BMW Group continues to strengthen its product offensive at the 2019 Chengdu International Auto Show

At the 2019 Chengdu International Auto Show, the BMW Group once again demonstrated a strong product offensive, bringing numerous models of the BMW, BMW M and BMW i brands to the stage, demonstrating the latest achievements of BMW’s accelerated implementation of the “2+4” China strategy. The new BMW 7 Series Huacai Customized Limited Edition is honorably launched, and the national limit is only 70 units. This car renders the ultimate style of BMW personalized customization, showing the luxury and aesthetic realm of the integration of BMW brand and Chinese traditional culture; innovative BMW X7 personalized customization The limited edition provides customers with a more personalized and emotional experience; the domestic innovative BMW X2 made its debut, and its unique character opened up the compact luxury all-round coupe market segment, leading the trend of personalized car consumption increasingly dominated by the post-90s and post-00s; The best-selling BMW X1 in its class is ushering in a mid-term facelift, which has been significantly upgraded from the outside to the inside. The stronger product strength will further consolidate the leading position of the X1 in the compact luxury SUV segment; the new BMW 5 Series has once again enhanced its luxury and individuality , reflecting BMW’s accurate response to changes in customer needs from different perspectives.

BMW Group continues to strengthen its product offensive at the 2019 Chengdu International Auto Show

BMW is launching its strongest product offensive since entering the Chinese market. 2019 is known as “The Year of BMW X”, “The Year of BMW Sports” and “The Year of BMW Large Luxury Cars”. BMW’s new products are frequently launched in various market segments. At the same time, the lineup of domestic models is also unprecedentedly strong. Following the customer-oriented market and product strategy, the BMW Group continues to innovate, deeply implements local strategies, and continuously creates models that meet different consumer needs, making the BMW brand image more distinctive and full of charm.

The new BMW 7 Series Huacai customized limited edition, a large luxury car that continues to sharpen the BMW brand image 

At this year’s auto show, BMW has created two completely customized models based on the fully upgraded flagship model, the new BMW 7 Series. Based on BMW’s flagship luxury quality and century-old craftsmanship, it incorporates representative Chinese elements and interprets modern luxury trends and contemporary customers. A deep understanding of demand is an important implementation of BMW’s “in China, for China” strategy. Among them, the new BMW 7 Series Huacai Huiyao Collection Edition is an art car specially customized for China by BMW and Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, which combines the highest state of oriental aesthetics and BMW’s top luxury craftsmanship. The New BMW 7 Series Huacai Customized Limited Edition is inspired by art collections and is limited to 70 units for the Chinese market. Dr. Liu Zhi, President of BMW (China) Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., said when introducing this limited edition model: “BMW believes that for contemporary Chinese customers, luxury should have distinctive personality, cutting-edge innovation, and high-end quality. Luxury is the ultimate sensory experience. The car is an extension of personalization. The launch of the 7 Series Huacai Custom Limited Edition is BMW’s clear response to the top luxury needs of Chinese customers.”

BMW Group continues to strengthen its product offensive at the 2019 Chengdu International Auto Show

The New BMW 7 Series Huacai Custom Limited Edition combines traditional Chinese landscape painting to convey BMW’s personalized luxury mood. The specially designed “70” limited-edition emblem is located on the B-pillar of the car body and many places in the car. With the pattern of dragons soaring all over the world and heaven and earth consummating, it conveys auspicious and beautiful meanings, and fully shows the majestic spirit of being the only one. The exterior paint of the car body is selected from more than 100 colors in festive and unobtrusive BMW personalized custom aventurine red, and it is equipped with 20-inch double-spoke aluminum alloy wheels from M760Li. The interior is equipped with contrasting two-color smoke white and black, highlighting elegance and high quality. 6 pieces of high-grade wood veneer panels are inlaid with freehand landscape patterns and the “70” limited edition emblem logo, and the same landscape and emblem patterns are also patterned on 4 headrests.

