[Industry] Another way to develop reverse thinking in China’s RV

In the context of the rapid development of global tourism, people’s enthusiasm for RV travel is increasing day by day, but the current domestic RV prices will still keep some RV enthusiasts away, and RV rental will inevitably become the mainstream way to experience RV.

In the field of commonly used vehicles, China’s auto market has shown explosive growth since 2002. However, due to insufficient car ownership and chaotic management in the early stages of the industry’s development, the development of the car rental market lags behind the car sales market. The mature car sales market, the huge car ownership, and the improvement of people’s economic level and travel demand have led to the formation and improvement of the car rental market. This is the normal development logic. However, the development of the Chinese RV market has taken a different path, taking a reverse thinking development path with Chinese characteristics.

[Industry] Another way to develop reverse thinking in China's RV

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Due to various complicated reasons, the development of the domestic RV market is still in its infancy. Chinese people are paying more and more attention to RVs, but ignorance of relevant knowledge such as regulations on RVs and model selection still keeps some consumers who want to buy RVs out of the door. As a result, people began to find another way to enjoy the RV life with a small amount of investment and a short-term experience of leasing. You can easily exchange for a short-term RV experience without investing a lot of money. This “rental purchase” model is also more likely to be used Accepted by young people with less economic ability.

Based on the above reasons, more and more people choose to rent RVs to experience RV life. Many domestic RV manufacturers, such as Brilliance and SAIC Maxus, also want to get a share in the RV rental field, so they aim at The status quo of the domestic RV rental market has established a series of RV leasing platforms. By providing short-term leases, the concept of RV life is exported to the public, so that the public understands RVs, accepts RV culture, and finally chooses to buy RVs. We prefer to believe that “lease first” This move is right.

[Industry] Another way to develop reverse thinking in China's RV

The cost of RV rental is slightly higher than that of ordinary passenger cars, but in terms of the overall cost of travel, the cost of RV rental is nothing. The price of domestic RV rental varies from hundreds to thousands of yuan per day according to different models.

Perhaps the best way to promote RV sales is to experience the RV life in the way of “renting and purchasing”.

[Industry] Another way to develop reverse thinking in China's RV


However, it is worth mentioning that the current domestic policies and regulations in the field of RV leasing are not perfect, and people still face some confusion when leasing RVs, such as choosing self-propelled or trailered RVs, RV rental costs, and RV insurance. These questions are still in the gray area of ​​regulations. So far, we can’t find detailed answers from any laws and regulations or enterprise terms of service. That is to say, the top priority for the development of the RV industry in China is to establish and improve industry regulations, improve corporate service terms, and let standardized laws and regulations and detailed lease service terms clear the confusion for the public.

As the foreign RV market is relatively mature, foreign RV manufacturers and dealers have engaged in RV leasing business through dealer platforms or established independent RV leasing websites. There is a “lease pre-purchase” model that consumers love to see abroad. In this model, the RV rental fee paid by the lessor will be included in the total price of the RV as an advance payment for the purchase of the RV, and the rent paid is equivalent to Will this method, which not only fulfills the lease, but also promotes the demand for purchases, become the mainstream model for the development of RVs? This question should be answered in time.