Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

One night, Salman came to Sky Island suddenly. He approached the bedroom with the lyrics book, and only said one sentence to me: baby, I want to write something.

He looped a single song, sat quietly on the sofa, his profile was printed on the desk lamp, his brows were furrowed, I knew he might have something on his mind.

About an hour later, he told me he had written the lyrics for a friend.

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

The lyrics mean:

A ta wan jenj math me yar dil (I still remember the day I met you)

 Xin jenj qi roy me yar dil (remember the smile on your face that day)

Ha fo yam sut az tag dir (but I’m mad at fate)

Cai zit pog lid me ya zord me ya dil. (Why break my heart so much)

Me ya dil (so heartbroken)

One change it in azure serat my zord reth change his tao 

(I have seen many faces, but I only remember your face in my heart)

Ji reh su raid me zord tar ta me yar hi yul yi tao 

(My heart was tied in a knot by you, from now on my life is all about you)

Hi yol am ek qiaog khob to math tao mer am ru ca vao

(I pray to God every day to let you be by my side all the time)

Yi hil me cem hi ro ar til fun tao gap qiao jenj ca vao 

(I will always look at my phone for fear of missing any of your messages)

He xi Yik I’m going to go to jail 

(As long as I’m in your arms, the smile won’t leave my face)

Me e maith mas pa ter nenj fi ript qiaog ata mer am ru 

(God finally heard my prayer and made you my other half)

Pe ten ceth jit nai yad tha zord jam max qer ba ra wu 

(From now on, the two incomplete hearts are finally complete)

Ay run tag dir Cai zir di rang qiaog ajam qer a du

(But I’m amazed why fate suddenly ended everything again)

Qing the grim veg come out ma bat nist yi qi ri gi nu 

(Love from the heart is no one’s fault)

Cai zir me baht lud tha math unj wuz ajam qiaog a du 

(why it only made me happy for two days and ended it all cruelly)

I’m not sure what to do with it 

(If meeting you is destined to be a mistake)

Thus qi puz va rivd dir ri zu waz teid yic az di din yu .

(I am willing to kneel and beg God to punish me until I leave this world) 

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

And the story of this song starts from Caotan 5 years ago.

That afternoon, the sky was clear and Di Li was a carefree junior high school student. She was walking on the grassy beach with two Han friends when she suddenly met Xiaoyu who was driving by here. With just one glance, Di Li felt that the clear sky suddenly rained, lightning flashed across the sky, thunder roared, and love came.

Her mind went blank, but her body stopped Xiaoyu’s car.

This was their first meeting, and Di Li was a brave girl who took the first step for this relationship.

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

Then Xiaoyu graduated from Urumqi University and returned to Ta County, and Di Li went to the army to serve as a soldier.

The feelings of two people can only keep in touch through a phone call. And it was this phone that rang on time every week that made Xiaoyu pour out all her emotions.

He began to look forward to the phone ringing, to hear that voice, and to share some trivia with him. From this phone call, he felt the breath of his lover, those seemingly ordinary little things became meaningful, and every day of his life, because of the expectation, became brilliant.

The day when Di Li returns home after serving as a soldier is getting closer, and the two of them are starting to prepare for their reunion two years later.

The first thing, of course, is to share it with your family. However, what awaited them was the grievances between the two families. The parents of both parties are very opposed to it, and they don’t even want to hear the other’s name.

However, these two feuding families made the same decision, which is to let the children give up the idea of ​​being together.

There are so many people in the world, why do you have to choose to be with our enemy’s children.

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

Two years later, the reunion came as promised, and the first thing Dili did when she returned to the county was to meet Xiaoyu. When Xiaoyu saw that the little girl who used to walk on the grass beach had turned into a little woman and ran towards him, all the expectations, misses, and hardships of fighting against family resistance in the past two years all turned into a deep hug. .

With a kiss from the mountains and rivers, the years will return to old age.

Before this, the two of them had never met someone who made them so determined. They decided to make their relationship public and face it together.

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

In the eyes of Tajiks, family members are the most important relatives in their life. No matter what age, elders are always worthy of respect. And after they made their relationship public, what they faced was the opposition of the entire family. All the relatives came to stop this unpopular relationship,

For a moment, they were alone and helpless except for each other, but love has always held an umbrella for them, blocking the wind of rumors and the rain of opposition.

They tried to communicate with their families, cried and made troubles, and told them that they only wanted to be with this person, and she would be the love of my life. Please don’t stop us.

However, their true feelings did not affect the stubbornness of the family members, and they still spared no effort to oppose all this.

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

The two were overwhelmed by such pressure, and they decided to leave here desperately.

The tacit understanding between the two decided the first place to go, and that was the beach. When I asked Xiaoyu how they felt when they went to the beach, Xiaoyu said: When you released two birds that had been locked up for a long time, do you know how they felt?

They will fly no matter what.

In the end, the family chose the latter in the choice of losing two children at the same time or gaining two children at the same time.

Xiaoyu’s mother told him that if you can guarantee that you will be happy after you are together, I will persuade the rest of the family to accept you.

Xiaoyu said: From birth to now, there has never been a happier moment than being with her.

So the mother tried to convince the family that if they stopped this relationship, God would not forgive them.