Innovative BMW X7 personalized customization limited edition, elegant customization exudes individual charm

As the first full-size luxury sports utility vehicle (SAV) of the BMW Group, the innovative BMW X7 launched in April combines exclusive luxury, eye-catching super large space, top-level interior design, advanced configuration, unprecedented comfortable driving experience, The combination of industry-leading digital technology and services brings luxury to a new level, and is highly praised by Chinese luxury car users. On the basis of hot sales, BMW Group has insight into the pursuit of personalized and exclusive luxury experience by large luxury car users, and launched the innovative BMW X7 Personalized Limited Edition, injecting a unique style of personalized customization into it. This model is limited to 400 units, 200 units each for the luxury package version and the M sports package version.

BMW Group continues to strengthen its product offensive at the 2019 Chengdu International Auto Show

The luxury suit and M sports suit of this customized limited-edition model are painted in personalized customized amethyst and tanzanite blue respectively, and the noble color scheme is supplemented by 22-inch wheels, highlighting the majestic momentum of the leading model of the BMW X family. In the car, BMW’s personalized customized leather center console and truffle brown personalized customized Merino extended leather further strengthen the exclusive experience and take its already superior luxury and comfort to a higher level.

The all-new BMW 8 Series, exploring the highest state of modern luxury

During the auto show, the powerful new BMW 8 Series family lineup consisted of the new BMW 8 Series four-door coupe, coupe, convertible and the new BMW M8. A total of 9 models were launched in Chengdu. As another masterpiece of BMW’s “Year of Large Luxury Cars”, the all-new BMW 8 Series integrates an elegant and dynamic new design language, the richest standard configuration in its class, the most passionate driving experience, the most intelligent digital interconnection, The most advanced driving assistance technology, as well as the provision of high-end personalized customization services for customers and other six major highlights at the same level, redefine “modern luxury” and further strengthen BMW’s strong leadership and competition in the large luxury car segment force.

The new BMW 8 Series adopts BMW’s new design language, interpreting modern sports aesthetics. The most abundant standard configurations in its class, such as Merino leather decoration, intelligent dynamic ambient light, bright crystal texture interior components, etc., bring luxury to a new level. The most passionate driving experience in its class, the 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder engine derived from BMW TwinPowerTurbo turbocharged technology can achieve a maximum power output of 250 kW and a maximum torque of 500 Nm. The new BMW M8 Coupe Thunder The new version is equipped with a 4.4-liter V8 engine, and the acceleration from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers is as low as 3.2 seconds, which is comparable to a super sports car. The most intelligent digital interconnection and the most innovative driving technology at the same level, including the new seventh-generation BMW iDrive human-computer interaction system, BMW intelligent personal assistant, BMW digital key, RSU remote software upgrade function, etc., industry-leading professional driving assistance system It also has the unique function of freeing hands at low speed and following the car at the same level.

Innovative BMW X 2, a new concept leading the market segment trend

This year’s auto show ushered in the innovative BMW X2, the seventh domestically-made BMW brand model. Regarding this, Dr. Wei Lande, President and CEO of BMW Brilliance, said: “We started to produce BMW cars in China 16 years ago. , fans and partners started an extraordinary journey. Today, we are proud of the debut of the seventh domestically-produced model, the innovative BMW X2, which will meet the consumer needs of customers in the Chinese market who pursue individualization.”

BMW Group continues to strengthen its product offensive at the 2019 Chengdu International Auto Show

Innovative BMW X2 breaks the boundary between coupe and sports utility coupe (SAV) with its innovative model concept, creating a market segment of compact luxury all-round coupe. There are unique and stylish innovative design elements and BMW M elements inside and outside the body, and the M off-road suit and M sports suit further sharpen the individual style. At the same time, the integrated M sports seats equipped for the first time present a very strong sporty style.

