In 2019, the campsites rose in a large area, and the RCJ RV and Camping Expo came into being

With the rapid growth of my country’s economic level, the income of the people continues to increase, the trend of mass tourism, national leisure, and individual travel is more obvious, and self-driving travel, independent travel, self-guided travel and other tourism methods are booming, and more requirements are put forward for tourism products and tourism services. high demands. As a new type of business that meets the needs of the individualized, characteristic, and individualized tourism market, car tourism camps are increasingly favored by the market. Accelerating the construction of car tourism camps is not only an effective way to deepen the structural reform of the tourism supply side and promote the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry, but also a need to improve the quality of life of the people, stimulate domestic demand and develop the daily service industry.

In 2019, the campsites rose in a large area, and the RCJ RV and Camping Expo came into being

In the past few years, the RV industry has been a tepid industry topic in my country. However, with the transformation and upgrading of tourism consumption, from 2016 to 2017, the sales volume of RVs in my country has increased from 18,600 to 20,832; in terms of output, the output of RVs in China has increased from 48,600 in 2016 to 69,432; Production and sales will usher in a big breakthrough.

The R&D and production of RVs are in full swing, and the construction of campsites has also accelerated. In the future, more than 4,000 standard campsites will be built in China within a few years. Among them, Yunnan, as a major tourist province in the country, launched the “Work Plan for the Construction of Automobile Tourism Camps in Yunnan Province” and mentioned that by 2020, it will strive to give priority to the construction of 178 automobile tourism camps along 32 high-quality self-driving tourism routes. On the one hand, it will drive the construction of more than 200 other types of car tourism camps, and the scale of the province’s car tourism camps will reach more than 400. All kinds of car tourism camps basically cover 32 high-quality self-driving travel routes and other travel routes.

A single tree does not make a forest, and a single thread does not make a thread. No matter how luxurious and durable the caravan is, no matter how beautiful the campsite is, if there is no strong alliance to integrate high-quality tourism routes and extend additional activities such as parent-child parks, study tours, themed sports events, etc., the consumption potential and vitality will not be maximized. . The birth of the RCJ RV Camping Expo is based on allowing more RV companies to communicate and learn, to popularize the promotion and development of camps, to fully integrate RV use and camp operations and other supporting industries, to create high-quality tourism projects, and to form a new RV , camping, and tourism are new ways to maximize the potential and vitality of new tourism consumption through the high-quality platform of the expo to assist in the integration of the RV camping tourism chain.

The first RCJ China International RV Camping and Self-driving Leisure Travel Expo will be held on October 1-3, 2019 at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, and the 2019 China International Travel Fair RCJ RV Camping Pavilion will be held on November 15, 2019 – On the 17th, it was grandly held at the Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center in Kunming, Yunnan Province. The exhibition is located in Dongguan, Guangdong and Kunming, Yunnan, which can deeply explore and expand the new tourism market in South China and Southwest China; RCJ will gather professionals in the RV, camping, and tourism industries and broaden the channels for inviting professional visitors, so that the quality of exhibitors and visitors will jump to a new height . Coupled with the relaxation of policies and conditions for the development of RVs in Yunnan and Guangdong, there are standards for supporting hardware facilities for RVs and camps, and many upstream and downstream executive companies for RVs, camping sites, and tourism are gradually emerging, and a complete “Chinese RV” ecological chain is gradually taking shape. . Based on these good development trends, RCJ sets up a complete exhibition section and uses the form of “exhibition + activities” to form a new closed loop of the RV camping tourism industry, so that the RV camping tourism can really come to fruition, and consumers can really talk about it. Just go, have fun and worry-free.

RCJ settled in South China and Southwest China, accurately detonated the South RV camping market

Travelers, especially outdoor enthusiasts, know that Chinese RVs first originated in 1999, and currently have a certain scale and development in the north. With the great abundance of material and the rapid economic development, consumers have obviously felt tired of the traditional form of tourism, and everyone is eager for a high degree of freedom and a safe and unrestricted way of traveling.

