“The most beautiful Land Rover”, minimalist design aesthetics interprets the avant-garde life of Range Rover Velar

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Land Rover brand, and as the Range Rover family is about to usher in its 50th anniversary, the 50th anniversary of the Land Rover Range Rover – “Range Rover Life” webcast British drama was released shockingly during the May Day holiday. From April 30th to May 4th, for five consecutive days, through five episodes of “Internet British Drama” with different themes, the 70-year evolution history of the Land Rover brand and the 50-year history of the Range Rover family will be comprehensively presented.

“Range Rover Life” Land Rover Range Rover 50th Anniversary Presentation

At 19:00 on the evening of May 3, the fourth episode of “Self-Driving in the Galaxy” still leads the audience through five scenes of “Range Rover World”, “Range Rover Feelings”, “Range Rover Way”, “Range Rover Life” and “Range Rover Journey” Into the artistic conception, control the Range Rover star, gallop art galaxy.

This episode is still star-studded and exciting. The popular singer and musical actor Ayunga, as the Range Rover Xingmai experience officer this time, shared with you the artistic beauty of Xingmai through the minimalist design in his eyes; Mr. Sun Huizhu, an old friend of “Range Rover Life”, a professor at the Shanghai Theater Academy Introduced to you the design styles of different factions on the British theater stage; Li Shoubai, father and daughter Li Shiyi, the inheritors of Shanghai-style culture, led you to visit the unique style of classic elegance and modernity along the Binjiang River in Shanghai; in addition, senior media professionals Li Geng and Wang Gang spoke highly of Xingmai’s outstanding performance in design, technology and driving; pioneer designer Fan Ran interpreted Xingmai’s unique avant-garde design style from a professional perspective. Of course, the Land Rover brand trainer, as always, introduced in detail the amazing features of the Range Rover Velar as the “most beautiful Land Rover” in every scene of the show.

Range Rover Xingmai experience officer, musical actor Ayunga

Mr. Hu Bo, Executive Vice President of Products and Marketing of Jaguar Land Rover China and Chery Jaguar Land Rover Joint Marketing Sales and Service Organization, still accompanied the audience through the 150-minute live broadcast, and also fully introduced the extraordinary charm of Range Rover Velar. He said: “As the latest member of the Range Rover family, the Range Rover Velar, positioned as a mid-to-large luxury SUV, not only fills the market gap between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport, but also becomes the most innovative and avant-garde model of the Range Rover family. The humble gentleman at the core is favored by the market for its minimalist design concept and fashionable and avant-garde artistic style.”

Mr. Hu Bo, Executive Vice President of Products and Marketing, Joint Marketing Sales and Service Organization of Jaguar Land Rover China and Chery Jaguar Land Rover

The fifth episode, which is also the finale of the “Range Rover Life” webcast British drama “Dancing with the Aurora”, will meet Land Rover enthusiasts, car owners and car fans again at 19:00 on the evening of May 4th. Well-known stories and colorful interactions interpret the “fashionable life” of Range Rover Evoque.

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Although the Range Rover Velar is the youngest member of the Range Rover family, it carries a deeper historical significance. Its legend is known from the model name VELAR. Going back to history, in 1967, when engineers were developing and building the Range Rover prototype, they gave the first product a mysterious color under the name “Velar”. “Velar” comes from the Latin Velare, which means “mysterious veil”. Nearly half a century later, Land Rover named the latest member of the Range Rover family after VELAR, creating a new glory, which is the greatest tribute to the history of the Range Rover family.

An SUV-shaped work of art, a masterpiece of engineering and design fusion

As an “SUV-shaped artwork”, the Range Rover Velar follows the minimalist design. While continuing the exquisite craftsmanship of the Land Rover brand, it perfectly presents the avant-garde minimalist design concept through first-class engineering technology. A work of art, highly reshaping the world’s perception of luxury all-terrain SUVs.

