2019 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting radio communication rules and public frequency announcement

1. Competition communication

1. Teams participating in the T3 Desert Challenge and Tengger Challenge, team leaders and personnel staying at the base camp must be familiar with the radio frequency used by the team. In case of cross-frequency interference, inform the teammates and family members staying at the base camp of the new frequency in time.

2. During the desert long-distance race and after the closing time of the track, if it is difficult to communicate with the racing car, the communication team will use the directional antenna and high-power radio to call the team from the Helan Mountain base station after receiving the team’s request The frequency used to obtain geographic location information. Please look out for emergency calls from the direction of Helan Mountain. When communicating, move the vehicle to a high place and face the antenna as a whole in the direction of Helan Mountain, which will improve the communication effect.

3. Emergency call frequency for competitions: 438.025Mhz (same frequency for sending and receiving) . During the competition on this frequency, the communication support team will listen and answer the whole process. When a car or team encounters an emergency, priority will be given to answering.

4. Each car in the Tengger Challenge must be equipped with a confirmed and reliable on-board radio. The three cars of the T3 team must be equipped with reliable on-board radios. It is recommended that each team carry at least 1-2 spare high-gain antennas.

5. Before leaving for the Heroes Club, please overhaul the antenna and feeder system. If emergency maintenance is needed before the game, technicians from the communication team and Yaesu YAESU company can use instruments to test the important indicators of the radio system at the command center of the base camp.

For consultation and answering questions about radio equipment, please contact:

Tiantuo Radio, Tel/WeChat 18963103266

Yixin Communication, Tel/WeChat 18209606999

7. It is recommended that each team has a satellite phone, which can be used at any time in an emergency. Each CP check-in point on the track is also equipped with a satellite phone. Shenzhen Tianhai World Satellite Communication Technology Co., Ltd. will provide 10 emergency satellite phones, which will be provided to the competitors traveling near the CP point for free calls in case of emergency. For satellite phone rental, purchase and technical consultation, please contact Skysea World Company: 18025339999

2. Daily communication of conference affairs

★During the whole process of the event from October 1st to 6th, the broadcast frequency of the command and conference information radio station is 438.025Mhz (the same frequency for sending and receiving)

★The FM100.1 Alxa Heroes Association Radio Station in the base camp area will also simultaneously release important conference affairs notices, event notices, schedules, event announcements, notices of missing objects, and notices of missing persons. Can be listened to on car radio or handheld radio.

★Participants can listen to the above-mentioned frequency points to know the real-time conference information broadcast, which is convenient for understanding the schedule and all conference and event broadcast information.

★In view of the importance of the 438.025Mhz frequency, it is related to the personal safety of the racers. All car owners and members participating in the meeting must not occupy this frequency for daily general affairs communication.

★The team leaders of each team and the moderators participating in the meeting, while listening to their own frequency, please use the double watch function of the radio to listen to the 438.025Mhz frequency, so as to obtain the information of the meeting in time.

★In the office area of ​​the communication group of the command center, the communication group will cooperate with Yaesu YAESU brand technicians to provide free radio system testing and technical consulting services. There is a dual-mode relay station sponsored by the YAESU brand in the area from Bayanhot Town to the base camp for members to use. The publicized frequency parameters are: C4FM digital mode/analog mode, dual mode: 439.600-5 (down difference 5Mhz) subsonic 88.5Hz in analog mode . Members of the off-road e-family can use this frequency point freely. When users are crowded, please queue up in order to make calls.

Communication Guarantee Team of the 14th Alxa Heroes Association

September 13, 2019

2019 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting radio communication rules and public frequency announcement