Sweeping the global car awards, the tenth-generation Sonata won honors before it was launched

In March 2020, Sonata won the “iF Design Award”, the Oscar award in the automotive design industry. This is another proof of its top-level design after Sonata entered the final list of “Best Car of the Year” in North America in January this year. A strong endorsement of competitiveness. After that, it successively won global automotive awards such as the “Top Safety Pick” award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the “Best Automotive Technology Award 2020” awarded by Kelly Blue Book. The road to market of the tenth-generation Sonata.

Before the launch of the tenth-generation Sonata, the outstanding performance of being shortlisted or winning the Global Auto Awards successively earned itself the title of “powerful and high-quality model”. With the modular advantages of the i-GMP platform, brand-new perceptual sports design, and the blessing of the world’s unique CVVD technology, the tenth-generation Sonata has undoubtedly secured the new certification of “the new benchmark for B-class cars”.

Sweeping the global car awards, the tenth-generation Sonata won honors before it was launched

Winning the Oscars in the design industry depends on the quality engraved in the DNA

As a frequent visitor of various design awards in Europe and North America, Sonata is the result of in-depth study and insight of modern car designers on car design trends and Volkswagen aesthetics. In the past year, Sonata won two of the world’s three major design awards. In September last year, the Sonata and the Le Fil Rouge concept car were selected by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) as the finalists of the “2019 International Design Excellence Award”. Unanimous endorsement by IDSA.

The halo of the International Design Excellence Award has not faded in the future, and the Sonata once again topped the podium of the most watched “iF Design Award” in 2020. The “iF Design Award”, which began in 1953, is known worldwide for its “independent, rigorous and reliable” award concept, and has now become one of the most professional and reputable industrial design awards in the world. The Sonata, which won its laurels, gained the recognition of world-class trendy design.

Sweeping the global car awards, the tenth-generation Sonata won honors before it was launched

The tenth-generation Sonata is built based on the latest global design concept of “Sensuous Sportiness”, which subverts the inherent cognition of traditional B-segment cars, and perfectly expresses dynamics and tension. Show the delicate and sunny image of “Korean Oppa”. Compared with the eighth-generation and ninth-generation Sonata’s “fluid sculpture” design language, it can be said that there has been a new breakthrough, which is unforgettable. In the dazzling car market, with its youthful appearance and dynamic detailed design, the breakthrough and advanced tenth-generation Sonata has the strength to lead the aesthetic trend of B-class cars.

Sweeping the global car awards, the tenth-generation Sonata won honors before it was launched

Behind the strength is the blessing of leading technology

At the awards ceremony held by Kelly Blue Book, the tenth-generation Sonata was awarded the “2020 Best Automotive Technology Award”. As one of the most authoritative professional car evaluation companies in North America, this honor confirms the completion and design innovation of the tenth-generation Sonata in cutting-edge technologies such as multimedia systems and advanced driver assistance systems.

The tenth-generation Sonata has made great improvements in technology and technology. It adopts an integrated dual 12.3-inch LCD instrument and display, which integrates technology, fashion, intuition and convenience, and has cutting-edge configurations such as smart keys. In the field of intelligent driving, the tenth-generation Sonata has reached the L2 level, and it is also blessed with the world’s first developed CVVD technology, which is energy-saving and efficient. Such leapfrog strength is subtly affecting the competitive direction of the B-segment car market.

The tenth-generation Sonata won this honor in the fast-changing North American market centered on SUVs. It not only demonstrates the achievements of Hyundai Motor’s mid-level sedan market exploration, but also raises people’s expectations for Sonata’s future market performance.

Sweeping the global car awards, the tenth-generation Sonata won honors before it was launched

“The best in North America is based on the product strength that wins thousands of miles

In the selection of the best car in North America in 2020, the Sonata stood out from the fierce competition and was shortlisted for the final list of candidates for the “Best Car of the Year”. In the selection known as the “Oscars in the car industry”, Sonata was based on multiple dimensions such as innovation, design, handling, safety, driver satisfaction, and cost performance. With its stylish design and modern cab, it competed with Chevrolet Corvette , Toyota Supra and the Toyota Supra are among the finalists for the Best Car Award.

The new car combines i-GMP’s leading advantages in design innovation, safety performance, driving performance, aerodynamics and other fields. With the blessing of a number of weight-reducing black technologies, the tenth-generation Sonata seems to be wearing “golden silk armor with cicada wings”, achieving a lighter, more stable, and stronger gorgeous transformation.

Haoheng has three firsts, and what he wants is the hard power of multi-in-one

The most direct way to achieve brand height is to impress consumers with hard core strength. The upcoming tenth-generation Sonata is the first model based on the i-GMP platform, and also the first mass-produced car equipped with Hyundai’s global exclusive CVVD technology and the closest concept car design. This future-oriented high-end technology smart car has brand-new technical genes and will surely bring consumers a brand-new driving experience.

Sweeping the global car awards, the tenth-generation Sonata won honors before it was launched

In the fiercely competitive European and North American markets, Sonata has proved itself with its excellent strength, and the tenth-generation Sonata, which will be launched in the Chinese market, not only completely replicates the excellent genes of the North American version, but also bases itself on the localization strategy and meets the needs of the Chinese market. With a more optimized upgrade, it is bound to become the most anticipated benchmark model in the B-segment car market in 2020!