“Elevation” and “continuous axle shaft” have both [MU-X elevation + front axle axle correction kit]

As the saying goes, “Elevation is what I want; continuous half-axis is what I want; I can’t have both, what should I do?”

 Feedback from many Isuzu MU-X owners. Once the vehicle is lifted, the axle shaft always breaks, and it is the kind that repeats once and for all. Today, a car friend came to “have both the fish and the bear’s paw”.

1. PFD 2 inch rise 2.0 with tank nitrogen shock absorber set

2. Isuzu front axle axle angle correction kit

Ready to go and get to work! ! !

①Remove the thrust rod

Comparison of thrust rods (above: original car: raised suit)

②Remove the shock absorber and spring

Rear reduction comparison chart (above: shock absorber kit, lower: original car rear reduction)

Spring installed

The shock absorption is half completed (the gas tank is found to be installed in another location)

Front minus installation completed

Front air tank position

The installation of the rear subtraction thrust rod is completed

Angle Correction Kit Comparison (Left: Cool Stone New Product Right: Original Accessories)

Remove the original car screws

The removed screws need to be coated with screw fixing glue when they are reinstalled

raised height

OVER is over and you’re done! ! !