In order to better stimulate domestic demand and stimulate new consumption hotspots, after the release of the implementation plan of the national “13th Five-Year Plan for Tourism Industry Development”, the construction of campsites in China has developed rapidly. As a national landmark tourism province, Yunnan has launched the “Work Plan for the Construction of Automobile Tourist Camps in Yunnan Province”, which mentions that by 2020, on the basis of giving priority to supporting the construction of 178 autotourism camps along 32 high-quality self-driving tour routes, drive More than 200 other types of car tourism camps have been built, and the scale of the province’s car tourism camps has reached more than 400; various types of car tourism camps basically cover 32 high-quality self-driving tour routes and other tourist routes, according to “one camp for one scenic spot, one camp for one Theme” requirements, to create a digital car tourism camp product that integrates tourism experience, comprehensive services, public social interaction and other functions.

In South China, Guangdong, as a major economic province, ranks among the top in terms of per capita consumption capacity and quality of life in the country. Aiming at the RV industry, the short-term goal is to build 100 campsites, deeply expand Guangdong’s tourism resources, accelerate the development of Guangdong’s RV tourism, and build a The RV tourism industry chain with the most competitive advantages at home and abroad. At present, the largest RV campsite in Guangdong Province – Huayang Lake RV campsite is located in Dongguan, Guangdong.

The positioning of RCJ is precisely based on the developed economic soil of Guangdong and the rich natural resources of Yunnan. With the leading role of policy guidance, it will incubate the southern caravan and camping market and lead the development of new tourism industries.

In 2019, the campsites rose in a large area, and the RCJ RV and Camping Expo came into being

Gathering of professionals in the industry + precise invitation of professional visitors will essentially improve the quality of the exhibition

The “Work Plan for the Construction of Automobile Tourism Camps in Yunnan Province” mentioned that all kinds of automobile tourism camps basically cover 32 high-quality self-driving tour routes and other tourist routes, and create a collection of tourist attractions in accordance with the requirements of “one camp, one scenic spot, one camp, one theme”. A digital car tourism camp product that integrates functions such as experience, comprehensive services, and public social interaction.

Professional products need professional integration, and professional products also need consumers who understand products. RCJ is positioned in the mode of “professional exhibitors + professional visitors”, which is essentially different from ordinary exhibitions and improves the quality of exhibitions to a high degree. Exhibitors get sufficient opportunities for industry learning and exchanges, and visitors can collect short-term and concentrated exhibitions that suit them. Travel packages, or income items, can be self-assembled into favorite travel routes, so that everyone participating in the exhibition can gain high-quality and efficient results.

In terms of professionals, the organizing committee will not only invite upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises of the RV industry, but will also gather professional buyers, association members, and club members from various industries such as RV, camping and tourism operations in all regions of the country to let RV camping Professional practitioners in tourism and related extension industries get full exchanges and cooperation.

Where does the professional audience come from? The unique invitation channel model for professional audiences is one of RCJ’s most powerful advantages. Layout in South China and Southwest China, more than 100 RV and extension industry associations, clubs, central official media, industry media, precision RV and its extension products have more than 200,000 users. Localized cross-industry cooperation invites more purposeful professional audiences with consumption capabilities, such as: banks, insurance and other financial institutions, large supermarkets, smart APP and other life service institutions invite professional audiences. Localized traffic media, professional media, large portal websites and other units invite professional audiences. In addition, RCJ will invite professional audiences through Baidu, Toutiao, Tencent News, Pengpai News and other multi-channel Internet traffic channels to ensure multi-channel, multi-category, high-quality development, and establish a sound professional audience and buyer invitation mechanism . Accurate audiences who have consumption potential and are interested in new tourism models can get concentrated visits and purchases.

In 2019, the campsites rose in a large area, and the RCJ RV and Camping Expo came into being

Integrating a complete exhibition sector to seamlessly connect the closed loop of the RV camping tourism industry

As a new type of tourism consumption industry, RV camping tourism involves far more than the three major sectors of RV, campsites and tourism operation companies. RV accessories and equipment, RV leasing business, camp water, electricity and lighting and other infrastructure, as well as related extension industries and businesses such as housing, food, transportation, shopping, and entertainment software supporting services, camp operations, and tourist route operations, all need unified coordination and integrated development.