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

Finally, Xiaoyu’s family accepted the fact that they were willing to propose marriage to their enemies for Xiaoyu. And Di Li’s family did not reject the marriage for the sake of their daughter’s happiness.

On July 1, 2017, they got engaged and on August 1, they got married.

The honeymoon place was chosen at the beach where they eloped. For them, this memory is the best testimony of their love.

And the beach in Sanya, because of this pair of newcomers from the westernmost town of the motherland, has become a little different from usual.

I asked Xiaoyu, after so many setbacks, you finally got together, how did you feel on the day of your wedding?

Xiaoyu said, I don’t know how to describe it in words, I just know that from the day I was born to the day I grew up, that was the happiest day in my life.

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

After they set up a small family, the relationship of the whole big family has also been eased. If it is a fairy tale, this is the most beautiful ending.

However, two months after their marriage, Di Li’s body began to experience some problems. Just after they learned that the crystallization of their love had been conceived in Di Li’s stomach, she was accompanied by pain and hair loss all over her body. At the beginning, Di Li didn’t tell Xiaoyu about her physical condition. Since she didn’t have any medical history and was always in good health, she always felt that she would get better after two days of persistence.

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

When Di Li woke up from the pain, she would rub her belly and look at her lover who was sleeping next to her. She imagined that in the near future, there would be two people she loved on this bed. Nothing could be more beautiful than this picture. Made her feel happy.

But after thinking about it, Dili’s tears flowed down and fell on Xiaoyu’s face.

Di Li’s hair loss became more and more serious, and Xiaoyu also felt these changes. He took Di Li to check her body everywhere, but the results they got were the same. .

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

They continued to manage their own lives in anxiety. One day Xiaoyu was drinking with friends in Kashgar. During the dinner, he received a text message from Di Li. Di Li told him about her physical condition. Recently, her hair loss has become more and more serious. At night, her whole body hurts and she can’t sleep. She said that she is not a good mother, and she doesn’t want their baby to see herself like this.

Xiaoyu suddenly felt restless, so she left the wine bureau early. Back home in Kashgar, he was still flustered. At this moment, he had only one thought, which was to see his wife.

So he was going to drive back to Ta County overnight, and when he drove for a while, he found that it was impossible for him to reach Ta County safely in his current state, but his inner desire was still very strong, no matter what, he must see Di tonight Korea. So he found a place to park the car, found a shuttle bus, and finally returned to Ta County at 2 o’clock in the morning.

When he returned to Ta County, the first call he received was that Di Li had passed out. The whole family sent Di Li to the county hospital overnight. The hospital meant to let them go to Kashgar as soon as possible.

So they hurried to Kashgar again before dawn. After receiving treatment in Kashgar, the doctor told them the good news that Di Li was fine and could be discharged from the hospital.

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

Dilly was released from the hospital the next day, looking as usual. But Xiaoyu was worried, and decided to stay in Kashgar for two more days to see how Di Li was doing. They went to the hospital for a full-body examination. After the doctor confirmed that Di Li was fine, the whole family was ready to return to Ta County.

In the Tajik tradition, the co-pilot should be for the elders, but from the moment Xiaoyu and Di Li were together, Xiaoyu’s co-pilot was always prepared for Di Li.

However, that day, Di Li didn’t sit in the co-pilot, she sat in the back seat and hugged her father tightly, her eyes kept looking at Xiao Yu’s eyes in the rearview mirror.

They talked only occasionally, but kept their eyes on each other.

This abnormal behavior made Xiaoyu very uneasy, just like his continuous panic these past few days, he adjusted the rearview mirror to Di Li’s eyes, communicated with Di Li with his eyes, and they occasionally smiled with their eyes, It’s like talking to each other.

Everything seems to be the same as usual, but it has already changed. In October, Kashgar began to have dusty weather. The leaves of the poplar trees on both sides of the national road were sparse and falling. The weather was gloomy and the villages were no longer lively.

Xiaoyu’s eyes would look for Di Li from time to time, as long as she smiled at him, he could continue driving.

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

But suddenly, Di Li’s mother yelled that Di Li passed out. This is not the first time that Di Li has fainted. The family members thought that they would get better as long as they rested, but Xiaoyu panicked like a lost soul. He insisted on sending Di Li to the hospital immediately.

Xiaoyu frantically rushed to the hospital. He brought Di Li to the hospital as quickly as possible, but the result he got was that Di Li had failed to be rescued.

I didn’t ask Dilly how he reacted when he died, it would have been too cruel for me and him.

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

We learn all our lives, and no one ever teaches us how to deal with death.

We often complain about life, but we don’t know that some people can’t live even if they want to.

We quarrel with the ones we love, and those who truly love each other overcome so much resistance and still don’t stay together.

After I finished listening to this story, I cried several times, not because their tragedy made me sad, but because of their brave, firm and unswerving hearts for love.

I said that I envy you for having this relationship, because you love with all your strength, and you owe nothing to your love. You cherish every second you spend together, which is the greatest respect for love.

Tajik Stories | A Face That Lives Forever

Xiaoyu took a deep breath and said, Actually, I think that the person who died was me, and she is still alive.

Yes, she is still alive, at the best age, with the most beautiful appearance. When you are old, she will still be the same as she is now. This forever living face will accompany you in this life.

Xiaoyu said that he has been thinking about a question, if the person who died was really him, would Di Li persist in living like him.