Twelve major platforms help Chery’s new retail first model Tiggo 7i officially launched

On June 28, the first product Tiggo 7i launched by Chery Automobile New Retail was sold in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank of China, Ping An Bank, Autohome, SF Express, Yixin, Souche, Uxin, Tuanche, Peanut Haoche, Suning Auto, and Dianchedi were officially launched under the witness of twelve platforms. So far, Chery’s new retail journey will reach a new level. As the beginning of Chery’s new retail, Tiggo 7i has an official guide price of 115,800 yuan, is equipped with a 1.5T engine that meets the National VI standard, and has achieved a number of configuration upgrades. At the same time, Chery Automobile provides triple car purchase privileges for the Tiggo 7i model.

Twelve major platforms help Chery's new retail first model Tiggo 7i officially launched

Twelve major platforms help Chery's new retail first model Tiggo 7i officially launched

The atmosphere catches the eyes, the flowing water body creates a young storm

In terms of appearance, Tiggo 7i follows the design of the classic Tiggo 7 as a whole, adopts HDS spiritual dynamic water flow body design, and cooperates with the wave-breaking double waistline design, the overall appearance is more agile and elegant, and the trident lens it adopts The headlights and tiger-claw matrix LED taillights continue the recognition of the family design while integrating the beauty of natural rhythm. With the embellishment of the high-gloss black spoiler, the sporty genes of the whole car come out.

Twelve major platforms help Chery's new retail first model Tiggo 7i officially launched

In terms of interior, the new Tiggo 7i is based on the Tiggo 7 FLY model, which highlights the texture of the whole vehicle. The new leather-wrapped three-spoke steering wheel and its 2670mm wheelbase make the driving comfort and sense of space even better. In addition, the brand-new slush-plastic instrument panel, with its delicate texture, further improves the overall interior grade. In terms of creating a sense of technology in the vehicle, Tiggo 7i is equipped with a 9-inch mobile phone interconnected large screen, which shows the charm of technology even more.

Drive freely, more youthful rhythm

With the opening of new retail channels, Tiggo 7i is equipped with Chery’s classic 1.5T+6DCT gold power that meets the National VI standard in order to satisfy the willful new generation who dare to try new things. Combined, the maximum power can reach 115Kw, the maximum torque can reach 230N m, you can have surging power with a light step on the accelerator, not only that, it has the ultimate experience of 10.2s acceleration from 100 kilometers, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 6.9L, so that users don’t have to worry about fuel consumption during long-distance driving, the burden of using the car is less, and the driving experience is more comfortable, truly taking into account high-efficiency power and fuel economy.

Twelve major platforms help Chery's new retail first model Tiggo 7i officially launched

Tiggo 7i is based on Chery Jaguar Land Rover’s international standard T1X platform to create a super sports chassis tuning, it has off-road 210mm ground clearance, and the same level of suspension as the Land Rover Evoque platform, allowing users to easily Conquer all kinds of complex road conditions and truly feel the passion brought by driving. At the same time, Tiggo 7i is also equipped with functions such as one-button start + keyless entry, EPB + Autohold automatic parking system, EPS electronic power steering, etc., making driving more comfortable and delivering driving fun efficiently.

Twelve major platforms help Chery's new retail first model Tiggo 7i officially launched

Safe and worry-free, it escorts you all the way

As for the most important safety in driving, Tiggo 7i inherits the excellent safety gene of Tiggo 7 “five-star safety SUV”, equipped with ultra-high-strength hot-formed steel and integrated cage body, and cooperates with more than 2,000 tests carried out in the development stage. Secondary CAE simulation analysis, hardware level, all-round package guarantees driving safety performance.

Twelve major platforms help Chery's new retail first model Tiggo 7i officially launched

In addition to hardware quality, Tiggo 7i is equipped with TPMS intelligent tire pressure monitoring and Bosch’s ninth-generation ESP system and other intelligent safety driving assistance, which can prevent the vehicle from going out of control (deviating from the designated driving track) to the greatest extent. Avoid driving accidents. In addition, Tiggo 7i is simultaneously equipped with double insurance of reversing camera and reversing radar, as well as four-door one-button lifting function, which effectively guarantees the travel safety of users and their families and makes travel life easier.

Smart upgrades, new lifestyles within reach

In addition to three-dimensional upgrades in appearance, power, and safety, today’s consumers have increasingly rich demand for automotive smart technology configurations. Tiggo 7i relies on its new retail thinking to create an all-round smart travel companion.

The brand-new Tiggo 7i is equipped with a 9-inch high-definition touch screen, which supports CarPlay/CarLife (iOS, Android) and other mobile phone interconnections, intelligent accompanying, one-key control. The car is also equipped with a precise voice interaction system, which can support the recognition of 46 dialects, and the Mandarin recognition rate is close to 100%, making driving more comfortable and at ease.

Twelve major platforms help Chery's new retail first model Tiggo 7i officially launched

The streaming media rearview mirror upgraded with the car configuration can realize multiple functions such as two-way recording before and after driving, ADAS lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, ultra-clear night vision, reversing image, electronic anti-glare, etc., to avoid scratches and ensure driving around the clock Safety. In addition, the imagined electric rear door equipped with it, in addition to the traditional key remote control and button opening, is also newly added to kick the sensor to open. When returning from shopping in the mall, the rear door can be easily opened, reducing the embarrassment and difficulty of finding the key to open the door. troubled.

New retail starts, new attitude creates a new chapter

With the widespread application of mobile Internet, mobile payment, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the essence of retail “people and goods” has been constantly changing. In terms of cost and efficiency, the current traditional car sales model has become increasingly The more difficult it is to adapt to the needs of the market, operators, and consumers. In order to better get close to users and create the development of scenario-based marketing, Chery took the lead in trying the new retail business of automobiles, actively expanded cooperation channels, enriched marketing scenarios, and leveraged the multi-party marketing model. The blessing is to effectively solve the marketing blind spots under the traditional model. This initiative to embrace and integrate into the changes brought about by the Internet will further boost Chery’s sales growth in 2019.

As the mainstay of Chinese auto brands, Chery Automobile has 22 years of technology accumulation and the trust of more than 7.5 million users around the world. Adhering to the vision of “Building an Excellent Brand with Ingenuity”, Chery Automobile has been targeting young consumers who have grown up in the digital environment. Transform to younger, smarter and more connected. With mature and reliable product performance, Tiggo 7 has established a good reputation for high quality and high performance in the market at the same level since its launch in 2016. This time, Tiggo 7i accurately grasped the car buying needs of young people, and provided more value-added choices for consumers who pursue quality of life. With the launch of Tiggo 7i, the pace of Chery’s product deployment is accelerating, and the market performance is worth looking forward to.