DJI launches Osmo Action sports camera

DJI, the global leader in innovative imaging technology, officially released the Osmo Action camera, which fully demonstrates the strength of the “hard-core small camera” and helps users obtain high-quality images in various harsh shooting scenarios such as strenuous exercise, underwater, and low temperature. Shooting experience.

Osmo Action Camera is a new product launched by DJI for outdoor sports and video shooting enthusiasts. The innovative front and rear dual color screen design allows users to easily control the composition of selfies and bid farewell to blind shooting. The innovative RockSteady stabilization technology can be used to The advanced intelligent algorithm greatly reduces the violent shaking of the video screen during motion; it has 4K HDR video shooting function, which makes the picture more colorful and rich in details between light and dark; 11 meters of bare metal waterproof, the body is durable; and can pass Abundant accessories meet the shooting needs of different sports scenes and harsh environments. Whether it is daily activities such as jogging, cycling, and playing with pets, or extreme sports such as surfing, skydiving, and skiing, the Osmo Action Camera with its excellent shooting capabilities can inspire users to create more inspiration and show their dynamic side.

DJI launches Osmo Action sports camera

Luo Zhenhua, President of DJI, said: “DJI has always focused on product research and development, covering consumer-grade to professional imaging equipment, and is committed to providing professional and high-quality image shooting experience for users with different needs. Osmo Action Camera inherits DJI’s big Xinjiang Innovation’s rich experience in industrial design and image adjustment has continued the stable advantages of the Osmo series products, and designed it according to the needs of outdoor sports and video shooting enthusiasts. Its powerful image shooting capabilities, combined with front and rear dual The innovative design of the color screen, coupled with the durable body, is our latest technological gift for outdoor sports and video shooting enthusiasts around the world.”

Front and rear dual color screen design, handy for sports selfies

The Osmo action camera adopts a front and rear dual color screen design, a 2.25-inch rear touch screen and a 1.4-inch front screen to meet users’ composition needs in different scenes and angles. The innovative front color screen design is an excellent design to meet the needs of users for selfies in different scenes and environments. It perfectly presents the selfie shots for users, and no longer has to worry about losing control of expressions when paragliding, or poor composition when taking pictures with fish schools in the underwater world . The front and rear dual color screen design is also more in line with the current trend of video blogging, which can help users better record and share their travel experiences and life anecdotes in the form of vlog.

DJI launches Osmo Action sports camera

Both the front and rear screens of the Osmo Action Camera use a 750cd/m² high-brightness screen, which can be displayed clearly even under strong light. The rear screen has a pixel density of 325ppi, and the display effect is delicate and vivid; and it uses an oleophobic and hydrophobic AF coating, which can quickly remove foreign objects on the screen by gently wiping. At the same time, the rear screen has a sensitive touch response capability and a smooth hand feel, bringing a comfortable operating experience.

New electronic stabilization function to record extraordinary moving images

The Osmo action camera is DJI’s first handheld video product that uses electronic image stabilization technology. The Osmo action camera adopts DJI’s newly developed RockSteady stabilization technology. Its unique filtering algorithm can eliminate jitter while preserving the camera’s steering movement, making the video picture smooth and smooth. DJI has been cultivating image stabilization technology for more than ten years. RockSteady is DJI’s breakthrough in EIS electronic stabilization technology, which can independently identify shakes in all directions and effectively eliminate them.

DJI launches Osmo Action sports camera

The Osmo action camera has a built-in 1/2.3-inch CMOS, which can shoot 4K 60fps video content at a maximum speed of 100Mbps and 12-megapixel photos. Osmo action camera adopts f2.8 large aperture, FOV145° wide-angle lens, and uses 3 custom-made aspheric lens designs, which can reduce the distortion of the picture while providing high-definition wide-angle vision, so as to obtain a more realistic video effect.

