. The famous Qatari player Attiya once again showed his extraordinary stability and speed. He won the Silk Road Rally stage championship for the fourth time and took another crucial step towards the ninth championship of the car group. The dark horse of this stage is the driver from the Netherlands, Van Luen. He started in 8th place and kept catching up all the way. Although he suffered a puncture, he finally finished the race in second place in the car group. Chinese driver Liu Kun continued his excellent performance in the first three stages, ranking third in the car group behind Van Luen with only 1 minute and 18 seconds.

The Chinese riders still showed outstanding performance in this stage, and the complex terrain and the length of the stage did not hinder their speed. In addition to Liu Kun who ranked third in the car group, Zi Rong, Zi Yungang, Han Wei, Sun Ping, and Zhang Ming also ranked among the top ten in the stage, and once again occupied six of the top ten places in the special stage. After the race, Liu Kun said: “I ran very smoothly today without any problems. The track is not very difficult, but driving on the grass is slippery, and the requirements for the tires are high. I have also seen many other drivers have tire problems. .I like the Mongolian track very much. The endless grassland is very beautiful. Tomorrow’s goal is to keep the second position. While ensuring safety, I will try my best to win steadily!”

The motorcycle group started the first marathon stage today. After the race, all motorcycles will be driven into the closed parking area, and no logistics and maintenance will be allowed. In today’s game, the famous British player Sam Sunderland continued to play well, leading Benavid to win the stage by 3 minutes and 46 seconds. Spanish driver Juan Barred finished third in the stage with a gap of 4 minutes and 57 seconds. In the overall score list, the top three rankings of today’s stage are also the overall score rankings. Tomorrow, the fifth stage will usher in the second marathon stage of the motorcycle group, which will have an important impact on the ranking of the motorcycle group.

SS4 Ulaanbaatar ring stage Manzi swept the top three in the truck group

In the truck category, the fierce championship battle unfolded among the Manz team. In the SS3 stage, Manzi team driver Viazovic, who won the third place, once again won the SS4 stage championship in one go, leading the second place and the dark horse driver Vaslovs from the Manzi team by 8 minutes and 46 seconds. The third place is still the Manzi team, the driver is Vishinoski from Belarus. After the end of the four special stages, Viazovic led the two Kamaz drivers with an advantage of 18 minutes and 36 seconds, temporarily ranking first in the truck group.

Tomorrow’s stage

Total length of road section: 364.59 km

Special stage: 337 km

75% gravel section; 25% gravel section

Stage 5: A date with Stone Road

Stage 5 is a typical Mongolian track: mountain roads, grasslands, off-road sections and parallel sections. There must be no slack in navigation, otherwise it may cause huge losses. The stage spans tourist areas, monuments and caves. After a high-temperature stage, the track enters the mountainous area, and the driver and the leader will compete at high speed on a plateau at an altitude of 1,600 meters.