[Industry] China’s RV industry must follow a development path of seeking common ground while reserving differences

The development speed of China’s RV and camping industry has far exceeded our expectations. I can feel that the self-confidence of Chinese RV manufacturers has been increasing in recent years, and the entire RV market is very lively and active. The RV manufacturing industry has become more professional and standardized than before, and the speed of this development is undoubtedly very amazing. At the same time, the number of RV and camping enthusiasts in China is also growing rapidly. I have also carefully learned about the RV and camping industry in China. I believe that many companies are very good and powerful.

But it is undeniable that the current level of development of the RV market is not balanced enough, and the quality of RVs is also uneven. Of course, this problem also occurs in countries with relatively developed RV cultures such as Europe and the United States. Chinese RVs have obvious oriental characteristics, but they still tend to be American-style in design, and will be designed with an expansion compartment to maximize the use of space.

[Industry] China's RV industry must follow a development path of seeking common ground while reserving differences

I have seen that many Chinese RV companies are willing to learn. They can go out to learn advanced foreign technologies, and then return to China to combine advanced technical concepts to produce unique products. More importantly, these companies understand the differences in the development of RVs in Europe and the United States, and know how to follow a development route of seeking common ground while reserving differences according to their own characteristics.

I know that the average age of RV users in European and American countries is around 50-55 years old. They not only have a certain financial foundation, but also desire to rest and enjoy life after working hard for most of their lives. After retirement, most of the elderly will choose to buy RVs to go out travel. Then, now that the potential consumer groups have been identified, Chinese RV manufacturers can aim at the target and produce products that meet the needs of this part of consumers. The so-called differentiation is not only reflected in the characteristics of the products, but also takes into account the differences in consumer subjects. .

[Industry] China's RV industry must follow a development path of seeking common ground while reserving differences

However, this trend has changed slightly in recent years. China’s RV consumers are gradually becoming younger, and young people may be more willing to drive RVs to explore distant places. For such long-distance travel needs, camp RVs are obviously not suitable. I also learned that the Chinese government has given some policy support to the camping project. As a supporting facility for the development of RVs, the development of camping sites is closely related to the future of the RV market. Many investors are also full of confidence after seeing the thriving environment of the RV industry, which injects a boost to China’s RV camping industry. Even if Chinese RV companies have not yet found a completely suitable development route, even if the technology still needs to be improved, in terms of the current economic and policy environment, it will not be difficult for Chinese RV companies to find a development route that seeks common ground while reserving differences.