The extremely careful and sophisticated design perfectly combines the harmonious body proportions, smooth waistline and sexy and full tail line with the heritage of the Land Rover family and the unique temperament of continuous improvement. The avant-garde appearance fully demonstrates the beauty of balance. The bold front grille design sets the tone for the exterior evolution and design language of the Range Rover Velar and subsequent models in the family. While retaining the classic suspended roof design and high waistline design of the Land Rover Range Rover family, the Range Rover Velar also adopts new design elements such as high-tech matrix laser LED headlights and hidden door handles combined with leading technologies, interpreting the Sophisticated modern design style, and still ensure great versatility.

“SUV Artwork” Range Rover Velar

The interior cockpit demonstrates the craftsmanship quality of “simplification and excellence”. The interior created with innovative aesthetic concepts inherits the technology and luxury genes of the Range Rover family, creating an unparalleled visual beauty. In addition to the high-end and luxurious Windsor leather seats, the new Range Rover Velar also pioneered the introduction of high-quality innovative fabric seats for selection. This non-leather fabric is made of environmentally friendly high-end wool blended fabrics, The manufacturer Kvadrat and Land Rover tailor-made the Range Rover Velar, setting another new benchmark in the field of automotive interior design.

Range Rover Velar interior

Upgraded advanced driving technology, showing avant-garde driving style

Range Rover Velar perfectly integrates pioneering technology and minimalist design concept, which further evolves the aesthetics of technology. Xingmai is the first model of the Land Rover brand to be equipped with the InControl intelligent dual-screen exclusive touch infotainment system. It is equipped with two 10.2-inch ultra-clear touch screens with adjustable angles on the upper and lower sides, which effectively reduces the number of traditional dials and physical buttons on the center console. The number and space occupied by the car highlight the avant-garde and simple design style, and inject more sense of technology and future into the cockpit. The two multi-function “magic” knobs can also adjust the most commonly used functions. Together with the head-up display system, the driver can enjoy the intelligent control of multi-screen linkage while focusing on the road, which further improves the performance of Xingmai. Human-computer interaction experience.

InControl Intelligent Yuling Dual Screen Exclusive Touch Infotainment System

In addition, advanced equipment such as Meridian™ British treasure high-end audio system, ion air purifier and induction electric tailgate further enhance the enjoyment of respect; driving assistance systems such as lane departure warning, cruise control system and rear parking image function provide The owner brings a comfortable and elegant driving experience.

ATRS Land Rover all-terrain technology, performing calm and elegant driving

Although it is a model that focuses on the trend of minimalist design, the Range Rover Velar is not limited to this. As an innovative masterpiece of the Range Rover family, Velar not only inherits the luxury genes of the Land Rover brand, but also maintains unrivaled all-terrain capabilities. The powerful ATRS Land Rover all-terrain technology is the best choice for driving the Range Rover Velar across complex road conditions. Among them, the all-terrain feedback adaptive system can realize the optimal deployment of vehicle traction and stability by adjusting the response of the engine, gearbox, four-wheel drive system, suspension system and vehicle stability control system. Various modes such as Snow, Mud/Rut, Sand, Energy Saving and Dynamic can easily cope with various road conditions. At the same time, the proportion of aluminum materials used in the lightweight body reaches 81%, which further reduces the weight of the body and also greatly improves the handling performance of Xingmai. Not only that, the high-tech all-terrain visual interface allows the Range Rover Velar to use advanced technology to drive all-terrain road conditions in a more elegant and calm state.

Range Rover Velar enjoys an elegant driving experience

Since its launch, the Range Rover Velar has not only received great recognition from consumers around the world, but also won the “2018 China’s Annual Design Car” and “2018 China’s Annual SUV” and “2018 World Design Car of the Year” and many other heavyweight awards.

Range Rover Velar perfectly interprets the integration of engineering and minimalist design aesthetics, simple and elegant design, forward-looking and rich technology, outstanding and comprehensive performance, this “SUV-shaped artwork” will help more tasteful Appreciators start their own avant-garde life.