Announcement No. 1 of the 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting in 2019

Announcement No. 1 of the 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting in 2019

For thirteen years, we have been as always! Going through both wind and rain, what remains unchanged is the original intention; forging ahead, what is remembered is the dream.

After continuous exploration and transformation, heroes will develop and grow in their efforts. Alxa Heroes Club will always be the hero club of off-road people, it will continue our blood and feelings, and we will never change!

——In this golden autumn season, the 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting of 2019 will come as promised——

Announcement No. 1 of the 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting in 2019

The Hero Club has become the totem in the hearts of off-roaders, and the Tengger Desert has long been the deepest concern in everyone’s heart. The eye-catching 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting will be held on October 1-5, 2019 in the Tengger Desert of Alxa, Inner Mongolia.

This year’s Heroes Club will further improve the new model in which organizations of the cross-country e-family community system participate in camp planning and operation activities. Different from the previous ones, this year’s camping experience is more focused on improving the experience of desert camping, focusing on creating project experience content for different regions and groups of people, including immersive experience carnival in the cultural and entertainment sector in the core area and construction of community-style social scenes for accommodation, etc., starting from the guidance of entering the park, The enrichment of experience content and the clarification of consumption guidelines have been upgraded and expanded in many aspects.

Announcement No. 1 of the 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting in 2019

Base camp site plan

The 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting in 2019 is composed of core events, themed activities, cultural and entertainment matrix, and camp interaction. Among them, there are many projects including T3 series events, off-road e-family car expo, little heroes meeting, off-road e-family SUV grand ceremony, Dreamland electronic music festival, desert art palace, “Taste of Inner Mongolia” cultural tourism industry conference, hero praise fireworks ceremony, etc. . With a more humanized venue and camp environment and infrastructure supporting services, richer cultural and entertainment activities, and a more complete sports venue, each participant will have a different experience, so that this year’s Heroes will be held again.

Announcement No. 1 of the 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting in 2019

conference schedule

October 1

Heroes will start camp

Register and enter the campsite

Off-Road e-family Auto Expo (1-5 days)

Little Heroes Club (1-5 days)

Alashan Heroes Club Motorcycle Stunt Show (1-5 days)

Hero Praise Fireworks Ceremony (1-2 days)

Palace of Desert Art – Gobi Paradise (1-5 days)

Alxa Heroes Club Alien Camp (1-4 days)

Alxa Heroes Aviation Carnival (1-5 days)

Alxa Heroes Equestrian Show (1-5 days)

MIR Mirage Palace Feast (1-3 days)

Alxa Heroes Association International Food Festival (1-5 days)

(Note: The follow-up of the same activities every day will not be listed one by one)

October 2

Register and enter the campsite

opening ceremony

Rock Challenge Track Experience

Car drift exhibition competition (2-5 days)

Dreamland Electronic Music Festival (2-4 days)

Beasts Solo Music Festival (2-5 days)

(Note: The follow-up of the same activities every day will not be listed one by one)

October 3

T3 Desert Challenge Qualifying

Tengger Challenge Preliminaries

ATV Grand Prix Prelims

Rock Challenge T1 Group Competition

October 4

T3 relay race

Tengger Challenge Final

ATV Grand Prix Final

Rock Challenge T2 Group Competition

October 5

T3 Desert Challenge Final

Heroes Awards Gala

Announcement No. 1 of the 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting in 2019

Event planning

This year’s Heroes Club has planned 7 major events. In addition to the traditional Heroes Club T3 Desert Challenge, there are also T3 Relay Race, Tengger Challenge, All-Terrain Vehicle Challenge, Rock Challenge, Car Drift Exhibition and Motorcycle Exhibition. The 7 major events have built a more complete hero event system. Whether you are a professional racer or a cross-country enthusiast, you can find a project that suits you.

T3 Desert Challenge (Team 3 challenge)

As the most important traditional event of the Hero Club, the T3 Challenge has always been the desert event with the highest participation and the most emphasis on teamwork. This year’s T3 Challenge will pay more attention to participation and popularity. The well-designed stages will allow everyone to enjoy the beautiful desert scenery while competing intensely. This year’s Heroes T3 Challenge still adopts the method of preliminaries + finals. The preliminaries are qualifying rounds, and the races will start in the order of registration on the track of the five-star stadium. Three cars competed in the final, circled around the five-star arena, and then entered the desert long-distance stage.

T3 Relay (Team 3 Relay)

It is one of the T3 series. The T3 relay race maintains the traditional configuration of 3 team members, and the team members compete with other teams in the field in the form of relay passing. The T3 relay race has multiple groups and multiple vehicles, which is extremely confrontational and interesting.


It makes it easier for fans to participate and allows professional players to show their strength more freely. The Tengger Desert Challenge has been loved by people since its birth. This year’s Tengger Desert Challenge adopts the method of preliminaries + finals. The final track is a circular pure desert terrain.