BMW Group continues to strengthen its product offensive at the 2019 Chengdu International Auto Show

The new car has a wealth of digital configurations to meet the preferences of young users. Full-color head-up display system, 10.25-inch central touch display, natural voice control system, wireless Apple CarPlay, Baidu CarLife, etc. are all unique or best configurations in its class. The luxury configuration includes the best 12-channel Harman Kardon audio in its class, the unique 6-color ambient light in its class, and the largest panoramic sunroof in its class as a standard configuration. The innovative BMW X2 also has unparalleled dynamic driving performance in the market segment. The efficiency of the overall optimized BMW 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter turbocharged engines has been improved again, and the two-wheel drive model is equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox for the first time, which significantly improves efficiency and fuel economy.

The new BMW X1, significantly upgraded internally and externally to strengthen its leading edge

The second-generation BMW X1 continues to maintain its leading position in the market segment by virtue of its comprehensive leading quality and performance, luxury configuration, comfort and practicality beyond its class. Today, the BMW X1 is ushering in a mid-term facelift, with significant changes in the appearance of the body, a comprehensive upgrade in interior and configuration, and it is bound to reap greater success. Mr. Gao Xiang, Senior Vice President of Marketing of BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd. said: “Over the years, BMW has invested a lot of energy in researching the fast-growing Chinese market and its customer preferences, and constantly meeting customers’ high expectations through new models, new designs and new technologies. After the mid-term facelift, the X1 has become more powerful, more interconnected and more luxurious than the X family, which is based on BMW’s understanding and respect for Chinese customers.”

BMW Group continues to strengthen its product offensive at the 2019 Chengdu International Auto Show

The design language of the new BMW X family has brought significant changes, making the new car more imposing, including a wider air intake grille with a unified central part, newly designed headlights and taillights, and extremely tense front and rear bumpers, etc. . Rich digital configurations expand a broader digital life for users, such as 10.25-inch central touch display, full-color head-up display system, natural voice control, wireless Apple CarPlay, etc. The BMW Connected Driving System also introduces Baidu CarLife, a third-party cooperation for the first time. Through this application, Android users and iOS system users can freely connect their mobile phones and vehicles, and obtain third-party audio entertainment items such as Baidu Navigation, Baidu Radio, and QQ Music. Voice assistant service, or rich functions such as parking, refueling, violation of regulations or restaurant inquiries. The new model is equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox for the 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter two-wheel drive models, and a combination of the 2.0-liter four-wheel drive model and the 8-speed automatic manual gearbox. An easy and fun ride is guaranteed in all weathers.

BMW Group continues to strengthen its product offensive at the 2019 Chengdu International Auto Show

As the highest-end model of the X1 car series, the BMW X1 plug-in hybrid is also undergoing a mid-term facelift simultaneously, and it also adopts the new BMW X family design language and a larger 10.25-inch central touch display. Its 811 ternary lithium-ion high-voltage battery can provide the vehicle with a pure electric cruising range of up to 110 kilometers.

The product offensive is in full swing, responding to the needs of Chinese customers from multiple angles

BMW’s comprehensive development of various product lines highlights BMW’s high focus on the needs of Chinese customers and its customer-centric nature. At this auto show, BMW 5 Series added three new models, 530Li Executive Luxury Package/M Sports Package, 530i Fashion Edition M Sports Package, and 540i Fashion Edition M Sports Package. Consumers are offered more choices. The 530Li executive model is equipped with Bowers & Wilkins surround sound with diamond tweeters as standard, starry sky roof and many other unique configurations at the same level, highlighting the essence of luxury; the two new standard wheelbase models are available in personalized frosted polar gray , Personalized Matte Crystal White, Champagne Crystal and Tanzanite Blue and other four brand-new BMW personalized customized colors, the sporty nature is clear at a glance, and the individual style is more prominent.

BMW has always paid close attention to the needs of Chinese customers, attached importance to China’s pioneering trend of leading consumption trends and future travel trends, and continuously promoted the steady implementation of China’s strategy. The company maintains a positive growth momentum, with joint ventures expanding and deepening success. Changes are everywhere, and the market remains challenging. Focusing on customers and backed by innovation strength, BMW is driving sustainable success forward under the clear “2+4” strategic plan.