[Industry] “Culture + Tourism” merger and reorganization brings greater economic and social value

In 1985, the National Tourism Administration opened the prelude to the reform and opening up with the core purpose of earning foreign exchange, and stepped into the world’s field of vision. The Eastern power in the eyes of foreigners has gradually become clear from the hazy vicissitudes of life. At that time, China was still focusing on the development of agriculture, industry, and invigorating the economy for the whole people, and the tourism industry attached to the service industry as the theme of the industrial form was still in its infancy. Also in that year, the “Hong Kong-Beijing Rally” raced from Hong Kong to Tiananmen Square in Beijing, becoming the first professional motor sports event held in our country.


China’s economy has gone through 30 years of steady growth, the primary and secondary industries have completed their corresponding historical missions, and the tertiary industry represented by the service industry has gradually stepped onto the stage of national economic strategy. It was not until the National Tourism Administration was upgraded to the National Tourism Development Commission and completed the magnificent upgrade from the deputy ministerial level to the ministerial level that the concept of sports and tourism officially entered a watershed: sports entered the deep water of reform, “green water and green mountains are golden mountains The concept of “Silver Mountain” promotes tourism alone and leads the Chinese economy.

Review of Cultural Tourism

Chinese-style tourism has gone through many years. Starting from earning foreign exchange from foreigners, tourism has been defined as an industry with the core of making money, which is actually the essence of business. It has been followed until now, and when the Chinese themselves have money, they can no longer be satisfied with the daily two-point-one-line lifestyle, and need to have more value pursuits and yearnings. When you go out to see the world and re-examine your own life with a broader perspective, the disadvantages of cramming tourism are gradually revealed. Getting in the car to sleep and getting out of the car to take pictures has almost become a well-known jingle. The tourism system structure centered on making money can only meet the requirements of developing the tourism economy, but cannot meet people’s needs for quality tourism with individual needs as the core. In the future, the era of monotonous landscapes, temples, commercial houses, and museum exhibition halls will never return. People’s tourism consumption has quietly shifted from domestic travel to overseas travel, and China’s tourism has shifted from earning foreign exchange 30 years ago to consuming foreign exchange. It’s not because the moon in foreign countries is rounder than China’s, but because the strong cultural tourism atmosphere and perfect tourism product development meet the new tourism consumption needs of Chinese people who have just become rich.


Today, China’s tourism has moved from looking at mountains and waters to the era of quality landscapes, and the concept of cultural tourism has become popular. Various cultural excavations, homestay renovations, and cultural tourism towns have gone from “dilapidated” demolition to “retro” construction work, and this process has gone through a six-year cycle. The attributes of culture require the accumulation and inheritance of history. When carrying out cultural tourism projects, we should pay more attention to the uniqueness and connotation of culture, and avoid mass production of “culture”.

According to the records of Shan Hai Jing, the Emperor Yan tribe who originally lived in Shanxi fought against Chi You for eight generations, and then lost to Hunan. As a result, Hunan Daxing Yan Emperor culture denied or avoided this branch of prehistoric culture. Although the local government has painted a blueprint of the hometown of Emperor Yan, Taiwanese people are more willing to come to the little-known Gaoping, Shanxi Province to contribute its value, which can be seen. We don’t manufacture culture, it might be better to just be a porter of culture.


Sports, culture, and tourism are integrated, interdependent and independent, and jointly bring economic and social value. With the merger and reorganization of “Culture + Tourism”, the cultural section with static presentation as the main concept and the tourism section with dynamic presentation as the main theme will face a balance and choice between dynamic and static. Sports tourism is a new industrial model that combines sports and tourism. Based on the diverse types of sports in my country and the profound cultural background of sports, it is enough to support the differentiated marketing system of traditional cultural tourism based on geographical location advantages and drive the upgrading of the traditional cultural tourism industry.


The future state of the sports tourism industry will be further subdivided soon. The tourism methods based on health care, leisure and research are only suitable for the middle-aged and elderly groups represented by the stable and stable. After the “post-80s” and “post-90s” have gradually become the main consumers, more personalized sports and travel products will become the new favorite of the market. Due to the large latitude span and the great differences in landforms and climates, our country is suitable for almost all types of sports and fitness activities. Snow sports can be carried out in the northeast, water sports can be carried out in the coastal areas of the east and south, desert adventure sports can be carried out in Xinjiang and other places, and rock climbing sports can be carried out in a large number of famous mountains. At the same time, almost every region has unique sports folk activities, such as Inner Mongolia Naadam Conference, Hubei Qingjiang Beach Festival, Tujia hand-waving dance, dragon boat races, etc. These folk sports activities contain strong folk culture and have unique charm.

With the rapid development of my country’s automobile industry and the popularization of automobiles, the demand for vehicles for the purpose of means of transportation has changed to multi-functional travel that meets the family as a unit. Automobiles have become a new travel vehicle, leading the sports tourism industry. into the fast lane of development. Self-driving tours have replaced traditional group tours, and there has been an explosive growth trend from the participants to tourism consumption. The resulting market demand, combined with the general environment of sports industrialization and the basic conditions of advantages, has provided my country’s “sports + The development pattern of “culture” tourism has created an unprecedented opportunity, and also provides an effective solution for the upgrading of the tourism industry system and the promotion of scenic spot products.


future scene

“Culture + tourism” is only a necessary presentation of the cultural level, and sports + tourism is the perfect combination from the social level to the ideology, which is the future. “Develop sports and enhance people’s physical fitness”, sports is the only choice for new China, and it is also the only way to bury forever the era of “being beaten if you fall behind”. Sports brings people a healthy body, tourism brings people a healthy soul, sports + tourism brings individuals a healthy and energetic body and soul, and brings society the source of human social development—faster, Stronger and better, this is the people’s pursuit of a better life. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: “Sports carry the dream of national prosperity and national rejuvenation. Strong sports will make China strong, and national sports will prosper sports. We must put the development of sports on the important agenda, plan carefully, implement it, and continue to create my country’s sports. A new situation in the development of the cause, and speed up the construction of our country into a sports power.” We do not live in a peaceful age, but in a peaceful China. When we are in peace, we are prepared for danger, which is the sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of our countrymen. Through the way of sports tourism to stimulate the vitality of the people, the country, and the nation, the road to the development of sports tourism will be the road to national prosperity.