BMW X2 debut, BMW will bring a variety of new models to the 2019 Chengdu International Auto Show

At the upcoming 2019 Chengdu International Auto Show, the BMW Group will fully demonstrate its strong innovation strength, brand leadership and the latest achievements in in-depth localization, and bring more distinctive new models of the BMW and BMW M brands. users with more choices. BMW hailed 2019 as “the year of large luxury cars”, “the year of sports” and “the year of X”, and at the same time launched an unprecedented and powerful product offensive.

At this year’s auto show, BMW continued to make efforts in the field of large luxury cars, and launched a limited edition of the new BMW 7 Series Huacai, which is limited to only 70 units. The highly personalized customization service for flagship models not only demonstrates the innovative gene and customer-centric brand spirit of the BMW brand, but also an important manifestation of BMW’s implementation of its strategy in and for China. Two innovative BMW X7 personalized customized limited edition models will also debut at the BMW booth, limited to 200 units each, customized based on luxury suits and M sports suits, with exclusive appearance and interior configurations. Luxury package models are equipped with personalized customized amethyst color and 22-inch Y-shaped two-color wheels, and M sports package models are equipped with personalized customized tanzanite blue and 22-inch V-shaped two-color wheels, which are more atmospheric and unique. The two models are also equipped with BMW’s personalized leather center console and customized truffle brown extended Merino leather interior, creating an exclusive and luxurious driving atmosphere.

BMW X2 debut, BMW will bring a variety of new models to the 2019 Chengdu International Auto Show

The seventh domestic model of the BMW brand, the innovative BMW X2, will debut in China at the Chengdu Auto Show. As another market leader of the BMW X family, the innovative BMW X2 has set a new benchmark for trendy aesthetics at the same level. The new car not only provides the M off-road package unique to the BMW X family, but also adds the M sports package to meet the individual needs of different users. The new car will also be equipped with integrated M sports seats for the first time, bringing an extremely strong sports atmosphere to the new car. The innovative BMW X2 comes for young consumers who dare to break through the tradition and pursue trendy quality. It is equipped with technological configurations such as a 10.25-inch touchable central display, a full-color head-up display system, and natural voice recognition. It is worth mentioning that the domestic X2 is also the first BMW model to be equipped with the function of USB connection to Baidu Carlife, combined with Apple CarPlay wireless connection, to open up the two camps of smartphones and create a more intelligent car life for young users.

The mid-term facelift of the BMW X1 incorporates many innovative elements, such as new headlights and taillights that interpret modern aesthetics, a larger-sized air intake grille that creates a heroic look, and large-sized bilateral exhaust that presents a strong sporty temperament. Tailpipe etc. At the same time, the new car incorporates more technological configurations and luxurious configurations. In addition to the same 10.25-inch touchable central display and Baidu Carlife interconnection functions as the X2, it is also equipped with electronic gear levers, etc., to better meet the needs of current consumers. car demands. In terms of power system, the new BMW X1 will be upgraded to adopt the latest 1.5T and 2.0T engines of the BMW Group, which have significantly improved efficiency and fuel economy, and are matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and an 8-speed automatic manual transmission respectively.

At this year’s Chengdu Auto Show, the BMW Group will also present a variety of new models, including the new BMW 5 Series and the mid-term remodeled BMW X1 plug-in hybrid mileage upgrade. Among them, the new BMW 5 Series sedan has added three new models, which not only greatly enhance the sense of luxury, but also bring more personalized choices for users, thereby further enhancing product strength, meeting the diversified demands of consumers, and continuing to lead the executive-level luxury sedan market. Market segments.

As the largest auto exhibition in Southwest China in 2019, Chengdu International Auto Show will surely set off another wave of climax at the end of summer. On September 5th, West China International Expo City, welcome to the BMW Group booth in Hall 14 to discover more exciting things.