[RV Show] Spoil the situation with “off-road”

In the case of the tepid domestic RV market, a powerful product is needed to break this situation. Can the off-road RV take on the heavy responsibility of disrupting the situation?

Although off-road RVs are not unique to China, the gameplay is very “Chinese”. RVs in our country are still in their infancy, and off-road players have naturally become the first batch of RV players because of their gameplay and acceptance. Therefore, off-road RVs have always been respected and concerned by players.

early adopter economy

Foreign RVs are mainly for travel and vacation, while domestic RVs are more inclined to “early adopters” for the time being. In such a market, off-road car players who are good at trying new things are more likely to accept it. This is also the reason why off-road RVs have attracted much attention in previous exhibitions.

[RV Show] Spoil the situation with

In terms of the use environment, there are no mature conditions in China. RV travelers are often not satisfied with sightseeing on both sides of the road when traveling, but prefer to camp in places with beautiful scenery and fewer tourists, and these places often have complicated road conditions and lack of campsites, so the RV needs to have certain adaptability.

It is precisely because of the love for off-road RVs that various off-road chassis have been tried and converted into RVs with off-road functions. Toyota Tundra is not a particularly outstanding model in off-road functions, but it is favored by RV manufacturers because of its pickup model and Tundra’s unique stability. Will such a smooth road RV be a good way to resolve the two contradictions between off-road and comfort?

Lumei Tantu Traveler RV is manufactured by Shenzhen Suteng RV Equipment Co., Ltd. The localized manufacturing also gives this RV a strong Chinese style.

[RV Show] Spoil the situation with

In order to improve the living space inside the RV, the Traveler RV abandoned the double-row version of the Tundra model and chose a single-row version of the Toyota Tundra imported from the United States. Therefore, this RV also inherits the muscular feeling unique to American pickup trucks. It has a 5LV8 engine with a maximum power of 381 horsepower and a peak torque of 481Nm. The 6-speed manual is different from the usual modified RVs. The chassis of this RV has been adjusted accordingly. The front grille adopts the EXECED center grid and 3-inch LED spotlights imported from the United States. The chassis of the whole vehicle is entrenched with a full set of 3.0-inch raised kits from the American KING, and 20-inch off-road special aluminum alloy negative wheel design is integrated into the front and rear wheels. The rear of the car is equipped with a high-strength aluminum alloy luggage rack and a special anti-escape sand board for off-road vehicles.

The luxurious American style of the cockpit puts many domestic RVs to shame. In terms of vehicle identity, the traveler’s RV is no longer a pickup truck, but a caravan. There is no embarrassment of being forced to scrap the pickup truck for 15 years and not being able to enter the city. The main color of the interior of the RV is bright white. Due to the opening of the living space and driving space and the expansion design of the living room side that is rare in pickup RVs, the originally compact RV interior space has become much more spacious. The addition of modern equipment such as LED curved surface TV system, fully automated power management system for RVs, automatic management of waterways, and automatic drum washing machines makes RV life more intelligent. Panoramic sunroof, convertible card seat sofa, ubiquitous storage space, warm inverter air conditioner, yacht-grade compressor refrigerator and outdoor mobile kitchen are the essence of the “corruption” of Chinese RVs, allowing players to freely travel in ” Switch between Off-road” and “Travel”.

Pros and Cons

Using a luxurious American pickup truck as a prototype to refit a caravan not only solves the problem that the general off-road performance of the caravan is not strong, but also solves the problem of the rough driving system of the domestic caravan. Things always have two sides. When one side faces the sun, it is inevitable that the other side faces the shade, so there are some unavoidable problems.

The first is the choice between off-road and space. There is no doubt about the off-road performance and reliability of Tundra itself, but the size of its rear box is not spacious for a RV. Even with the addition of a roof sleeping cabin and a side expansion cabin, the space inside the RV is still extremely limited, which requires users to choose between space or off-road.

[RV Show] Spoil the situation with

The second is comfort and stability. As the ultimate outdoor activity, RVs must coexist with comfortable life and beautiful scenery under ideal conditions. But in fact, the beautiful scenery you want to go to is often a tortuous road, climbing mountains and wading is common, and comfortable life is also inseparable from modern functions. too many electronic devices

Whether it is reliable when used outdoors, and the solution when problems occur are issues that require special attention, so when the two are put together, a balance point needs to be found.

The last is the use cost and utilization rate. The price of any RV is an unavoidable topic. The market price of the Tundra itself is 400,000 to 500,000 yuan, and the price of its chassis is comparable to that of many RVs. The official price of this Tundra Traveler RV is 968,000 yuan. In addition to the purchase tax, vehicle and ship usage fees, insurance, etc., the price has exceeded one million, and the daily use cost of a 5.7L engine fuel consumption is about 16~20l/km. As for the maintenance cost, the cost of small maintenance is usually 1000 However, the cost of spare parts for imported models is very high.

From the perspective of utilization rate, the utilization rate of most domestic RVs is not high. If the annual utilization rate is only 10%, the average daily cost of use is 2650 yuan without calculating other costs and residual value of the vehicle.

Niche era

It can be seen from the off-road RV that the advantage of the local RV lies in the understanding of the local market, which can be confirmed from this Tundra Traveler RV. Equipment such as outdoor kitchens and drum washing machines are almost specially added configurations for Chinese people. Due to the small scale of the Chinese RV market, many foreign RV manufacturers will not put too much energy on the Chinese market. This is also an opportunity left to us by the RV market.

[RV Show] Spoil the situation with

From the perspective of end products, there is still a big gap between domestic RVs and imported RVs, but after more than ten years of exploration, they have also developed some characteristics of their own. The same is true for off-road RVs. From rough to detailed, domestic off-road RVs are improving every day from appearance to function. At the same time, it must be admitted that there is still a big gap in product maturity and assembly technology. This gap cannot be caught up by the efforts of a single company. It requires the cooperation of parts suppliers, OEMs, and RV refitting companies.

The off-road RV has both the comfort of travel and the wildness of off-road. It carries the two dreams of outdoor players. But it should also be noted that off-road RVs are destined to be a niche product among RVs, and today’s RVs are still in the niche era. For the RV team, there is no need to pursue too many unconstrained ideas at this time, and more should be done to improve the team and lay a solid foundation. Only when the era of the popular RV comes, can it quickly occupy the commanding heights of the market, instead of being eliminated in the era of the niche.