SAIC Volkswagen’s Volkswagen brand will bring a super lineup to the Chongqing Auto Show

On June 13, the 2020 (22nd) Chongqing International Automobile Exhibition will open soon. SAIC Volkswagen’s Volkswagen brand Viloran will lead the all-star product lineup at Hall N3 of Chongqing International Expo Center (Chongqing·Yuelai).

SAIC Volkswagen's Volkswagen brand will bring a super lineup to the Chongqing Auto Show

At the beginning of this year, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic brought a severe test to the auto market. The Volkswagen brand timely launched a number of measures such as cloud car purchase, door-to-door service, and live broadcast to meet the challenge and continue to provide consumers with high-quality products and services. From January to May this year, the cumulative number of terminal deliveries of the Volkswagen brand exceeded 459,000, continuing to be the sales champion of a single domestic auto brand. In terms of regions, in the first four months of this year, the Volkswagen brand ranked first in the market share of a single car brand in North China, East China, Central China, Jiangsu, Shandong and other regions.

As the first large-scale auto professional exhibition in the country after the epidemic this year, the Chongqing Auto Show has attracted much attention. In this auto show, the Volkswagen brand will meet the public with all-star models. SAIC Volkswagen’s first large-scale luxury business MPV Viloran, which was launched not long ago, will make a big debut. In addition, the Volkswagen brand SUV family, sedan star products and new energy models will gather at the booth to fully demonstrate the product strength of the Volkswagen brand.

Viloran comes to the mountain city to meet you

Inspired by “new business”, Viloran interprets a new design aesthetics and breaks the traditional image of square and rigid commercial vehicles. This time, the “big V” led the appearance in the mountain city, interpreting the new business style with the design concept of combining rigidity and softness, and leading the new trend of business aesthetics.

SAIC Volkswagen's Volkswagen brand will bring a super lineup to the Chongqing Auto Show

Viloran’s Captain Chair executive-level second-row concierge seats, intelligent double-sided anti-pinch electric doors, and living room-level private and quiet space create a noble travel experience for users, showing that the big V surpasses the same level of hospitality. The L2 smart driving black technology that meets the needs of China’s road conditions is matched with a 10.3″ full digital LCD instrument and a 9.2″ advanced intelligent multimedia interactive system (with intelligent navigation), which upgrades active safety protection for big Vs and easily copes with the complex road conditions in Chinese cities. In addition, IQ Light intelligent LED headlights can realize multiple lighting modes, and calmly guard every noble trip.

There are many highlights of the strength of all-star models

At this year’s Chongqing Auto Show, the Volkswagen brand will bring a super lineup of products full of highlights. Among the SUV family, Touron, Touron X, Tiguan L, Tuyue, and Tukai will all be on stage, covering various market segments from large SUVs to boutique SUVs, and there is always one that suits you. Since the launch of Tiguan in 2010, the SUV family of the Volkswagen brand has been on a glorious journey for ten years, with a cumulative sales of more than 2.75 million units. All its models have strong strength in their class and are deeply loved by SUV enthusiasts.

SAIC Volkswagen's Volkswagen brand will bring a super lineup to the Chongqing Auto Show

In the sedan matrix, models such as the Phaeon, the new Passat, the new Lavada, the new-generation Lavida, and the new-generation Polo Plus will demonstrate leading design and technical capabilities. In terms of new energy products, Tiguan L plug-in hybrid version, Passat plug-in hybrid version and LaVida pure electric will jointly present the extraordinary charm of new energy safety benchmarks.

This year’s Chongqing Auto Show will last from June 13 to June 21, a total of 9 days, including two weekends. Consumers can easily choose the time to watch the show. After the epidemic, consumers’ demand for car purchases has gradually picked up. It is believed that the Chongqing Auto Show will ignite the enthusiasm for car purchases. The Volkswagen brand of SAIC Volkswagen has prepared a number of discounts for consumers, including credit, replacement, and car show gold gift packages.