Haier COSMOPlat promotes “Sindar”, an ecological brand in the RV camping industry

A piece of green grass, with bonfires, tents, barbecue grills, RVs close by, people can not only enjoy the natural scenery, but also rest at ease, stealing a “half-day leisure”. On September 6, at the Haier COSMOPlat exhibition area of ​​the 2019 China (Chengdu) National RV Camping Exhibition, it was difficult for you to distinguish the scene in front of you from the real RV camping scene.

This expo, with the theme of “RV Outdoor Culture”, is co-sponsored by China Auto News and RV Times. At the meeting, Haier COSMOPlat launched the leading ecological brand “Sindar” in the RV camping industry, launched AI + 5G smart RV solutions, and an overall solution of “hardware + software + platform ecology” including smart RV + smart camping, unveiled the RV The mystery of the “new species” of smart travel, and the latest achievements of the platform-enabled RV were brought to the scene, attracting a large number of visitors to visit and experience.

Based on Haier’s practical achievements in co-constructing the RV ecology with the power of the Industrial Internet and helping the transformation and upgrading of China’s RV industry, COSMOPlat won the “Best Ecological Brand Award in China’s RV Industry” at the meeting.

Haier COSMOPlat promotes

Haier COSMOPlat launched the RV camping industry ecological brand “Sindar”

An overall solution for innovative RV smart travel

RV tourism is a leisure and vacation activity that is loved and welcomed by the majority of tourists, but it is still in its infancy in China. At present, many domestic companies only focus on the intelligent development of centralized control of in-vehicle equipment, but ignore the service and experience of users in the travel process. In order to break through this problem, Haier COSMOPlat has created RV intelligence through continuous exploration and practice. It is a “new species” of travel and provides an overall smart travel solution.

At this exhibition, Haier COSMOPlat restores the real RV use scene, brings the innovative achievements of “hardware + software + platform ecology” of smart RV + smart camp, and AI+5G smart RV solution, bringing users a brand new RV travel experience.

Haier COSMOPlat promotes

The industry’s first AI+5G smart RV solution

In the COSMOPlat exhibition area, everyone came forward to have a close experience and feel the charm of smart RV + smart camp. For example, for driving safety, COSMOPlat provides ADAS intelligent assisted driving functions for RVs, which can detect and remind users of dangerous behaviors such as drowsiness and distraction during driving. Multiple intelligent modes such as reading, sleeping, and security can be set to realize the voice control of the whole house; it can also intelligently interact with the campsite to realize convenient intelligent traffic and water and electricity supply, and solve the worries of users.

Haier COSMOPlat promotes

Haier’s COSMOPlat RV ecological brand provides users with customized services under the scene ecology

In fact, Haier COSMOPlat has differentiated a complete set of smart travel solutions, which is more like providing a smart housekeeper and travel companion for RVs. After the on-site experience, the audience said that COSMOPlat’s solution to assist RVs to provide full-process services has brought good news to RV enthusiasts.

Opening a new era of industrial empowerment RV camping tourism

In recent years, culture and tourism have gradually become “happiness industries” that improve people’s livelihood. The country has adopted a series of measures to promote the integrated development of the culture and tourism industry. Haier COSMOPlat actively responded to the call of the country and carried out innovative explorations in RV tourism, especially RV camping tourism.

Haier COSMOPlat promotes

Haier’s COSMOPlat RV ecological brand provides users with customized services under the scene ecology

At this exhibition, Haier COSMOPlat officially launched the ecological brand “Sindar” for the RV camping industry, which is positioned to create a user-centered and win-win ecological brand in the RV industry. As a global and industry-wide mass customization solution platform, COSMOPlat has opened up a new era of industry-enabled RV camping tourism through a convenient and intelligent RV and information platform and smart camping system.

In view of Haier COSMOPlat’s innovative achievements in the RV camping industry, at the meeting, three companies from Shandong, Sichuan, and Xinjiang signed contracts with COSMOPlat to jointly build Rongcheng Good Luck Corner Smart Camp, Jiuzhaigou Smart Camp, and Xinjiang Global RV Camp land. Among them, Haier COSMOPlat signed a contract with Shandong Rongcheng Municipal Government and Rongcheng Compass RV Co., Ltd. to jointly build the “Lucky Corner RV Ecological Camp”, which has become a great example of COSMOPlat’s cross-border empowerment.

Haier COSMOPlat promotes

Haier’s COSMOPlat RV ecological brand won the “Best Ecological Brand Award in China’s RV Industry”

As early as March of this year, Haier COSMOPlat assisted Compass in building a RV industrial park in South Korea, forming a Northeast Asian RV smart park with Rongcheng as the center and radiating Asia. Now, cooperating with the Rongcheng Municipal Government and Compass to build the Rongcheng Lucky Corner Camp and build the Sindar model camp, which marks that Haier COSMOPlat has built a RV ecosystem in Rongcheng from RV production to RV camping tourism, which will lead the development of the entire RV industry .

Under the guidance of the “Rendanheyi” model, Haier took the lead in starting the construction of an ecological brand in the era of the Internet of Things, realizing the upgrade from network appliances to scenarios to ecology (Smart Home Cloud), linking multi-dimensional resources around user needs, and providing users with scenarios Customized services under the ecology. Haier COSMOPlat focuses on solving the problems of users traveling in RVs by creating an ecological sub-platform of RV IoT, and comprehensively improves user experience. At the same time, it works closely with local governments to help localities develop tourism industries quickly and well, and contribute to the country’s construction of the cultural tourism industry.