“RV Evaluation” Low-key appearance, fiery heart, this RV is really “earthy”

What kind of RV do you like?

Note that the answer to this question is not the same as “what kind of RV should you like?”

Follow the rhythm of your heart to answer, is it the noble orchid, the fresh and elegant bamboo, or the passionate peony, or the ta who is low-key on the outside but red on the inside?

Vehicle analysis

This Ludao Maxus B-type black long-axis luxury car is produced by Xuzhou Ludao RV. The chassis uses the V80 long-axis chassis of SAIC MAXUS. With a body length of less than 6 meters and a 6-speed automatic manual gearbox, more family members can drive.

The black body paint makes the low-key of the B-type car to the extreme.

The RV retains the design of the prototype car with the rear door open, so that the RV can not only carry the family on a trip, but also can be used as a purchase car for the New Year. But what Lao Bai is worried about is that mosquitoes will not enter when camping like this?

The RV creatively puts the external kitchen in the rear door of the vehicle, and places the specially designed seasoning jars on the other side. The picnic can also have an artistic sense.

The cockpit still retains the original state of the V80. The black and white color scheme and the multi-function steering wheel all show a sense of technology. But seeing this central instrument panel that has been complaining for a long time, there is nothing to say.

The fire-like Ferrari red inside gives people a bright feeling, making people fall in love with this touring car at this moment. Having said that, this color is really earthy, but as long as you like it, it doesn’t matter if it is a little earthy.

In terms of layout, it breaks the layout of traditional RVs and adopts the layout of business class that is more popular with young people. With a design of 9 seats, you can have a brainstorm about camping here at any time.

Aviation seats, massage and heating are just one word “comfortable”.

The interior kitchen design is very simple, with an induction cooker, imitation peach wood countertops, and a 50L car refrigerator. There is no range hood, no vegetable sink, only random coffee machines and toasters.

The bathroom and the aisle share a part of the space. Although Lao Bai has always disliked this model, he has to admit that this is the best solution for self-driving a B-type RV. It is worth mentioning that the 3kg washing machine is very useful as a dryer when camping.

Here we will focus on the air conditioner used in this RV – 24V car Haier air conditioner. The designer thoughtfully used the car-specific air conditioner loaded on the truck, avoiding the noise and price of the car-specific air conditioner, and without the danger of using a household air conditioner. However, although the idea is full of ideas, there is no data to support it. Waiting to “see the effect”.

Inheriting the powerful genes of commercial vehicles, the 32-inch lift TV can be easily combined and isolated from the cockpit, and the surround sound speakers of the Edifier are very luxurious compared with ordinary RVs.

The details of the RV are also very good.

Vehicle Profile

Name: Ludao Chase Type B Black Long Axis Deluxe Edition

Model: Self-propelled Type B

Chassis: SAIC MAXUS V80 long axle version 2.5T diesel

Measurements: 5700×1998×2850 mm

Weight: no data

Price: 358,000 yuan

Driver’s license: C2 or above

Background: Ludao has many years of experience in commercial vehicle modification.

Advantages: 1. Unique interior design 2. Very unique use of space 3. Aviation seats 4. Entertainment system 5. On-board generator 6.24V parking air conditioner

Disadvantages: 1. The interior design is very rustic 2. The overall design is biased towards business 3. Lithium battery 4. The gray water and black water storage space is too small 5. There is no data on the stability of the parking air conditioner 6. The after-sales force is weak (a common problem in RVs at this stage)

Purchase index: ★★★☆☆ (full level is 5★)

Laobai Comments

Under the low-key appearance, this Ludao Chase B-type black long-axis luxury car with strong business taste has a fiery heart. All these seem to be the most popular local love story now, expressing the most true love with brilliant red. When camping, you will be the brightest boy in the outdoors by driving this RV for wild rides and parties. Tell me loudly below that you like ta.

Figure: Bailong who does not want to be named

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