The happy life between me and Cook B

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I don’t have much contact with consumer goods such as RVs, but two limited experiences have determined the direction of my car purchase. Therefore, there is not much complicated process to buy Cook B. It only takes half a year from placing an order to finally picking up the car.

First experience:

I saw a camper van with a raised roof during a self-driving tour in the United States. At that time, I saw this kind of camper van modified by T3 or T4 at some scenic spots. Roaming is not as clumsy as a larger RV. Considering the domestic road conditions and parking space, I feel that it is more suitable for me.

Second experience:

In the experience of self-driving in Tasmania and the east coast of Australia, I rented a Transit C model from Apollo. Although that trip was still very pleasant, it was this self-driving RV experience that made me give up the idea of ​​buying a C-type RV, because it made me lose the fun of driving during the self-driving tour.

The first time I saw a domestically produced RV with a raised roof was at the 2017 RV Camping Conference in Daning Mountain Villa, Beijing. The classic layout of the new Transit RV with a raised roof), we have an understanding of its size and general functions, and set it as the goal of car purchase.

In the second half of 2017, I saw that I was introducing cars of the same type in the RV e-family forum, and launched a group buying activity, but by accident, when I wanted to participate in the group buying activity, the number of places was full, but the so-called lover Xi Shi was in his eyes, and once he fell in love with it, he couldn’t extricate himself, so he took the opportunity of a business trip to Shanghai to make a detour to Tonglu to place an order.

My requirements for the vehicle:

1. Basically, two people travel (especially long-distance travel), and occasionally 3-4 people travel short distances;

2. In view of the hateful lottery policy of the imperial capital, it is required to use one vehicle for multiple purposes to improve the efficiency of vehicle use;

3. There must be a toilet, and it must be airtight, which is convenient for cleaning after taking a bath every day;

4. Only cook light meals on the way, mainly light meals.

In the end, I chose the James Cook Huguang RV with the new Transit center shaft and center roof.


The RV arrived on June 19, 2018. On the day of pick-up, a trailer bar, imported cab sunshade, etc. were added, and the insurance was required on that day. It was quite late and no detailed inspection was done. Just a word, if there is a problem at that time, you need to actively cooperate to improve and repair it. After all, the RV is different from other finished vehicles, and it needs further use to find the problem.

After getting the RV, we have added pots and pans, kettles, cassette stoves, rice cookers and other items, and added some convenient towel bars and soap dispensers to the bathroom.

The principle of adding these odds and ends is to match the space size given in the car with the purchase as much as possible to ensure the maximum utilization of space. In addition, screens were installed with diamond nets, and rain shields were installed on the windows on both sides of the car reception area.

The first decoration that can improve the efficiency of the vehicle is to add down insulation around the top of the tent. Facts have proved that this layer of insulation is necessary. As for the reason for adding this insulation, the table below.

In order to ensure the long-distance travel of 10.1 and increase the comfort of the vehicle, I also changed the wheels and AT tires.

The happy life between me and Cook B


A trip in October 2018 increased my love for James Cook. The vehicle fully meets my current use requirements, and combined with my own use habits, it even exceeds my expectations for this car.

The first stop of the trip went to the Alxa Heroes Club and ordered a Mao, and then on the way west from the Heroes Club to Wuwei, we parked in Haizi in front of Da V ditch for one night. Heavy and bogged down, solved by deflation of the front wheels.

After going from Haizi to the paved road, with the help of Luoyang riders who went to the big V ditch desert off-road to inflate the tires, continue the journey.

I crossed the Qilian Mountains from Wuwei to the Xianmi Township of Menyuan twice. This is the shortest way from Yingxionghui to Qinghai Lake. When I reached the top of Qilian Mountain at night, it happened to be snowing.

Park in Xianmi Township for one night to feel the beauty of the valley in late autumn. The key here is just me and two people in one car. The scenery is somewhat similar to the Baihaba that I have been to before.

I parked by the Qinghai Lake for one night, and began to feel the power of the cold. Due to the altitude, Webasto’s heating began to strike, and I retreated from the raised tent on the second floor in the middle of the night. This also made me realize the importance of the tent’s insulation on the second floor .

On the way around the lake and going to Qilian County via Gangcha, I encountered a pair of restricted-width piers and passed safely. Qilian County is high in altitude and cold, so I decided to stay in a hotel that day.

After passing through Yeniugou from Qilian County, Fanshui Daban, soaking in Jiabo Hot Springs, and passing through Yanglong Township, the most exciting part of the journey begins. From Yanglong Township to the west, it is more than 200 kilometers to cross the Qilian Mountains again. Pave the road.

