Suzuki Jimny’s 200,000-class off-road stubbornness

Small cars like Suzuki’s all-new Jimny are the ultimate choice for power players! Compared with the public perception, the car is bigger and the appearance is the most different. Super players only pay attention to the parameters of a certain aspect of the car, and they will never make a trade-off and make a half-baked choice.

On the track, the players drive the modified Golf R to drive fast. The R itself has an equivalent of 500,000, and the price after modification is not much lower than the GTR. !

Suzuki Jimny's 200,000-class off-road stubbornness

What Suzuki Jimny pursues is the ultimate performance on the other hand, that is, high passability in the face of complex road conditions. Many readers may see some road conditions in the short videos pushed by various platforms-the Bobcat, the LC, and even the big G. You may think, what happened to the off-road heroes?

A veteran may tell you that if the tire is not good, it must be replaced. But in the picture, a small square box is slowly approaching, and it just passed the hurdle that even the Mercedes-Benz G can’t pass. Are you spraying? Don’t worry, just listen slowly.

Suzuki Jimny's 200,000-class off-road stubbornness

The curb weight of the G500 is 2.75 tons, and it is equipped with a V8 supercharged engine with a displacement of 4.0L. According to the latest news, the manufacturer thinks it is too heavy and needs to reduce the weight by more than 300 kilograms. The fate may lie in its huge weight.

The new Suzuki Jimny SIERRA is only 1.06 tons, nearly one-third of the weight of the big G, 1.5l displacement self-priming, 2.6 times low-torque amplification in 4l mode to reach 338N˙m torque, many do not have low-torque amplification mode The urban SUV, a 2.0T displacement model, has a peak torque of 340-350 N˙m and weighs nearly two tons. It must be instantly killed by the Jimny when it is off-road.

The peak torque of the G500 is 530 N˙m for the 5.5L self-priming model, and 610 N˙m for the 4.0T supercharged model. Then, after the low range, the magnification of 2.15 times is 1300 N˙m. , Li Da still has the advantage!

Suzuki Jimny's 200,000-class off-road stubbornness

Think about it, where you can’t get through, it must be a deep ravine where the road surface is soft, slippery and muddy. Your big G has nearly three tons to go up. The prince Li Xiaoshuang also fell into the swamp (note: it is not a swamp that swallows people, so no one is useful), and Schwarzenegger, who has absolute strength, is likely to lose to Li Xiaoshuang. The lie is softer, and the 1300 cattle plus the weight of nearly 3 tons is enough to make the rotten ditch collapse.

Suzuki Jimny's 200,000-class off-road stubbornness

Mr. Li Zhi, a four-wheel drive lamb, stepped on the weak engine accelerator of Beijing jeep2020 and played in the muddy tropical rainforest of Malaysia. He was able to beat Mercedes-Benz G and Land Rover in certain stages probably because of Beijing jeep2020’s light weight. reason. This is like, if a Land Rover in the front loosens the road, and it passes by, something will happen to the G in the back, but the light car naturally has a high chance of passing by.

Off-roading is still very complicated. The F1 speeding on the track is a test of the engine level of each OEM and the driver’s control ability. However, on off-road travel, the road conditions are ever-changing. Those tests on the iron frame may not be very grounded. The test still has to be carried out under extreme rainforest conditions. Not only will it be slippery, but it will also be soft and collapsed, and it will be difficult to exert great strength.

Suzuki Jimny's 200,000-class off-road stubbornness

Jimny, an off-road artifact, can be called an orphan in terms of production capacity. It is reported that the monthly output of 0.66L K-Car is 1000 units, and the monthly output of 1.5L K-Car is only 100 units.