The last “second” of 2019 | Torest RV 328,000 flash sale price! ! !

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The last

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The last

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The last

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The last

Three solemn promises

1. The special price models of the flash sale are current cars, current cars, and current cars

2. The accessories used in the vehicle are never shoddy, absolutely authentic guarantee!

3. All models in the flash sale special session enjoy the normal three-guarantee service!

rule of activity

Product name: Torres Ford RV limited edition bargain-hunting spike

Spike quota: 1

Activity time: December 18, 2019–End of booking

Seckill method: telephone, WeChat, to the factory, online Seckill (first come, first served, limited quantity)

Second kill sincerity deposit: 10,000 yuan

Note: Seckill products are all existing vehicles, subject to the actual configuration content.

Only one person can buy a car, and each person can only buy one car. This event cannot be enjoyed at the same time as other events.

The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to Torrest RV.

The last

The reason for choosing Ford’s automatic transmission light passenger chassis (V362) is not only because of the Ford Transit’s global ownership of 8 million units, but also because it is aimed at new user groups and satisfies the individual pursuit of light luxury leisure travel consumers. At the same time, the prototype light passenger of the European series of Ford has a car-like instrument panel and an easy driving experience with automatic transmission. The first launch of the Torrest Ford T-type RV will surely lead the new trend of domestic RVs.

body appearance

The last

Torre Classic Edition is based on the new Ford Transit, and its exterior dimensions are 5990×2160(2800)×2220(mm), although it is a very compact C-type RV. But the height of 2.8 meters is different from all C-type RVs in seconds.

The last

In terms of chassis, the new Ford Transit is equipped with a 2.0T gasoline engine, matched with a 6-speed automatic manual gearbox, with a maximum power of 200 horsepower and a peak torque of 300 Nm. The whole vehicle carries 6 people. The layout of four beds also revolutionizes the traditional small forehead design and breaks through the height problem of T-shaped RVs!

The last

The appearance of Torrest Ford T-type RV is in line with its family “Blue Storm”, with a small forehead and streamlined design, which not only makes the appearance look harmonious and comfortable, but also has no sense of disobedience. The aluminum alloy paint-free aluminum plate is selected as the body material, and the special passenger door for the RV provides users with a safer driving environment.

The last

Equipped with a 3-meter imported awning, outdoor LED lighting, support balancer, outdoor mains connection port and reversing camera, you can experience the charm of nature and the comfort of travel no matter day or night.

The last

The whole vehicle follows the Chinese blue and porcelain white color scheme of the Torest family, and the taillights are designed in a horizontal strip, which is full of three-dimensionality. The angular edges of the whole vehicle are outlined with blue lines, which also looks more sporty. The outside of the body is equipped with commonly used 220V mains sockets, water injection ports, black water tanks, and external luggage compartments.

overall interior layout

The last

The Torre St Ford T-type RV adopts a classic layout: the front cab, the middle reception area/kitchen system, and the rear vertical bed/toilet. From the perspective of the layout, the overall permeability is very good.

The last

The interior decoration reception area adopts luxurious furniture, which fully demonstrates the elegant temperament while maintaining the beauty. The integrated bathroom and luxurious waterproof floor leather, carpet and large storage space provide the comfort of home.

The last

The layout of the interior space is reasonable, and it can appear extremely spacious while having 4 luxurious seats. Looking at the exterior, I think the interior will be very cramped, but when you enter the car, you will find that the space inside the car is far beyond your imagination! !

The last

The right side of the body is the kitchen area, which is mainly equipped with an 85L special car refrigerator, a stainless steel sink, and an indoor imported ventilation fan. You don’t have to worry about the basics of clothing, food, housing and transportation during the journey. The cleverly designed shoe cabinet at the door provides maximum protection and convenience for your travel.

On the basis of maintaining the original space size, a bed is added, which is both reasonable and ingenious. In terms of leisure and entertainment, this car provides a 32-inch car TV, car DVD, integrated navigation machine, and car WIFI. In their spare time, passengers can enjoy the different joys of the journey in the car. Five indoor 220V power sockets and three indoor 5V power sockets ensure the continuity of leisure and entertainment activities.

The last

The size of the upper and lower berths at the rear is 1850*1030mm for the lower berth and 1850*700mm for the upper berth. Although there is a bed on the small forehead, the bearing function is far greater than the meaning of sleeping.

The last

The dining table in the middle of the sofa is a liftable dining table. After lowering the dining table, this area can also be spliced ​​into a 900×1630mm deck bed.

The last

This car is equipped with a Thetford swivel toilet, separate shower and washbasin, topped with a dual-flow ventilation fan. In terms of water system, the car is equipped with a 120-liter clean water tank and an 80-liter gray water tank. In terms of circuit system, the car is equipped with a 200Ah lead-acid battery, a 2000 inverter, a 200W solar panel, an 85-liter refrigerator, and a 32-inch TV.

The last

Torrest RV big-name bargain-hunting spike at the last second of 2019!

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