This is also one of the reasons why I changed to AT tires before departure. AT tires at least have more grip than the original truck tires. After all, this trip is a bicycle trip.

It was supposed to be a one-day journey from Qilian County to the west across the Qilian Mountains to Jiayuguan, but because I was tempted by a hot spring on the roadside when I crossed the hot water Daban on the way, I soaked in it for too long.

It was more than three o’clock in the afternoon when we arrived at the second Haradaban in the west of Qilian Mountains, and the beautiful scenery on this section of the road continued. If we stopped and stopped, we would arrive at Jiayuguan very late, so we gave up and decided to stop at the pass. Continue to feel the beauty of Qilian and the coldness of the top of the mountain.

After going down from Erzhi Haradaban for a while, the scenery became boring. After passing through Qifeng Township and crossing a pass in the mining area, we rushed all the way to Guancheng Square in Jiayuguan at noon, and bought tickets to visit like a lantern. Then set off again for the next stop, Ejina.

It was nearly two o’clock in the afternoon when we set off. After driving for about two hours and parking at the pass the night before, I felt a little tired and decided not to move forward. I found a drying field in the center of the crop field for the night. Anyway, the car There is water, electricity, food and drink.

I have been to Ejina twice before. The first time was in 2007, when the Paladin was able to enter the Populus euphratica forest overnight, and there were not many people at that time. The second time was around 2012.

The experience that time was very bad. First, there were so many people that it was very difficult to have a full meal. For accommodation, I only slept in a Datong bunk under the advance reservation of local friends.

The reason why Ejina was put at the end of the itinerary this time is also to avoid the peak of tourists. In addition, this time the vehicle is shotgun-changing. Especially after the introduction of local friends, I heard that I can enter a Populus euphratica forest without tourists. I am still very yearning.

After visiting the historical sites of Heicheng hastily, I followed the route given by my friend to the vicinity of the Populus euphratica forest, but because it was getting late, I didn’t dare to enter the forest rashly, so I randomly found a flat embankment to raise the top overnight.

The next day, after carefully selecting the route on foot, my small Cook B RV finally came to the depths of the Populus euphratica forest in Ejina. There was no one there, surrounded by golden poplar trees, like a big garden. This scene also fulfills the portrayal of traveling in small RVs and RVs with large yards.

After a pleasant night in the Populus euphratica forest, I returned to Beijing from Ejina. Under the introduction of my friend, I chose an unusual route again. I drove east along G7 to Suhongtu and then turned north to the border defense highway. , Picking up stone agates and dealing with border guards became the main play items that day.

Picking agates, taking pictures of the sunset, and arriving at a border checkpoint called Balian in the evening, trouble came. My friend had walked this route before, and at that time they could pass through as long as they provided the vehicle and personnel certificates after inspection, but this time a ghost who asked for a border defense certificate suddenly appeared, and he was not allowed to pass without a border defense certificate, but a hole was left.

If the local friends who knew the phone number of the post instructor or the company commander could call them as a guarantee, they would be allowed to pass. So they contacted friends in Hohhot and Beijing with one phone call. After tossing around 9 o’clock in the evening, they were finally allowed to go.

Considering that the road is dark and narrow, and there is a construction team square in front of the No. 8 company outpost, I decided to raise the parking lot nearby, eat well, wash well, sleep well, and did not delay the schedule at all. .

Continue westward along the border defense road, and saw a rare natural wonder in the Urad Rear Banner of Bayannaoer. The locals call it Chuanji. From a distance, it looks like a Gobi camel with its head up.

At the next stop, I wanted to park in the crowded Mandula, but I was tempted by a Haizi not far from the road. In addition, there was a farmhouse sign on the lower road, and there were several houses next to Haizi.

Summer should be a good place to play, and there should be a place to park, so after picking off the railings of Cao Kulun, I drove to the edge of Haizi and parked for the night. This is also the last night of this trip.

After simply visiting the Mandula Port and some small scenic spots on the way, we passed Siziwang Banner, crossed the Daqing Mountain in the Yinshan Mountains, and arrived in Hohhot at night. We had a good drink with friends and drew a successful conclusion to this journey.

Summary of the itinerary:

Driving: about 6800km

Time: 15 days and 14 nights, 12 nights of casual parking outside

The happy life between me and Cook B

The happy life between me and Cook B

The happy life between me and Cook B