Powerful full “screen” strength SAIC Volkswagen Teramont 2020 upgrade

Recently, the 2020 Teramont, SAIC Volkswagen’s flagship large SUV, has been upgraded. The new car offers a total of 8 models to choose from, and the suggested retail price remains unchanged. Consumers can enjoy financial services including a 20% down payment with zero interest rate for 2 years, a replacement subsidy of 10,000 yuan, and an insurance subsidy of 5,000 yuan. All 2020 Touron models are equipped with a 10.2-inch full-digital LCD instrument, and are newly equipped with luxury leather leg rests for the main and co-drivers in the front row. In addition, the central control screen of the Comfort Edition and Luxury Edition models has been upgraded to an 8-inch full-touch entertainment and navigation system. As a benchmark in the large SUV market, Touron has always been loved by consumers, and this upgrade has further enhanced its strength.

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The whole series provides a digital vision cockpit, highlighting the strength of flagship technology

All 2020 Touron models are equipped with a standard 10.2-inch full-digital LCD instrument, which replaces the traditional mechanical instrument, which not only highlights the sense of technology, but also brings more outstanding visual effects. The 10.2-inch all-digital LCD instrument has a resolution of 1280*480, which can display rich driving information and provide classic driving mode, grand stage mode and special views. The driver can use the multi-function buttons on the steering wheel to call up various views and obtain vehicle-related information in real time.

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The central control screen also has bright spots. The 2020 Touron Comfort Edition and Luxury Edition models are equipped with an 8-inch full-touch entertainment and navigation system with a screen resolution of 1280*720. The display is clear and responsive, making the operation handy. The system can not only realize rich functions such as vehicle control, Bluetooth function, natural voice control, real-time road condition navigation, online map upgrade, mobile phone mapping, etc., but also can be linked with the dual-screen 10.2-inch full-digital LCD instrument to create a digital vision for the driver The cockpit demonstrates the technological strength of the flagship SUV.

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In addition, all 2020 Touron models are equipped with luxury leather leg rests for the front row main and co-drivers, which fully takes care of the comfort of the legs of drivers and passengers.

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Cumulative sales of the large SUV market benchmark exceeded 200,000 units

Since its launch in 2017, Touron has established a benchmark in the domestic large SUV market with its outstanding product strength. Its sales have led the market segment all the way, and it has won the favor of consumers. As of the end of July this year, Touron’s cumulative sales have exceeded 200,000 vehicles, and it has received high praise from car owners.

In the context of consumption upgrades and the increase in two-child families, consumers’ demand for large 7-seat SUVs is increasing day by day. Touron is a rare 7-seat large SUV designed with multiple people as the starting point in the market. With its super large body size, tough appearance, luxurious and spacious cockpit, golden third row, powerful power performance and flagship A series of advantages such as advanced technological configuration fully meet the needs of consumers, allowing car owners to realize their desire for a “one” in place.

Keeping pace with the times and continuous innovation are the characteristics of a strong player. After this upgrade, the 2020 Tuon is more competitive in the market. The 2020 Touron will accompany more strong people in life to open up a new journey in life.