All Terrain Vehicle Grand Prix (ATGP)

Born out of the Hero Club TA Desert Challenge, ATGP is an event specially created for high-end UTVs. With the evolution of the track and competition system, ATGP has become a unique and popular competition. This year’s All-Terrain Vehicle Grand Prix adopts the method of preliminaries + finals, and the track is a circular desert terrain.

Rock challenge

As the first cross-country event of rock climbing in China, the Rock Challenge has been successfully held for six times. Because of its extremely challenging, entertaining and ornamental features, it has aroused great enthusiasm for participation and attention. The brand-new rock climbing track is located in the rock climbing track of Alxa Dream Desert Park. There are four stages from easy to difficult. In order to fully reflect the inclusiveness of the climbing competition, the competition is divided into two types: the extreme climbing competition and the devil climbing competition.

car drift show

The car drifting exhibition race is held on the east side of Heroes Avenue all day long, with no restrictions on displacement and models.

motorcycle show

The locomotive exhibition race is held in the infield around the clock and from time to time, with no restrictions on displacement and models.

Announcement No. 1 of the 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting in 2019

main activities

Off-road e-family auto expo

It is a national iconic automobile event that integrates many activities of Heroes Automobile, modification and leisure exhibition. A large number of international elements, concepts and models will be injected to present a grand international large-scale auto outdoor industry exhibition for the hero meeting.

little heroes

The off-road paradise for the new off-road generation, playing sand, racing, camping, will give you a unique and wonderful childhood.

Off-road e family SUV grand ceremony

In order to maintain better communication between manufacturers and users, the off-road e-family integrates resources from the government, enterprises, media, users, etc., and strives to create the “annual off-road e-family SUV ceremony”, focusing on industry-leading products in the vertical field of SUVs , with professional selection, deepen the communication between users and manufacturers, help users understand the brand value, product and service advantages of manufacturers, and help SUV manufacturers start the future marketing battle.

Dreamland Music Festival

The stage shape is full of the visual sense of a sci-fi blockbuster, and the whole stage beauty is a legend that cannot be concealed by the desert wind and sand in terms of scale and sophistication. The utopian land in the Tengger Desert, the magnificent artistic modeling dance scenery film, the unique super pyrotechnics and flame special effects. The top electronic music festival IP at home and abroad has settled in, 4 special stages, 1 super stage, 5 days and 4 nights of carnival, a venue capacity of millions of people, and top brand activities on site. The future development is highly anticipated by the public.

Alxa Heroes Club Alien Camp

Taking the creative market as the main body of activities, it integrates interactive links such as street performances, street art, and cultural exchanges. Music, culture, life and many other opposites. Interpret a new way of life for the people.

Alxa Heroes Association Aviation Carnival

The aviation cultural tourism activities with the theme of aerobatics show the world’s top aerobatics to over one million audiences. The Alashan Heroes Club’s flight performances are mainly aerobatics, hot air balloons, drone night shows, skydiving, etc., which add luster to the Heroes Club and celebrate its birthday.

Alxa Heroes Club Equestrian Show

Equestrian performances are riders performing various difficult movements on horseback, including more than 30 stunts such as single or multiple handstands, waist standing, crossing people, and standing people.

MIR Mirage Palace Feast

Cold meals + cocktails + charity auction + models + uniform temptation + MC/DJ + Mongolian special programs + games.

Alxa International Food Festival

Gallop in the desert to talk about heroes, and taste delicious food on the road of heroes! Alxa International Food Festival has 6 themed exhibition areas and 240 booths to challenge your taste buds.

CERC China Electric Racing Championship

CERC China Electric Racing Championship is the largest electric racing event in China and the first professional electric racing event at the “national” level in China.

Alashan Heroes Club (China, Russia and Mongolia) International E-sports Invitational Tournament

Announcement No. 1 of the 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting in 2019


In addition to the above-mentioned major events and activities, there will also be a Hero Praise Fireworks Ceremony, Alashan Heroes Club Parade Festival, Beast Solo Music Festival, Inner Mongolia Cultural Tourism Industry Conference and Desert Strange Rock Festival, Alxa Heroes Club Equestrian Show, Alxa Heroes Club Starry Sky Tent Community, Passionate UTV Wrangler Experience, Happy Desert Parent-child Experience Park and other various desert experience projects, entertainment projects and living service functions are equipped, and the rich conference activities integrate all aspects of entertainment and life.

Announcement No. 1 of the 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting in 2019

Member Registration Guide

There is no registration fee for Hero Club registration, but you need to purchase insurance and get a car sticker.

Hero Club sightseeing registration and event registration will start soon, so stay tuned!

For details of the competition, please refer to the No. 2 announcement to be released in mid-September. Information about the planning map of the further base camp, camp guide, life, transportation, board and lodging, conference affairs, etc. will be released in the No. 3 announcement (participation guide) in late September.


Announcement No. 1: Overall Planning and Description

Announcement No. 2: Competition Rules and Registration

Announcement No. 3: Participant Guide

The 2019 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting off-road e family official commemorative T-shirt is on pre-sale, click on the picture below to book and purchase in advance.

Announcement No. 1 of the 14th Alxa Heroes Meeting in 2019