The Osmo action camera with excellent video shooting capabilities can record 4K HDR videos at a frame rate of up to 30fps, and can increase the dynamic range by up to 3 stops. In a high light ratio environment, the image details in shadow areas and highlight areas are preserved as much as possible to achieve bright and dark Natural color transitions between lights for clearer, truer video colors.

More friendly interaction, more comfortable control

During sports such as rock climbing and skydiving, it is often difficult for users to free up their hands to operate the device and switch between different shooting modes. In order to solve this problem and allow users to conveniently and quickly call commonly used functions, DJI has specially developed the Action OS efficient interactive system for the Osmo action camera, which greatly simplifies the user’s operation path through in-depth optimization of software and hardware.

The side of the Osmo action camera body is designed with a quick switch button, which can quickly switch between different shooting modes with a single press; users can also easily switch between the front and rear screens by long pressing the quick switch button or double-clicking the rear screen with two fingers. Osmo Action Camera also supports custom modes, users can preset shooting modes and parameters according to their preferences, and reuse them in subsequent shootings.

Another breakthrough in intelligent interaction is that the Osmo Action Camera can achieve screen-off standby and quick turn-on similar to smartphones. The Osmo action camera can continue to stand by with the screen off with low power consumption, and can be quickly woken up in one second, saving the boot time; when the user presses the shooting button when the phone is off or the screen is off, it can immediately start shooting and record Just open. In some special shooting scenarios, users can also choose to take pictures, record videos, and switch between front and rear screens through voice commands.

Intelligent shooting realizes creativity

As the latest product of the Osmo series, the Osmo Action Camera provides a variety of highly creative smart shooting functions, and users can complete creative video production with simple operations. The Osmo action camera can shoot 1080p 8x slow-motion shots, making the pictures more epic; supports full manual and semi-automatic flexible exposure control, supports up to 120 seconds long exposure, and can take creative light-painted photos; the time-lapse photography function makes the camera The recorded images are no longer monotonous; at the same time, the Osmo action camera has the function of continuous shooting at intervals, and can save RAW format to achieve a richer post-production space for time-lapse images.

Users can use mobile devices to operate the Osmo Action Camera through the DJI Mimo App to complete real-time image transmission, control the camera, set parameters, view shooting materials, etc.; they can also transfer the shooting materials to the mobile phone, and complete editing, soundtrack, etc. in DJI Mimo Post-production. DJI Mimo provides a variety of My Story quick editing templates, which can complete blockbuster editing without complicated operations.

DJI launches Osmo Action sports camera

Tough quality, no fear of harsh environmental challenges

The Osmo Action Camera measures only 65*42*35mm and weighs as low as 124g. It can continuously record 1080p 30fps video for up to 135 minutes, and 4K 60fps video for up to 66 minutes.

The Osmo action camera has good durability and is an ideal device for recording sports and adventure life. Its body design is strong and reliable, with dustproof and waterproof functions. The bare metal can reach 11 meters waterproof effect, so you are not afraid of accidents and falls in sports and life. The customized battery design and solid body allow it to stably complete shooting work in cold temperatures as low as -10°C and hot environments as high as 40°C, without fear of harsh environmental challenges.

DJI launches Osmo Action sports camera

Multi-accessory combination, release unlimited potential

The Osmo action camera is equipped with a variety of bases, charging butlers and other accessories to facilitate users to use the camera better. At the same time, the outer frame of the Osmo action camera provides a universal interface to adapt to a variety of third-party accessories currently on the market, fully meeting the user’s accessory application needs. In order to improve the loading and unloading experience of accessories, the Osmo action camera has a quick-release socket design, which can be loaded and unloaded with one hand, allowing users to quickly start shooting work.

Every tiny design of the Osmo action camera has been repeatedly polished to bring users a faster and more comfortable video shooting experience and higher quality video images. The release of the Osmo action camera has once again broadened the application scenarios of the Osmo brand handheld imaging products, bringing DJI a more comprehensive image shooting solution in the field of handheld imaging, and providing suitable video shooters with different hobbies. video products.