“Rain and Grassland” – the eye of the storm, rain curtain, strong convective clouds, cumulonimbus, neon, appreciate the extraordinary beauty!

Go to the prairie, we are often willing to avoid rainy days. But because of work, I stopped at the Gongbaolage Grassland of Taipu Temple for many times. After sorting out the photos, I suddenly found that the photos of these rainy days that I encountered by chance were gathered together to describe an unusual beauty.

For example, this photo was taken in Bao Enben, the “Tianrong Ecological” ranch in Gongbolage. It was sunset, the rain had just lived, and a full rainbow spanned the pasture. This is actually not uncommon on the grasslands. The field of view on the grassland is very wide, and the oblique sunlight after the rain can easily reach the angle of refracting the rainbow and present it in front of your eyes.

After seeing it many times, I feel that it is not fantastic, but it is really, really beautiful!

Brewing begins with such a strong convective cloud layer. The rising white clouds and the dark gray water-filled rain clouds are crossing and rolling. Although the sky is blue in the distance, a shower is coming soon.

From the top of the yurt in the inn where we live, we can see the bulging clouds!

Then the rain clouds rolled in, with obvious water vapor. The clouds on the pasture on the opposite side are gradually graying, and the layers are layered on the top, which is quite ink-like!

The Eye of the Storm——This is the eye of the storm shot in Yuanshang Rainbow’s yard. The ink clouds are billowing, and the strong wind makes people unable to stand still. The sky is performing a tense scene before the climax. The more the weather is like this, on the contrary, I saw a lot of guests in the inn running out to take pictures with their hats and necklines covered. Also, who can see such a skyline all the time? The sky was rumbling, and those who took pictures with their mobile phones hurriedly asked the boss, and replied, “There is a lightning rod!” This nervousness is also an interesting experience. Immediately afterwards, the torrential rain poured heavily.

Because the field of view is extremely wide, we can see the direction of the rain clouds at any time and observe the location of the rain. These huge rain screens at different times and locations form an unusual aesthetic feeling.

This is the rain curtain on the hillside behind the Yuanshang Rainbow Inn where we stayed. Just when the sun was setting, the whole rain curtain was dyed deep red, and it was breathtakingly beautiful with the flame-like sunset glow in the sky.

This is the afternoon rain on the distant hills of Bunburn Ranch and the huge cloud cover exclusively above it.

When the heavy rain stopped, the dark clouds parted, and the rainbow fell on the pasture, the shepherd rode his horse and his flock, and came from the other side of the rainbow… You will feel that all the wind and rain are really worth it!

At this time, looking back at the western sky on the other side of the rainbow, most of them are such brilliant golden light shining with clouds! It was getting dark, and Bao Enben’s yurt and the shepherd’s home gradually disappeared in the tranquility after the cattle and sheep returned to the pen.

There were also times, actually just one time, when I was on the pasture, there was a sudden rain, and before I had time to run back, when I looked back, I saw rain at one end and sunshine at the other end. There is a broken rainbow in the rain, and white clouds roll in the sunny day. It is also a rare sight.

The morning after the rain will be particularly clear and moist. The rain and fog still linger in the small village of Baunben where we live, and the hills behind the village are covered. Grass will have a special fragrance. The wind also carries a fresh breath. Of all those prairie mornings, I think the one after the rain is the most comfortable.

Of course there is also a kind of rain, which moistens things almost silently. They shroud the grassland as thin as fog, making the mountain cones and red grass beaches in front of you hazy.

When the rain started to fall, the guide of the original rainbow took us into the Malagai Temple. This is a Tibetan Buddhist temple in Taipusi Banner. It is very small and no one is seen. Watching the rain wet the walls and windows of the monk’s room made me feel an indescribable beauty of silence.

The censer in the Malagai Temple, and the spider webs of raindrops hanging in the drizzle, make people feel that Buddha is telling stories.

Back at the inn, the Gesang flowers planted in the yard were soaked with rainwater, the color of the flowers became more intense, and the raindrops were about to drop.

I especially like after the rain, or when the setting sun illuminates the earth from the rain clouds, turning it into golden red for Bao Enben.

Or such a red cloudy day when the rain curtain is about to rest.

As the sky continued to darken, the crimson clouds over the roof of the inn slowly extinguished, and the crimson rain curtain also revealed black, giving off an awe-inspiring and heavy aura.

There is a lot of torrential rain on the grassland, and there is often considerable precipitation in a dozen or tens of minutes. It’s just that the grassland is sandy, and the water storage capacity is weak, so the water loss is relatively fast. It was after a shower and the yard where we lived was already watery.

Sometimes the rain does not start, and layers of clouds can be seen in the dark night, forming colorful clouds chasing the moon, which is a prelude to rain. At such a time, watching an open-air movie in the courtyard of Yuanshang Rainbow – Mongolian, is really full of grassland feelings.

The rain hitting the flower branches is also a kind of beauty!

It is also very beautiful to catch up with the bonfire party. The dance of the Mongolian girl is really amazing!

In the rain, those Gesang flowers planted in the yard of the original Shanghong Inn.

Remember that when it rains, the temperature can drop by 10 degrees at once, and the temperature feels cold.

After the rain, there is a particularly fragrant smell on the grass, which is probably what “Fangcao” means.

Another time, when it wasn’t raining, a rainbow appeared in midair!

The moment when the flock of sheep just emerged from the pasture on the other side of the rainbow is simply touching!

Looking at the rainy grassland from the top of Aobao Mountain in Malagai Temple.

Habitually looking forward to the blue sky and white clouds, I found that the rain is also very beautiful.

I miss the grassland in the rain and like the strong convective weather!