RCJ RV Camping Expo is committed to creating a professional first-tier exhibition, integrating the B2B2C professional exhibition operation mode, and integrating the development trend of the RV industry in the Dragon Ball “RV/Car + Camping + Outdoor Products + Theme Tourism + High-end Products + Smart Technology +Beauty maintenance, leasing” and other sectors, including upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, improve the software and hardware facilities required by the new RV camping tourism industry, enrich the exhibition display content, from the overall improvement to the details, form an ecological closed loop of industrial production, research and marketing, and give consumers The complete service process strongly stimulates the potential purchase needs of consumers.

In terms of vigorously promoting the development of the RV camping tourism industry, Yunnan takes the lead. The “Work Plan for the Construction of Automobile Tourism Camps in Yunnan Province” mentioned that tourism passenger transport companies that have obtained business qualification licenses are encouraged to carry out self-propelled and trailer-type tourist car rental business. For self-propelled and towed tourist cars that comply with national policies, they are allowed to drive on the road in accordance with the law in terms of registration and license issuance. This has great impetus for the RV production, sales and leasing industry, and can also satisfy consumers’ understanding and needs of RV usage.

In addition, the “Plan” mentioned that it is necessary to make comprehensive use of the local natural scenery, ethnic culture, forest ecology, plateau lakes, hot springs, geothermal heat, rural folk customs, border customs and other rich resource advantages, refer to the standard of A-level tourist attractions, and use the entire camp as a Planning and design of tourist attractions, classified development and construction of sightseeing tourism products, leisure and holiday products and special tourism products of different scales and levels of reception capacity, and will also link with surrounding tourist attractions, tourist towns, tourist villages and other tourist destinations to actively integrate into the For local festivals and competitions, effectively integrate and utilize surrounding resources, further expand the scope of business, expand service content, develop and launch special tourism products such as aviation sports, outdoor sports, sports tourism, theme entertainment, etc. according to local conditions, and build an orderly integration of inside and outside the camp Build a development pattern to better meet the diverse and personalized travel needs of self-driving tourists, and create a scenic camp with distinctive Yunnan characteristics.

It can be seen that the scope of tourism and campsite operations can be extended beyond simply the 32 boutique self-driving tour routes and other travel routes in Yunnan. Guangdong’s original tourism resources and the newly added hundred camps are also promising.

It is worth noting that the time when the 2019 China International Travel Mart RCJ RV and Camping Pavilion was settled in Kunming, Yunnan, and the RCJ RV and Camping Expo was settled in Dongguan, Guangdong, happened to be co-organized with China International Travel Trade Fair and Guangdong International Automobile Exhibition and Trade Fair. In addition to reaching strategic cooperation with ultra-high-quality popular exhibitions, we can also share professional buyer traffic with them to ensure that exhibitors can gain greater value at the RCJ RV and Camping Expo.

In 2019, the campsites rose in a large area, and the RCJ RV and Camping Expo came into being

The joint exhibition will be held at the same time as the gene innovation traffic sharing

Sponsored by China National Machinery International Cooperation Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd., and organized by Dongguan Zhongqi Exhibition Co., Ltd., the RCJ RV Camping Exhibition·Dongguan Station will be held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition from October 1 to 3, 2019. center held.

From November 15th to 17th, 2019, the 2019 China International Travel Mart RCJ RV Camping Pavilion sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government will be held at the Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The powerful combination of economical provinces and tourism provinces will gather professionals and accurate audiences to improve and display the relevant sectors of the new RV camping tourism industry. Innovate in essence, achieve accurate location, accurate personnel and accurate industry-related business; strategically form a differentiated development from ordinary exhibitions; implement precise invitation and strong combination to comprehensively improve the level and quality of the exhibition, and serve as a caravan in the southern region and the vigorous development of the camping industry.

The industry and related peripheral enterprises are welcome to meet at the Guangdong Dongguan Exhibition in October and the Yunnan Kunming Exhibition in November to create a new pattern of the new RV camping tourism industry and completely detonate the new tourism consumption vitality that consumers are increasingly eager to freely display!